Rose on Piano Keys

© Stephen Zacker

Rose on Piano Keys

Uploaded: October 28, 2004


Colette M. Metcalf October 28, 2004

Beautiful, Stephen!!! #182892

Paul Michko October 28, 2004

Very lovely image. A strong sense of romance and aviance, Stephen. #874026

Cindy Paquette October 28, 2004

Just SOOO lovely Stephen...the lighting of the rose against the shadowed piano back makes for a strong and sensual photo. #874055

Kathryn (Love) Scheet October 28, 2004

very pretty Stephen - I especially like the manufacturer's name in the background (I'm serious) #874059

Colleen Braun October 28, 2004

beautiful, bright colors, very romantic... #874068

S J October 28, 2004

Yes! Very romantic... Excellent capture, Stephen! #874119

Michael Allen October 28, 2004

Plays nicely. lol

Great contrast on the red and green that works wonderfully with the b&w of the keys. Nicely seen, Stephen.
..mike ;-] #874163

Diane Addonizio level-classic October 28, 2004

Wonderful image, Stephen! #874185

Joy Brown October 28, 2004

Terrific image, Stephen! #874191

Donna R. Moratelli October 28, 2004

Very impressive;Stephen! #874199

William C. Raco level-classic October 28, 2004

Very pretty, Stephen.
Excellent combination and image.

bill #874212

Charlene Bayerle October 28, 2004

So pretty and great presentation Stephen!!! #874278

Karma Wilson October 28, 2004

What a nice still Stephen!

Karma #874280

Robin L. Wehrman October 28, 2004

This is magnificent and very romantic, Stephen! The Red Rose and green leaves against the black and white keys perfect:-) #874309

Amy N. Cappelli October 28, 2004

I didn't know that roses could play the piano :-)
This is perfectly composed and beautifully presented! The colors of the rose are so rich against the piano keys. #874383

Paul C. Gazzanigo October 28, 2004

This is a nice diversion from a theme - the lighting here lends a harsh reality to an otherwise dreamy subject .... nicely presented, Stephen! #874447

Michael Wehrman level-deluxe October 28, 2004

Great shot Stephen #874599

Tammy Nuxoll October 28, 2004

This is so beautiful Stephen!! I love the colors!!!! #874652

Jessica McCollam October 28, 2004

Stephen, I love your creative uses of the RED rose. An amazing shot!!! #874831

Susan T. Parady October 28, 2004

Just GREAT, Stephen! #874890

Deborah C. Lewinson level-addict October 28, 2004

Very beautiful, Stephen!

-debby #874964

Deborah C. Lewinson level-addict October 28, 2004

Very beautiful, Stephen!

-debby #874965

Brinn MacDougall October 28, 2004

Very romantic, Stephen..nothing like music and a rose to warm the soul.. #874979

Dan Holm level-classic October 28, 2004

Beautiful, Stephen! Love the detail on the piano! #874984

Sharon Day level-classic October 28, 2004

Lovely and romantic image, Stephen!!! Two of my favorite things :) #875046

Patricia Marroquin October 28, 2004

Stunning image, Stephen! Great sharpness and color. This is a winner in my book, congrats! :-) #875177

Nobu Nagase October 28, 2004

Very beautiful!!!
The colors are exceptional. #875439

Terry R. Hatfield October 28, 2004

Beautiful Still Life Image Stephen,Excellent Job:-) #875512

Kathleen F. Greer October 28, 2004

Very Romantic! Excellent creation Stephen!! #875556

Wendy M. Amdahl level-deluxe October 28, 2004

Beautiful image Stephen...I love that red rose of course...but I especially like the old wording on the piano. #875652

Janet S Weaver October 28, 2004

Great image Stephen! I love the dramatic effect and very romantic. I really like that you can see the texture on the Piano too! Great job!! #875700

Stephen Zacker October 28, 2004

Thanks for all the Super Comments! #875703

Darren K. Fisher October 28, 2004

Been a while since we have seen your signature color. And I have to say you have brought it back quite well here. Great composition and well presented. #875871

Janet Detota October 28, 2004

Kinda makes you wonder where the lady is now who received that rose and why she left it there. Or not. :-) Beautiful, Stephen! #875873

Carol Brill October 28, 2004

Looks like the perfect answer to the riddle of what's black and white and red all over, Stephen, very artistically composed and presented! #875909

Brenda W. LaFleur level-deluxe October 28, 2004

Very pretty, Stephen. Nice still life. #875973

Beverley Lu Steeves October 29, 2004

Great shot Stephen!!! #876519

Stephen Zacker October 29, 2004

Thanks Darren, Janet, Carol, Brenda, and Beverly! #877752

Claudia Kuhn level-classic October 30, 2004

Ahhhhhhh.. the red is back! Nice one Stephen! #878552

David L. Stevens October 30, 2004

Stephen-this is a strong image with a nice theme. #878622

Stephen Zacker October 30, 2004

Thanks Claudia and David! #879651

Amy N. Cappelli November 15, 2004

Congratulations! :-) #911952

Wendy M. Amdahl level-deluxe November 15, 2004

Congratulations my friend...well deserved on this romantic beauty! :o) #912006

Claudia Kuhn level-classic November 15, 2004

Congrats Stephen! #912034

Terry R. Hatfield November 15, 2004

Congratulations On Your Finalist Stephen!! #912145

Ed Heaton November 15, 2004

Hey Stephen,
Congratulations On Your Finalist :-) #912198

Debra Booth November 15, 2004

Congratulations on your Finalist, Stephen!! #912270

Cindy Paquette November 15, 2004

I'm so pleased this shot was recognized by the just so lovely Stephen! Congrats! #912312

Jessica McCollam November 15, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen!!!! #912442

Elisabeth A. Gay November 15, 2004

Congratulations from me too, Stephen!!
Ann #912481

Janet Detota November 15, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen, and the best of luck next round! #912671

Janet S Weaver November 15, 2004

Congrats Steven!!! Well deserved!! #912679

William C. Raco level-classic November 15, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen!

bill #912800

Diane Addonizio level-classic November 15, 2004

Congratulations! #912862

Patricia A. Kuniega November 15, 2004

Congratulations Steve-O! You're such a romantic! #912892

Paula Lechten November 15, 2004

Congratulations Stephen. #913161

Darren K. Fisher November 15, 2004

Congratulations On Your Finalist well deserved. #913248

Deborah C. Lewinson level-addict November 15, 2004

Congratulations On Your Finalist, Stephen!!

-debby #913499

Kelly Abernathy level-classic November 15, 2004

What a beauty! Congrats Stephen! -K #913779

cj patterson November 15, 2004

congratulations stephen!!!!! #913826

Dan Holm level-classic November 15, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen!!! Very well deserved! #913840

Beverley Lu Steeves November 15, 2004

Congrats on your finalist Stephen!!! #913904

Donna J. Taff November 15, 2004

Congrat's, Stephen!!!!! #913908

Murry Grigsby November 15, 2004

Congrats Stephen!! #913992

Carol Brill November 15, 2004

Stephen, congratulations and best of luck in the next round! #914387

Stephen Zacker November 15, 2004

Thanks.. all your Congratulations Really mean a lot to me! #914412

Karen Beri November 15, 2004

Beautiful image Stephen! Big congratulations :) #914555

Jennifer Rennison November 15, 2004

Beautiful, Stephen! Congratulations on your finalist! #914595

Stephen Zacker November 15, 2004

Thanks Karen and Jennifer! #914621

Stanley J. Contrades November 15, 2004

Bravo, Stephen, and CONGRATULATIONS on this winner!! Much good luck in the next stage!!
Stan #914750

Teresa Wilkinson November 16, 2004

Congratulations Stephen! Awesome photo!

Best wishes, Teresa #915206

Colleen Braun November 16, 2004

Congratulations... #915276

Heather L. Jacks November 16, 2004

Congrats Stephen! #915646

Kathleen Clemons November 16, 2004

Congratulations to you, Stephen! #915681

Donna W. Neal November 16, 2004

Congratulations and Good Luck Stephen #915820

Kathleen K. Parker level-deluxe November 16, 2004

Congratulations on your finalist, stephen :-)!!
kathleen #916332

Karen Engelbreth November 16, 2004

Congratulations and best of luck, Stephen! #916459

Karen Bacon November 16, 2004

Congrats Stephen! #916851

Susan T. Evans level-classic November 16, 2004

Congrats Stephen. #917111

Colette M. Metcalf November 16, 2004

Congratulations Stephen!!! #917580

Judith G. Secco November 16, 2004

Beautiful. Congratulations, Stephen. #918115

Kathleen F. Greer November 16, 2004

Big congrats Stephen!!! #918456

Stephen Zacker November 16, 2004

Thank You all very much for the Congratulations! #918660

Nobu Nagase November 16, 2004

Many congratulations, Stephen!!! #918948

S J November 16, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen! #919133

Brenda W. LaFleur level-deluxe November 16, 2004

Congrats!! #919139

Kasia Elser November 17, 2004

Great shot! Congrats! #919435

Amy N. Cappelli November 17, 2004

sounds like that rose is playing a victory song- congratulations on a well deserved win! this is truly lovely. #919649

Kathleen Clemons November 17, 2004

Congrats on your wins, Stephen! #919686

Claudia Kuhn level-classic November 17, 2004

Congratulations on your win Stephen, way to go! #919854

S J November 17, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen!! Another well deserved WIN!!!! #919888

Michael Allen November 17, 2004

Congratulations on a second wonderful shot and a well deserved win.

Very well done, Stephen ..mike ;-]

Diane Addonizio level-classic November 17, 2004

Congrats, Stephen! #920023

Charlene Bayerle November 17, 2004

Way to go Stephen....congratulations!!! #920129

cj patterson November 17, 2004

congratulations stephen on placing 2nd...well deserved!!! #920188

Paula Lechten November 17, 2004

Congratulations, I knew I would see this one again. #920191

Sharon Day level-classic November 17, 2004

Fantastic shot, Stephen!!! Big congratulations!!! #920265

Jessica McCollam November 17, 2004

Congratulations!!! #920450

Gloria B. Wood November 17, 2004

Congrats and warm wishes Stephen! #920544

Karen Beri November 17, 2004

Congrats on this well deserved win Stephen :) #920547

Terry R. Hatfield November 17, 2004

Congratulations On Your Win Stephen:-) #920775

Murry Grigsby November 17, 2004

Congrats on your win Stephen!! #920964

Deborah C. Lewinson level-addict November 17, 2004

Congratulations on this wonderful win, Stephen!!

Kathleen K. Parker level-deluxe November 17, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen!!! Superb work!!
kathleen #920994

Allan L. Whitehead November 17, 2004

Stephen, congratulations also on this wonderful win, it is also very richly deserved, my dear friend - your good friend, Allan #921320

Stanley J. Contrades November 17, 2004

CONGRATULATIONS on your win once again, Stephen!! Great job!!
Stan #921348

Dale Gast November 17, 2004


Stephen Zacker November 17, 2004

Thanks for all the Congratulations. They REALLY mean a lot to me! #921483

RICKY RIDDLE November 17, 2004

Congrats Stephen. #921574

Joy Brown November 17, 2004

Congratulations on this great winner, Stephen! #921622

Kelly Abernathy level-classic November 17, 2004

Way to go Stephen! Congrats on your win! -K #921766

Nobu Nagase November 17, 2004

Great win!!!
Many congratulations, Stephen!
The rose certainly makes beautiful music... #921913

Jennifer Rennison November 17, 2004

Congratulations on your win, Stephen!! #921922

Anita Hogue November 17, 2004

Hello Stephen,
I have looked at your photo several times. I really love it! I am fairly new to Photo.Com, but I was lucky in winning second place today in Elements of Design, but my passion is flowers, and I love playing the piano, and your photo has really touched me.......... wished I would have thought of this. great work...anita #921938

Janet Detota November 17, 2004

Way to go, Stephen!! #922014

Stephen Zacker November 17, 2004

Thanks Rick, Joy, K, Nobi, Jennifer, Anita, and Janet.

Anita, That image is skill and a great eye, not luck! :-) #922039

Karen Lewis-Gunn November 17, 2004

A hughe congratulations to you Stephen on your win! A worthy winner! :-) #922230

Stephen Zacker November 17, 2004

Very sweet of you.. thanks Karen! #922236

William C. Raco level-classic November 17, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen!
Well done!

bill #922245

Colette M. Metcalf November 17, 2004

Congratulations on your win, Stephen!!! #922346

Kathleen R. Struckle November 17, 2004

Congrats,on your win Stephen!! I love this image! #922507

Robert Baer November 18, 2004

i love it. what a colorful, strong yet gentle image. congrats. justin baer #922596

Jane Summa November 18, 2004

CONGRATULATIONS!!! :-) !!!! #922608

Jane Summa November 18, 2004

CONGRATULATIONS!!! :-) !!!! #922609

Patricia Marroquin November 18, 2004

Your signature red rose has made a big imprint in this month's contest. Congratulations, Stephen! :-) #922665

Debra Booth November 18, 2004

Congratulations, Stephen!! #922943

Donna W. Neal November 18, 2004

A Big Congratulations Stephen. #923256

Karen Bacon November 18, 2004

Beautiful image Stephen,congratulations! #923812

Stephen Zacker November 18, 2004

Thanks Very Much! :-) #924322

Kathleen F. Greer November 18, 2004

Congrats on your win Stephen!!! #924464

Susana Matos November 18, 2004

Congratulations on your win, very beautiful work!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #924804

Stephen Zacker November 19, 2004

Thanks Kathleen and Su! #926331

Jessica Hughes November 30, 2004

Very nicely done, Stephen. This is a beautiful photo. The red of the rose is brilliant. Very nice composition. Congratulations on your win! #946924

Stephen Zacker November 30, 2004

Thank You Jessica! #947075

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