Uploaded: July 20, 2007 14:36:17


Leaves I captured against a brick wall earlier in the day. I did do work through layers and color alteration to this image, but feel that the lines and patterns are the predominant elements here--in fact, the reason I did the color changes was to highlight the lines-- so I am trying the Elements of Design category for this one-- Hope I categorized it correctly! :)


Chastity Abbott July 20, 2007

Beautiful!! Love the colors and the details in this! #695472

Daniella Puente July 20, 2007

Your choice is right! the image is a wonderful desing of nature with lines and textures very well composed...very original, well done :) #4532527

Sherri Gorman July 20, 2007

Excellent capture!!! Great colors, composition and details!!! #4532559

Jennifer L. Alder July 20, 2007

Chastity, Daniella and Sherri-- thanks so much! :) #4532659

Jessie L. Cole July 20, 2007

Wow I love how you composed this and the colors are amazing...! :) #4532730

Patrick Rouzes level-classic July 20, 2007

A very unique , creative & artistic image here, Jennifer!!! Outstanding effects on this beautiful piece of work!!! #4532769

Nancy (Peaches) Harker July 20, 2007

BEAUTIFUL job Jennifer, the color is awsome! #4532822

Jennifer L. Alder July 20, 2007

I appreciate it Jessie, Patrick and Nancy! :) #4532902

Dianna Hauf July 20, 2007

Wow! Jennifer! Awesomely done! Love the deep colors and use of effects! Truly an creative work of art!!! Well done my dear!! #4532973

Nancy L. Green level-classic July 20, 2007

WOW Jennifer, this is so beautiful!! I love the compositiona dn effects, very well done!! <>< #4533012

Deborah C. Lewinson level-addict July 20, 2007

Very beautiful and creative image, Jennifer, well done!!!
-Debby #4533109

Colleen Farrell July 20, 2007

Definitely fits in EOD or in DD--awesome colors, effects, composition, Jennifer!! #4533132

Tarun Bose July 20, 2007

Excellent capture and outstanding colours created. Great work Jennifer. #4533139

Sam Britt July 20, 2007

Great composition & effects, Jennifer. This would probably fit the Digital Darkroom category too, but Elements of Design is a great place for it as well. #4533189

Jennifer L. Alder July 20, 2007

Thanks everyone-- Sam and Colleen-- I had it narrowed down to those two, LOL! I just felt that the shapes, patterns and lines were more predominant than the "Effect" here. I think many images could fit into multiple categories! I appreciate your input! :) #4533202

Dr. Harmeet Singh July 20, 2007

This is unique and very artistic.Lovely worl and a perfect title. #4533274

Ursula I. Abresch July 20, 2007

Beautiful play of lines and colours. #4533492

Louise Kumpf July 20, 2007

So beautiful and so very creative! This will be one the first images I add to my "favorite photos" list. #4533524

Jennifer L. Alder July 20, 2007

Thanks Harmeet, Ursula and Louise--what an honor! :) #4533724

Steven E. Ray July 20, 2007

Exceptional photo and Photoshop work! The metallic colors is an unexpected treatment of this type of subject matter. You must have fiddled with the sliders for awhile to settle on a effect that typically reflects a designers mood that day :) Beautiful Jennifer! #4533748

Jennifer L. Alder July 20, 2007

I appreciate it, Steven! Awhile is right--LOL! I started with an idea and ended up with this a couple hours later--- But, after witnessing your mastery of PS, you probably know how that goes! :) #4533764

Su Sana E. P level-classic July 21, 2007

Incredible details, colors and excellent PS work on this unique image, Jennifer!! A favorite for me as well. #4534012

Evy Johansen level-classic July 21, 2007

This is so beautiful, Jennifer!! Wonderful colors and beautiful details! #4534021

Angela Azzinnaro July 21, 2007

Very cool shot Jennifer! You are so creative and talented. Thanks for the inspiration!! #4534027

Chua Wee Boo July 21, 2007

Love the colors you put to it,Jennifer!Beautiful! #4534045

David L. Luchowski July 21, 2007

Cool capture and presentation, Jennifer. #4534050

Jennifer L. Alder July 21, 2007

SuSana--Evy, Angela, Chua and David - you are SO so kind! Your comments mean A LOT- Thanks a ton! :) #4534081

Paul E. Earl July 21, 2007

How beautiful! I love what you have done with this image!! #4534120

Mary K. Robison July 21, 2007

Jennifer, as others have said above, the EOD category is as appropriate for this as Digital Darkroom. (And remember: when you're unsure, there's always the Catch-all category!)
I love the shine your effects have given the leaves, and the bronze and purple look fantastic next to each other. The glistening drops are a bonus!
Terrific work! #4534127

Carol Sawyer July 21, 2007

Beautiful work and colors, Jennifer! #4534308

Derek D. Dafoe July 21, 2007

Nice work Jennifier!! Goes to show, you can turn any shot into a work of art!! #4534457

Glenn E. Urquhart July 21, 2007

Like the clarity, soft lighting, vivid color, contrast... WELL Composed and Quite Beautiful, Jennifer!!! Well Done! Cheers, Glenn. #4534580

Jennifer L. Alder July 21, 2007

So true, Mary, LOL- thanks! Thanks, Paul, Derek, Carol and Glenn as well!! :) #4534777

Joan Kocak July 21, 2007

Jennifer I missed this one! the colors are positively beautiful and I LOVE the simple comp, excellent! #4534833

Jennifer L. Alder July 21, 2007

Thanks, Joan! :) #4534922

Michelle L. Frick July 21, 2007

This is beautiful Jennifer! Gorgeous colors! And, I get confused by categories too - glad I am not alone! #4534992

Ujjwal Mukherjee level-classic July 21, 2007

Outstanding colour and details!Wonderful work on this one,Jennifer! #4535022

Amanda Chapman July 21, 2007

You just keep getting better and more imaginitive!!!
I really love the color applied here and the title is like the icing on the cake :) #4535237

Jennifer L. Alder July 21, 2007

Thanks Michelle, Ujj and Amanda-- I actually switched the title a couple of minutes after entering it. lol--
:) #4535401

Alexis Yobbagy July 21, 2007

ABSOLUTELUY GORGEOUS!!!!! I love this!!! #4535474

Jennifer L. Taranto July 21, 2007

Excellent details - I love the lines & water drops. Beautiful colors, & great comp!! #4535489

Nadya Johnson July 21, 2007

Moody and mysterious! I really like this shot! #4535737

Judyann Plante July 21, 2007

Beautiful color, lighting and composition, Jennifer!

Judyann <>< #4535742

Melissa G. Meiselman July 21, 2007

Cool effects with terrific colors and details, Jennifer!! #4535988

Vishal Sharma July 21, 2007

Excellent capture, Jennifer! Color combination is perfect! very creative and artistic idea! Good PS work too. #4536158

Jennifer L. Alder July 21, 2007

WOW-- Alexis, Jennifer, Nadya, Judyann, Melissa and Vishal--- thanks SO much for the support! :) #4536177

Allison Gaulin July 21, 2007

This is INCREDIBLE Jennifer! WOW!!!! #4537274

Brenda c. McFarland July 22, 2007

This is amazing! I just love the tones and colors you picked. If it dosn't place here try digital dark room next month. This is fabulous!!! #4537868

Jennifer L. Alder July 22, 2007

Allison and Brenda, thanks so much! :) #4538030

Emily E. Bem July 22, 2007

We will be seeing this beauty again....SPLENDID treatment! #4538487

Jennifer L. Alder July 22, 2007

Thanks, Em-- I would be thrilled! :) #4539442

Janet McNeil level-classic July 22, 2007

Beautiful!! Lovely composition and use of effects!! The colors, lines and water drops are fabulous! #4539702

Elizabeth R. G July 22, 2007

I love this one Jennifer, it is so beautiful and I love the lines and colors!! :) #4539884

Jennifer L. Alder July 22, 2007

Thanks Janet and Elizabeth! :) #4539888

Lynn Haack July 22, 2007

Jennifer...I LOVE this image. Such lucious colors...which I am drawn to. You have amazing editing skills! This looks like a winner to me! Lynn #4539929

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna July 22, 2007

FANTASTIC work, Jennifer!!!!!! Love the colors and the details are exceptionally sharp!!!!! k #4540046

Jennifer L. Alder July 22, 2007

Lynn and Kitty-- I really appreciate it! :) #4540276

Regina L. Rickert July 22, 2007

I think it is beautiful. Nice lines and texture with excellent detail. #4540987

Jennifer L. Alder July 23, 2007

Thanks, Lexi! :) #4543731

Jillian Danielson July 23, 2007

Jennifer, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE the colors! #4543811

Jennifer L. Alder July 23, 2007

I appreciate it, Jillian! :) #4544304

Ken Slade July 25, 2007

The original image was outstanding with excellent detail and texture. Now, after PP, it is stunning! Splendid gallery. #4559328

Jennifer L. Alder July 27, 2007

Ken-- thanks so much! :) #4567741

Teresa Norris July 27, 2007

Jennifer, wow! This is incredibly beautiful! Awesome image and terrific PS work combine to make this image a treat for the eyes. #4568048

Jennifer L. Alder July 27, 2007

Thanks, Teresa! :) #4569561

Emily E. Bem August 15, 2007

I just wanted you to know this is definitely a fav of mine! It's stored away in my favorites and I believe it to be a winner! Good luck with this one! #4650612

Jennifer L. Alder August 22, 2007

Thanks, Emily
That means a lot
;) #4685681

Chastity Abbott August 27, 2007

Beautiful congrats to my friend!!!! LOVE this! #4705115

Colleen Farrell August 27, 2007

Yay! Really glad to see this made a finalist, Jennifer! Big congratulations!! #4705166

Dianna Hauf August 27, 2007

Well deserved and congratulations!!!!!!!! #4705254

Jeana Clark August 27, 2007


~Jeana~ #4705534

Jessica Jenney August 27, 2007

Congratulations, Jennifer on this stunning finalist! #4706082

Teresa Norris August 27, 2007

Congratulations on this beautiful Finalist!!! #4706338

Emily E. Bem August 27, 2007

Scratch that.....SIX finalist! I can't even imagine! Enjoy this!

COMGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #4706884

Marylee Pope August 27, 2007

I'm up to five now! but I see from Emily's comment..there is at least 6. OMG! What a month for you! CONGRATS! #4706896

Michelle L. Frick August 27, 2007

I'm happy to see this again! Beautiful work Jennifer!! Congrats! #4706965

Lynn Haack August 27, 2007

Jennifer...a BIG congrats on this beautiful finalist! Lynn #4707105

Jennifer L. Alder August 27, 2007

Thanks everyone
:) #4707144

Steven E. Ray August 27, 2007

I was almost sure this effort was going to make it to the finalist. It is really unique and eye catching. Congratulations! #4707632

Derek D. Dafoe August 27, 2007

Congrats yet again Jennifer!! LOL #4707895

Erin Appelbaum August 27, 2007

Another congratulations, Jennifer. Well done. Peter #4707916

Anna Diederich August 27, 2007

Dang girl...You are on a roll! Huge congrats to you! #4708590

Evy Johansen level-classic August 27, 2007

Congratulations - again - on a wonderful finalist, Jennifer!! #4708925

Amanda Chapman August 27, 2007

July is your month to **S H I N E**

I KNOW you'll get a gold from one or more of these!!!!!! #4708973

Jennifer L. Alder August 27, 2007

I seriously am just in shock!
Thanks so much everyone
:) #4709004

Sam Britt August 27, 2007

Congratulations again, Jennifer. Looks like you chose the right category! #4709106

Amy JACKSON level-classic August 27, 2007

Very beautiful image, Jennifer!! Congratulations!! #4709109

Kathy L. Clark August 27, 2007

WTG Jennifer on this fabulous finalist... #4709731

Dr. Harmeet Singh August 27, 2007

Congrats on all your beautiful finalists and best of luck for next round. #4709743

Carol Teal August 27, 2007

Beautiful image with such lovely colors! Congrats again Jennifer!! #4709882

Su Sana E. P level-classic August 28, 2007

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist, Jennifer!! #4710992

Glenn E. Urquhart August 28, 2007

A Big Congratulations on your award, Jennifer!!! Well Deserved! Cheers, Glenn. #4711123

Sherri Gorman August 28, 2007

Congratulations!!!! I love this one - AWESOME!!!! #4711512

Tressie Davis August 28, 2007

Here's hoping this one makes it through to the next round, it sure deserves it! Congrats!! #4711930

Jennifer L. Alder August 28, 2007

:) #4712025

Nancy (Peaches) Harker August 28, 2007

WTG GIRL, Now I think I got all of them lol, BIG CONGRAT'S on this one also and Best of luck girl in the next round! #4712921

Sheri L. Lefty August 28, 2007

Congrats Jennifer on all your finalists! #4713391

Cassie L. Woodlee August 28, 2007

I don't know how I missed this one, love it. Congratulations Jennifer!!!!! #4714004

Suzanne L August 28, 2007

Great work on this one Jennifer! Congrats on finalist and good luck!! #4714211

Christopher G. Jamison August 28, 2007

absolutely awesome! congrats on this finalist! you definitely deserve it! #4714307

Renee Doyle level-classic August 28, 2007

Congratulations on this awesome finalist Jennifer!!!!

Candy Avera August 28, 2007

Congratulations on this very cool finalist! #4714534

Nadya Johnson August 28, 2007

Wow. Spectacular! Congratulations on this stunning finalist, Jennifer! #4715506

Summer A. Kozisek August 28, 2007

Very creative, I love the colors and textures in this image, congrats on being a finalist! #4715692

Margot Petrowski August 29, 2007

Congrats on this beauty and your other finalists too!!!!! #4715832

Jennifer L. Alder August 29, 2007

I am so thankful for your comments and support
THANK YOU everyone
:) #4715886

Barbara Waldoch level-classic August 29, 2007

Congratulations again, Jennifer! #4716090

Jennifer L. Taranto August 30, 2007

Damn girl, you're just raking 'em in LOL!! Keep up the great work!!! #4724024

Mary K. Robison August 30, 2007

What a terrific and memorable month for you, Ms. Multi-finalists!
Love the colors as well as the patterns of the leaves in this beautiful image. Congrats on this, and ALL your other finalists, Jennifer!! #4725825

Jennifer L. Alder August 31, 2007

It really was, Mary!
Thanks ALL for the kind comments
:) #4729929

Aimee C. Eisaman January 04, 2008

yes...the lines are so wonderful in this image....but I also think you picked the perfect colors to enhance the leaves.....I'm a little biased when it comes to purple though...its my fav.! LOL! :-) #5292992

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