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Chuck May 01, 2002


CHUCK #5272

Dolores Neilson May 01, 2002

Greetings Chuck!! A very special thanks for taking time to express a most complimentary note! It is appreciated immensely!! With the light I had available, I didn't think I was going to have any success . Thanks again. #7509

Janelle Barry level-classic May 02, 2002

I agree - FANTABULOUS! Shadings are soft and nice too; may I ask what you metered off of? (LOL - But I WOULD like to know.) #7516

Dolores Neilson May 02, 2002

Morning nice to wake up and find your nice note! There was natural window light to the right but it's a northern exposure and I was shooting mid afternoon. I used the center- weighted metering feature on my digicam and used PS to reduce some light around him. My heartfelt thanks for taking time to comment, Janelle!! #7519

Piper Lehman May 02, 2002

We have a winner here! Oh judges! This is perfect, Dolores. Perfect composition, and perfect light. Just fantabulous, as Janelle says. #7521

Dolores Neilson May 02, 2002

And a special greeting and heartfelt thanks to you too, Piper!!! I am SOOOOO delighted you like it and think it is postworthy! My...what nice comments and photographers at this site! Do you know what I'm kicking myself for?...a second after uploading the image, I wanted to correct the spelling of "Maestro" and I couldn't!! I feel like such a dork for spelling it wrong in the first place! Have a super day, Piper! #7526

Piper Lehman May 02, 2002

Didn't even notice that typo, your shot was so appealing. I must be slipping...

:) #7527

Dolores Neilson May 02, 2002

Thanks for not noticing my compliments me that you noticed only the image and wasn't picky on the grammaticals! Have a great day, Piper! #7529

Donna R. Moratelli May 02, 2002

Hi Delores, *GREAT IMAGE*.... Where have you studied? I have been following your work and see a pattern. Are you taking an internet course? #7535

Dolores Neilson May 02, 2002

Donna, Thanks so much for your kind note. Your question regarding my studies? That is THE MOST COMPLIMENTARY THING I HAVE EVER BEEN ASKED since I started photography!!!!!! I didn't even know what aperture was prior to May 2001!!

My husband owns an old Pentax SLR and when my first grandson was born, I went to retrieve the camera. Much to my disappoinment, the shutter no longer functioned and discovered the battery was no longer manufactured because the camera was obsolete. So I went out and bought a simple point and shoot Kodak digicam so I could share my grandson's images on the internet with my large family... (they're all over the country). I was hooked!! Two months later, end of May 2001, I purchased my first real camera ..a Canon G1. I have not studied anywhere or ever taken an internet course but did buy my first book on photography a month ago. I think that perhaps you're seeing a style that is starting to emerge but I'm not recognizing a pattern yet in my work. I am delighted to hear that there is style that is developing. My sincere thanks for making my day!! And you're work is fabulous, Donna!! #7537

Donna R. Moratelli May 02, 2002

Hi Delores, I can't believe it!You are an absolute natural. Keep up the great work. I will continue looking for work of yours. #7539

Dolores Neilson May 02, 2002

THanks but I really don't think I'm a natural. I truly believe that the art of photography can be learned by ANYONE who desires it and that the skills can be acquired... it all depends just how much time you want to devote to it. I have aggressively been seeking excellence (just since May) in this field two ways: learning from other fine photographers such as yourself and most importantly, learning from a ton of mistakes (which I still make alot of). I appreciate your comments so much...since to me, it's coming from a teacher. #7540

Donna R. Moratelli May 02, 2002

Delores, This is favorite quote........'IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE'.......ALBERT EINSTEIN. #7542

Dolores Neilson May 02, 2002

Thanks for reminding me of that, Donna...because deep in my soul, I have always believed that! I certainly agree that imagination is the backbone of photography. #7543

Donna R. Moratelli May 02, 2002

Imagination is the backbone of ALL great things. Think about it. #7546

Rick G. Vincent May 04, 2002

Truly adorable. My how we take advantage of their little naked butts. The child will either love you or hate you for this in the teen years. Aesthetically beautiful photography and a clever idea. #7617

Dolores Neilson May 04, 2002

Greetings Rick!! Thanks for your complimentary note on this image. I don't know if it was taking advantage but my point was to capture and epitomize the innocence and purity of the child, which is the way all children come into the world. I have given some thought to his feelings when he is older and I trust he will have the maturity to understand there was a beauty in his innocence that was worth capturing. I am his grandmother so I can help him understand this. Thanks so much for being concerned (I respect people who are concerned about children's feelings...we need more sensitive people like that!) and especially for your complimentary note. #7637

Piper Lehman May 04, 2002

What are you saying?! It's our duty as parents, and grandparents alike, to embarrass all children in their toddler years. These photos are always good for future blackmail uses....

Just kidding. I'm sure anyone, including your grandson, can see that this is a beautiful capture. I doubt seriously that he will be embarrassed--more likely, he will be proud of his grandmother's talent and that you thought highly of his cute little bum. :) #7641

Dolores Neilson May 04, 2002

I know you're kidding!! But it's not a bad idea!! Hmmmm...blackmail....

Thanks, Piper for believing that he will someday appreciate this. And thanks for believing in me! #7642

Rick G. Vincent May 06, 2002

Fun discussion. This is one of those portraits to have on display at his wedding when he grows up. All the family and friends will be commenting on his cute little butt. #7699

Donna R. Moratelli June 11, 2002

YES, look at this, you won Delores!!!Congratulations on this masterpiece... Great work .I knew it would win! #8582

Dolores Neilson June 11, 2002

Rick...I am so sorry I didn't acknowledgge your comment! I just noticed it today as I was rereading them. Thank you for taking the time to post.

Hmmmm....on display at his wedding huh?
Whatever I do, wedding day or not...I'll be sure to ask him how he feels about it before I display it. #8584

Dolores Neilson June 11, 2002

Donna! Thank you kindly for the congrats. Most importantly, a heartfelt thank you for believing in me. It is exciting for us today, isn't it? #8585

Robert Pranagal June 11, 2002


A great idea lit superbly!

I think I am going to get my kids to do some work for daddy... ;-)

The quality of your photos is just spotless.


Donna R. Moratelli June 11, 2002

Delores, I think that we were the first two people on the site this morning to see the winners. This is so exciting and fun!!! #8593

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe June 11, 2002

Congrats, my girl..I bow before you. #8596

Piper Lehman June 11, 2002

Congrats! A well-deserved win. #8604

Dolores Neilson June 11, 2002

Donna: We were? Well, I'm not surprised! What an honor to have had our image selected! And I'm in excellent company with your Vision image.

Carolyn: Don't bow...but I'll take a hug if we ever meet in person...I'll take an e-hug for now, how's that?

Piper: Thank you so much for acknowledging my image and your congrats. I really do appreciate it very much. I love the work you are doing and try to stay abreast of your growth as a photographer. #8606

Ellen Peach June 11, 2002

Excellent shot, Dolores! Congrats and thank you for your kind comments! #8615

Dolores Neilson June 11, 2002

Thank you Ellen. I appreciate your congratulatory note very much. You're welcome for the kind comments. It's my way of giving back. So many have given to it's my turn to give back!
You are a very skilled photographer...good luck to you. #8617

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe June 11, 2002

Wow, my first e-hug!! Love it..haha. #8622

Janelle Barry level-classic June 11, 2002

Congratulations Dolores!! I've been anticipating finding your Maistro image in the winners' circle all month - it's just too unique, too special, and too perfect NOT to be a winner! I've been a great admirer of your work for the last couple of months, ever since I discovered this site (starting with your amazing Fear Of Flying shot!). Your creativity and originality in your photos (as well as your technical excellence!) add up to one extremely talented photographer whose star is on the rise! (And it doesn't hurt that you're a really nice person too!) BRAVO DOLORES!! #8624

Dolores Neilson June 11, 2002

Gosh...Janelle..I'm overwhelmed with your kind words. I humbly thank you for thinking so highly of my work. You're awfully nice to say so and so appreciated. As photographers, we all appreciate the beholders, without it, photography is not possible ...
Thanks for beholding..for being part of that special relationship with me....and thanks for allowing ME that relationship when YOU are the photographer...because your images are in a winning class. My best! #8626

Heather K. McFarland level-classic June 11, 2002

Congrats Dolores. I'm so glad to see this special image win!! Heather #8660

Dolores Neilson June 11, 2002

A sincere thank you for taking the time to comment, Heather! I appreciate it immensely...especially now since you are probably trying to keep up with everyone! Congrats again on your "Two Tone Tulip" and your other finalists. #8669

Cheryl Meisel June 13, 2002

Well plain old me has to get in here with the greats and give you my Congrats on this wonderful wonderful shot!!! I was with you all the way on this one, I dearly love it. It is truely a work of art! Congrats Cheryl #8719

Dolores Neilson June 13, 2002

Cheryl.... a heartfelt thank you to you because I felt more support from you for this image than anyone else while this was competing. Thank you for your confidence in it....that means so much to me.

Plain old you?? Cheryl! I'm shocked... you are just as skilled and talented a photographer as anyone competing in photo circles! Your "Bee's Purse" made Steve's (that's a big honor too)!! I haven't made it there yet! To my mind, he's not trying to promote art as much as what the camera can do, which is perhaps why he picks more action shots. Thank you, dear. #8722

Donna R. Moratelli June 13, 2002

Delores, I hope that you decide to choose a member gallery as the prize. It would be a wonderful addition to this site! Please do..... #8725

Dolores Neilson June 13, 2002

Funny you should say that, Donna!! When I rec'd the notification, Jim asked me if I had any idea what I would like for a prize. I said immediately, MEMBER GALLERY PLEASE! So it's already set, I just have to take the time to do it. Thanks again so much, friend. I would be in excellent company with your gallery! #8737

Donna R. Moratelli June 13, 2002

Excellent DELORES!!!!Now I don't have to struggle to find ALL OF MY FAVORITES!! #8739

Dolores Neilson June 14, 2002

You are a dear. Thank you. #8751

Jean Papo March 01, 2004

Oh my god, this is SO CUTE!!!!! Just saw it on bp for the first time - no wonder it won!!! Well deserved!!!!! #402820

Jean Papo March 01, 2004

Oh my god, this is SO CUTE!!!!! Just saw it on bp for the first time - no wonder it won!!! Well deserved!!!!! #402821

Dolores Neilson March 02, 2004

How so very kind of you to take the time to tell me how you feel!! THank you, Jean!! I appreciate your post!! #403911

Michael Brown June 01, 2004


Mike #571831

Dolores Neilson June 01, 2004

So is your comment! Thank you!! #571876

Cindy K. Bracken July 07, 2004

This is just so good! I missed it the first time around. EXCELLENT!!

Cindy Bracken #635692

Dolores Neilson July 07, 2004

Ah...thank you Cindy! I'm delighted this one appeals to you! Happy day! #635775

Brian Cassar May 20, 2010

Wonderful composition and use of lighting filters. Well done. PS - Music book is upside #8623538

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This is another image I am quite fond of. My grandson loves the piano when he comes to visit. As he was playing, I handed him a chopstick and he started waving it!!

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