Uploaded: August 26, 2003 08:55:14


Nikkor 70-200 AFS-D G VR lens shot @70mm
Harsh light that day...


Lori Ditlefsen August 26, 2003

Very funny Dolores! Love the yellow against the blue. #54984

Dolores Neilson August 26, 2003

Hello Lori! THanks so much! I feel sorry for the international community who do not know what Imodium A-D is used for! Happy shooting! #178780

Jeff Robinson level-deluxe August 26, 2003

I am still laughing Dolores.... Great colors and with an unusual compostion! Jeff #178807

Darren K. Fisher level-classic August 26, 2003

As I write this I am still laughing. This is excellent, not only for composition but colors. Great job!!!! #178811

Sherri Conley August 26, 2003

You are too funny! Love the colors! #178812

Oksana Oksamit August 26, 2003

Great shot, Dolores!!! Love it. #178825

Colette M. Metcalf August 26, 2003

ROTFL You are just too much, Dolores!!!! Great shot!!!!! #178832

Stephen Zacker August 26, 2003

A good title and a good photo! #178833

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe August 26, 2003

HA!!! Very good!!! #178853

Susana Matos August 26, 2003

I´m sorry, I belong to the international community and don´t know what Imodium A-D is!!!!!??????
snifff, snifff... (just kidding,...)
Very nice shot Dolores, but I suppose I am missing an important part of the all thing by not understanding the title. Well, it doesn´t matter... we get used to it!
Best regards from Ponte de Lima, Susana

PS - the link of a site from a young portuguese photographer:
http://www.antonionunes.com #178856

Lori Ditlefsen August 26, 2003

Hi Susana,
Imodium A-D is an anitdiharrial medication. I went to the site you listed and am impressed by the work of a young artist. Very nice photo's indeed! I can tell the photographer truly loves the camera and subjects. It shows in the work! #178877

Ellen Peach level-classic August 26, 2003

LOVE IT!!! #178882

Susana Matos August 26, 2003

Thank you Lori for the explanation. I am glad you liked the photos from the young artist, it´s another look of portugal, a very good look! Cheers,
Susana #178887

Murry Grigsby August 26, 2003

Good eye, Dolores. I hope you made it okay :0) Nice ride and the colors are terrific together. #178908

Jean-Francois Schmutz August 26, 2003

Everyone dreams on making a picture like this one !
You are the dream's maker, Dolores, congrats !

JF #178963

Suzie Strasburg August 26, 2003

I'm still lmao(laughing my ass off) on this one....lol....great shot....vibrant colors and terrific detail... and you KNOW your compo.is fantastic!:~))) #179009

Barbara K. Breitsameter August 26, 2003

That is tooooo funny Dolores!!! What an eye you have for comedy. Well done. #179028

Paula Showen August 26, 2003

Oh my gosh! This is great~ Do you just happen to see things like this or is it staged? This is too funny! Great capture! #179043

Dolores Neilson August 26, 2003

Greetings, Jeff! Many thanks for the complimentary post! I'm delighted you found your smile today~!

Hello Darren! Thanks so much! Laughter is THE medicine prescribed by most doctors...not IModium A-D!!

Thank you Sherri! BUt one can never be too funny! Excellent Robin Williams!

Hi Oksana!! Thanks to you also! Appreciate your post immensely!

Hi Colette! I heard you laughing all the way from CT !!~! THank you for posting!

Hello Stephen! Thanks so much for stopping by and posting on my work! I appreciate it immensely!

Thank you, me lass! Appreciate your laughter and post!

HI Susana!! I"m sorry about the esoteric meaning...Imodium is for diarrhea..... It's always advertised on our networks here. In fact, I'm pretty tired of seeing it!

HI Ellen! THank you !!!! As always, a pleasure to hear from you!!

Hi Murry!! Oh no...not me car, me lad! Golly, I sure wish that was my ride!! Hard to carry kayaks on it though! A beautiful car indeed. Lots of them at the car show in Ma. Many thanks, Murry! Always a pleasure!

Jean-François..that's the way I feel about your images! THank you for that lovely compliment. I never take them for granted! Happy shooting!

HI Suzie! I like "lmao". I gotta use that one!! THanks so much for your enthusiasm and support!! You're always a delight!!

HI Barbara! I don't think that about me...though sometimes the mood strikes me. AGain, I know you have given me more time...I appreciate it!


Dolores Neilson August 26, 2003

Hi Paula! I was at a car show and this antique car happened to be parked in front of these blue portapotties. Well, with my usual head in the toilet ;?), it made it easy to "create" a story. No staging...I just don't have that power and I do not know anyone with a car like this. Though I'd love to reshoot in less harsh light if I had my drothers!! #179057

Paula Showen August 26, 2003

Uh, I don't know....I'm no expert, but I'd say the bright light is probably why the colors look so vibrant. I think the lighting is fine.

I was wondering if it was your car. I love it! #179065

Dolores Neilson August 26, 2003

NOpe...not my car...though I sure wish it was! There were so MANY beautiful cars at the car show...flawless paint jobs with no dust on them! NOt even a fingerprint or dirt on the steering wheel or seats..even the rugs inside were spotless. They obviously took great pride in maintaining and displaying their classic cars. #179072

Evy Johansen level-classic August 27, 2003

Dolores, you are AMAZING!!! What a wonderful shot - again!!!! Love this one, and I bet we will see it again later this month!!! Good Luck! #179201

Ronald Balthazor level-addict August 27, 2003

Great colors and humor, Dolores. #179355

Judith G. Secco August 27, 2003

You are too much, Dolores! This is just fantastic! I always say that you have such a wonderful imagination. This really shows it!
Judy #179396

Dolores Neilson August 27, 2003

Hi Evy!! You are so nice! Thanks so much for your approval and enthusiasm!! Much obliged!

HI Ron!! Well, that makes me smile...THANK YOU!!

Hi Judy! Thanks so much!! I appreciate it immensely! Ever since I posted it, I keep finding flaws in it...mainly light issues. I just wish it had been a cloudy day for more even light. I think I still would have had popping color. Oh well... Thank you for lifting up my work. I'm very critical of my own work. #179497

Jean Papo August 27, 2003

Man oh man, Dolores, this is so GREAT! LOVE THE COLORS, THE SUBJECT and THE COMPOSITION! It's a real winner! #179728

Dolores Neilson August 27, 2003

Well...I so appreciate your enthusiasm, Jean!! THank you so much..for your sweet note and confidence!! Happy shooting! #179836

Jean Papo August 27, 2003

Sorry, too much coffee ;-) No, really this is wonderful! #179840

Dolores Neilson August 27, 2003

Sorry?? Don't be sorry, dear one! You made my day! #179864

Bernard B. Travers August 27, 2003

I woulda called it "Yella Fella", or maybe "Relief Column." OR SOMPTHIN.

Anyway, you juss so bad with that camera-a-yorn, ain't cha?


Susana Matos August 27, 2003

Good morning Dolores,
Good morning Bernard,
is there a special dictionnary I should by for this new words!!!???
CHeers from Portugal, Su #180198

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe August 28, 2003

LOL!! I love the photo and your title, Dolores! Very creative. I bet you were chuckling as you shot it :-) #180218

Dolores Neilson August 28, 2003

Hi BT!! Oh no..BT...I can't title my images with cool titles like yours....I have a warped sense of humor! LOL...Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

Good morning, Susana! Well...now you know one extra word: IModium A-D for diarrhea control!
And cheers from US!!

HI Gary! Yep...I sure was! People there who saw me compose were probably wondering why I would shoot a beautiful car with toilets in a background!! Hah...

Thanks so much, GAry! Hope all is well with you and you're taking time to do fun stuff!

William C. Raco level-classic August 31, 2003

Wonderful composition.
Love the bright colors.
I notice the license plate is blurred a bit.
Did you do that to protect the innocent? ;-)
Well done, as always, Dolores.

bill #183491

Paula Showen August 31, 2003

Hey Bill, you're right. I hadn't noticed the plate. Dolores, you think of everything! #183641

Dolores Neilson August 31, 2003

THank you, bill!! I appreciate your post immensely! I did blur the plate...you just never know. THe owner didn't ask for his pic on the net so I just want to cover all the bases. I appreciate that you've taken time to view and comment on my work!

HI Paula!! Thanks again! I just try to be very careful...I'm still a bit naive in many ways...dont' know what trouble can become of it, but just in case. #183768

Gabriela Cunha level-classic September 03, 2003

beautiful photo and title!!!!!
gy #186325

Dolores Neilson September 03, 2003

Greetings, Gaby! What a lovely surprise! THank you so much for giving so generously of your time! #186416

Kathleen Clemons September 09, 2003

Congratulations to you, Dolores! #192094

Jean-Francois Schmutz September 09, 2003

A big Bravo, Dolores, good luck with this one !

JF #192100

Evy Johansen level-classic September 09, 2003

Of course this one is a finalist!!! Congratulations! Well deserved, Dolores - and good luck with this one! #192108

Barbara K. Breitsameter September 09, 2003

Yipee it made the finals! Well deserved Dolores. :o) #192163

Mary K. Robison September 09, 2003

This will be a VERY full column soon, Dolores! CONGRATULATIONS, and good luck next week with this wonderful photo! #192202

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe September 09, 2003

Congrats, D!! #192229

Gabriela Cunha level-classic September 09, 2003

:) gy #192281

Claudia Kuhn level-classic September 09, 2003

You are too funny! Missed this one the first time, Congratulations! #192328

Colette M. Metcalf September 09, 2003

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! #192413

Jeff Robinson level-deluxe September 09, 2003

Congratulations on your finalist! Jeff #192621

Darren K. Fisher level-classic September 09, 2003

Congrats Dolores!!!!! #192662

Sharon E. Lowe level-addict September 09, 2003

Congrats Dolores! Great shot, great title - you are too funny! And, I knew this was a Dolores shot before I even saw your name....you have such a great style!! #192722

Murry Grigsby September 09, 2003

You've raised :potty humor" to a new level :0) Congratulations on your finalist, Dolores!! #192840

Bernard B. Travers September 09, 2003

I knew that yeller car was gonna hit. Congratulations, ma dear. Congratulations. #192908

Joy Brown September 09, 2003

Congrats, Dolores! #193011

Paula Showen September 09, 2003

Congratulations!!! This was one of my favorites! #193152

Jean Papo September 09, 2003

Congratulations, Dolores! One of my favorites too! #193458

William C. Raco level-classic September 09, 2003

Love it, Dolores
A winner all the way.

bill #193548

Ronald Balthazor level-addict September 09, 2003

Congratulations, Dolores! #193663

June Marie Sobrito September 09, 2003

Congratulations! Outstanding colors...great title too!!! #193779

Ellen Peach level-classic September 09, 2003

Congratulations & good luck with this great shot in the finals! #193848

Dolores Neilson September 09, 2003

Thank you so much Kathleen, JF, Evy, Barbara, Mary, Carolyn, Gaby, Claudia, Colette, Jeff, Darren, Sharon, Murry, Bernard, Joy, Paula, Jean, bill, Ron, June Marie and Ellen! Gosh darn..you guys are the best! THank you so much for taking time to comment! You made my day! #193919

Susan T. Evans September 09, 2003

Congrats Dolores!!! Well done, I love this!!! #193986

Dolores Neilson September 09, 2003

You are most kind, Susan!! Thanks so much! #194033

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe September 09, 2003

It's sure to go further, Dolores! Congratulations so far :-) #194266

Oksana Oksamit September 10, 2003

Big congrats, Dolores!!! #194960

Dolores Neilson September 10, 2003

THank you, Gary! That would be nice!! And congrats to you too!

Thanks so much, Oksana! And congrats to you also! #195072

Damian P. Gadal September 10, 2003

Bravo! Congrats Dolores! #195282

Guy D. Biechele level-classic September 11, 2003

This far down on the list there's not much I can add, except its a pleasure to behold your unique vision! Congrats and good luck, Dolores!
+Guy #196227

Dolores Neilson September 11, 2003

Thank you, Damian!

Likewise, +Guy. Thank you!! #196252

Gerda Grice level-classic September 11, 2003

Porto potties and a car don't sound like a very promising combination, but you've created a really wow image out of it! This is really funny, but also really beautiful! The colours are wonderful together and the composition is marvellous! Congratulationbs and best of luck in the finals! #196343

Dolores Neilson September 11, 2003

Aw...you're so nice, Gerda. Thank you!! Sometimes photo ops are few and far between...I really try to seek out unconventional stuff in between the regular stuff. Now why don't prize winning opportunities come my way more often! I'm sure you're asking yourself the same question! Thanks so much! Canada must be starting to get chilly..we've cooled down considerably! #196371

Susana Matos September 11, 2003

we all knew this would be here, and so well deserved!
congrats, Su #196393

Dan S. Coquia September 12, 2003

Outstanding! Funny theme! Nice capture with very good colors! Congratulations! #197798

Dolores Neilson September 13, 2003

THank you, Susana!! I'm delighted to receive your post! Happy shooting!

Hello Dan, Thank you for your post and for your kind congrats! Happy day! #198275

Suzie Strasburg September 13, 2003

Best of Luck!:~)) #198676

Connie L. Carpenter September 14, 2003

LOL... great work Delores! #200092

Dolores Neilson September 14, 2003

Thank you so much, Suzie!!

Hi Connie! Glad it made you smile! Thanks so mcuh!! #200203

Kerry Drager September 17, 2003

Hi Dolores: What a colorful, fun AND striking shot!! Kerry #203705

Dolores Neilson September 20, 2003

Greetings, Kerry!! Thank you! How nice of you to stop by and take a peek! Much appreciate your post and time! Happy shooting! #206281

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