© Tammy Scott


Uploaded: January 09, 2006 03:58:36


In-Camera effects. I set the aperture to 29 and the shutter to 1/4 and then did a quick jump. I kinda liked the foggy, dreamlike feeling of this one.

Hope you all have a spectacular week!


Agnes Fegan level-deluxe January 09, 2006

I like this too! Nice in camera effects Tammy! #371762

Janet L. Skinner January 09, 2006

Really cool, Tammy!! I like the depth and how the trees in the background are still visible. #2267639

Paul Michko January 09, 2006

Very surreal looking, Tammy. Love the dreamy atmosphere. #2267643

Bonnie C. Lackey January 09, 2006

Very nice, Tammy. Love the title :-) #2267676

Roxanne M. Bubar January 09, 2006

Tammy, creative and cool. #2267692

Donna W. Neal January 09, 2006

Hope you have a nice day too Tammy.
Very creative looks like it pouring down rain! #2267702

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe January 09, 2006

Very dreamlike. I like it!!! #2267754

Cindy Paquette January 09, 2006

WAY COOL! I love it!!! Lengends of Sleepy Hollow come to mind!!! #2267757

Murry Grigsby January 09, 2006

Nice mood and image Tammy! I can hear the Pointer Sisters singing JUMP as you take this one :0) #2267819

Claudia Kuhn level-classic January 09, 2006

Nice abstract Tammy! #2267871

Kathleen Clemons January 09, 2006

Looks great, Tammy! #2267882

Rakesh Syal level-classic January 09, 2006

Beautiful in camera effect and appropriate title, Tammy!!! #2267892

Nina Shields level-addict January 09, 2006

Tammy, wonderful execution of a very creative idea; love the dream like effect; very well done! #2267908

Tonya R. Boles January 09, 2006

Nice effects Tammy. #2267920

Bobbie Davis January 09, 2006

VERY cool in camera effect Tammy! #2267947

Cathy Gregor January 09, 2006

Awesome capture, Tammy.


Joy Rector January 09, 2006

love this image #2268049

Jack R. Perry January 09, 2006

This should be a winner, very cool effects. #2268069

Judith G. Secco January 09, 2006

Excellent, TAmmy. Love the tones too. #2268073

Linda D. Lester level-classic January 09, 2006

What a cool effect....your doing so well with shots like this! #2268179

Wendy Stevenson January 09, 2006

Excellent camera work Tammy and I love the final effect and beautiful tones. Nice work and great title too!! #2268211

Donald K. Cherry level-classic January 09, 2006

Very cool camera work, Tammy! #2268224

Deb Holmes-Hatfield January 09, 2006

Terrific in-camera effect Tammy, I love the title, this is really pretty! #2268363

Arya Bandyopadhyay January 09, 2006

very cool, Tammy!!! #2268466

Bridgette B January 09, 2006

Very cool! I really like the dream effect you created here! :) #2268543

Kaye Burazin January 09, 2006

very creative effect Tammy! #2268742

Alisha L. Ekstrom January 09, 2006

This is REALLY cool Tammy! I LOVE this. Great in camera effects!!! #2268759

Kara L. Hendricks January 09, 2006

Yep.. This is one cool effect an SLR can offer that us P&S owners miss out on.. I really love it!! Great work!! #2268918

Stacey M January 09, 2006

Yep, think I had a few dreams in that location from my childhood :) Nice eerie effect here Tammy. Makes me glad I don't have those dreams anymore!! Think I was being chased through that fog #2268939

Sandy Landon January 09, 2006

I really like the effects of this!! Very moody!! Well done!! #2269140

Cristi Bastian January 09, 2006

I love the effect here Tammy! #2269304

Gail Vitikacs level-classic January 09, 2006

Very creative effects Tammy...very nice! #2269986

Emile Abbott level-deluxe January 09, 2006

Really like the foggy, dreamy effects on this on Tammy. Very creative with use of motion. Surreal. #2270004

Jenny Bosmans January 09, 2006

Great title and creative effect, Tammy! Splendid work! #2270014

Amalia Sylvia Arriaga Salinas level-classic January 09, 2006

You got a great image with your effect Tammy!,
Amalia #2270023

William C. Raco level-classic January 09, 2006

Wonderful technique and image, Tammy
Excellent dream like mood


Goshka G. January 09, 2006

Looks like it's takemnout of a dream indeed, Tammy! #2270358

Tammy Scott level-classic January 09, 2006

Thank you all so much!

I am quite certain I looked like a big fool jumping up and down in the park with my camera up to my face!!! :) #2270411

Linda Proctor January 09, 2006

Awesome effects Tammy ! Very dreamy and probably fun to take! #2270470

Stephen Zacker January 09, 2006

Very creative and super feeling this has #2270572

Kristian L. Stricklin January 09, 2006

Very neat and creative! #2270661

Melissa A. Mannon January 09, 2006

this is awesome Tammy! Very nice job! #2270700

Darryl Wilkinson January 09, 2006

Your foolish tricks made for a wonderful image, Tammy! My monitor shakes when I view your image - nice work!!! :o) #2270739

Terry R. Hatfield January 09, 2006

This Turned Out To Good Tammy:-)I Like It!! #2270745

Lorri Shane January 09, 2006

A wonderful creative idea! I like!! #2270852

Sandra Freyler January 09, 2006

Absolutely beautiful work, Tammy! #2270902

Dan Holm level-classic January 09, 2006

So moody, so mysterious, so ethereal!! Wow!! ... I absolutely love this, Tammy! #2271058

Sylvia Rossler January 09, 2006

Wonderful in-camera effect and body use :o) Thanks for the smile I've got reading your photo-explanation :o)LOve those tones...beautiful :o)

Jim Kinnunen level-deluxe January 09, 2006

Very dreamlike...thought for a moment that I'd soon see a lady on a white horse riding through the image...or a black knight on a charger! Images that free your imagination are priceless, Tammy!!!!! #2271203

Robert M. Nicholson January 09, 2006

Awesome creation! #2271255

Daniel Diaz January 10, 2006

Terrific in Camera effect Tammy, looks like something from Blair witch!!! #2271465

Tammy Scott level-classic January 10, 2006

Thanks Linda, Stephen, Kristian, Melissa, Darryl, Terry, Lorri, Sandra, Dan, Sylvia, Jim, Rob, and Daniel! #2271577

Mary N C. Taitt January 10, 2006

Very interesting, Tammy, nice tones, too. Mary :-) #2272304

Nicole Kessel January 10, 2006

Outstanding Tammy! Love the muted tones and the effects are tremendous! Nice work! #2272326

Kate Jackson level-classic January 10, 2006

Looks like a dream Tammy! Doesn't sound like you were asleep though! Lovely tones! #2272547

Tammy Scott level-classic January 10, 2006

Thanks Mary, Nicole, and Kate! #2272650

Jill Odice level-classic January 10, 2006

Good job Tammy, this has that dreamy eerie feeling to it...:-) #2273248

Hendrik Storme January 10, 2006

I love the dreamy effect, the colors and the fog are just great!!! #2273927

Pamela Shane January 10, 2006

Perfect title for this comp Tammy! Super in camera effects, very dreamy!
:) #2273958

Tammy Scott level-classic January 10, 2006

Thanks Jill, Hendrick, and Pamela! #2274157

Susie Peek-Swint January 10, 2006

Wonderful effect Tammy and the title gives it a whole new dimension ~ great job on this! #2274180

Jamil Saliba January 10, 2006

Realy the title is exactly suetable the image it is like in some movies , you done a great work here #2274207

Tammy Scott level-classic January 10, 2006

Thanks Susie and Jamil! #2274708

Stan Kwasniowski January 11, 2006

Tammy wonderful image, so soft #2276899

Tammy Scott level-classic January 11, 2006

Thanks Stan! #2276934

Sharon Day level-classic January 11, 2006

Fantastic image, Tammy!!! I love the effects! #2276992

Tammy Scott level-classic January 11, 2006

Thanks Sharon! #2277004

Anne D. Eigen January 11, 2006

Wonderful dreamy mood to this, Tammy! Terrific in-camera work! #2278051

Tammy Scott level-classic January 11, 2006

Thanks Anne! #2278076

Taylor January 11, 2006

Wonderful effect. Great job. #2278708

Tammy Scott level-classic January 11, 2006

Thanks Taylor!!! #2278737

Errick L. Cameron level-deluxe January 11, 2006

The angles and the depth of the images make for a very interesting capture. Everyone says dreamy... I think more creepy! In any respect, great emotional impact. #2278744

Tammy Scott level-classic January 11, 2006

Thanks Errick! I kind thought it looked spooky too! #2278852

Claudette Foote January 14, 2006

SPOOKY! #2288284

Tammy Scott level-classic January 14, 2006

Thanks Claudette! #2288322

Michelle Lea Guinn January 15, 2006

Excellent image Tammy!! You are truley Talented!!! mlg~ #2291754

Tammy Scott level-classic January 15, 2006

Thanks Michelle! #2292580

Michael R. Cameron January 20, 2006

Beautiful image Tammy! #2312124

Tammy Scott level-classic January 20, 2006

Thanks Michael! #2312143

Darryl Wilkinson February 21, 2006

I knew it! :) CONGRATULATIONS, Tammy!!! I LOVE this image!!!!! BRAVO!!!!! #2443917

Graeme yew Chow February 21, 2006

This is great finalsit, Tammy . another well deserved finalist. Bravo! #2444431

Bobbie Davis February 21, 2006

Congrats!!! #2444878

Pamela Shane February 21, 2006

Holy cow - another great, & well deserved finalist Tammy!! :) #2445736

Life Expressions February 21, 2006

Congrats Tammy!!!!! #2445911

Carla Metzler February 21, 2006

Congratulations, Tammy!!! Wow! You made out like a bandit this month! :) #2446323

Kristi A. Howson February 21, 2006

Great mood Tammy! Congratulations on your finalist and best of luck in the next round! #2446478

Stan Lubach February 21, 2006

You really racked them up this month, didn't you? Congrats! #2446487

Jamil Saliba February 21, 2006

Great creative Finalist Many Congrats Tammy #2446595

Cathy M. Gromball February 21, 2006

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Tammy!

Cathy :) #2446832

Deborah Sandidge February 21, 2006

Very creative, Tammy - congratulations! #2447096

Kathy Shogren level-classic February 21, 2006

Beautiful eerie feel to this Tammy. Congrats on this finalist, good luck with it! #2447199

Sylvia Rossler February 21, 2006

Big congrats and good luck for the next round Tammy :o) #2447767

Terry L. Ellis level-classic February 21, 2006

Another terrific finalist, Tammy! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #2449455

Gail Vitikacs level-classic February 21, 2006

WOW! Way to go again Tammy! #2450554

Gunther Allen level-classic February 21, 2006

Good job Tammy - One of my favorites of yours!! -G #2450571

Jill Flynn level-classic February 21, 2006

I love the way this looks Tammy. Congratulations on your finalist AGAIN!!! #2450647

Joy E. Cobb level-classic February 21, 2006

What's this...number 4 so far? Congratulations,'re on fire. #2451114

Michelle Lea Guinn February 22, 2006

Congratulations!!!!! mlg~ #2452768

Emile Abbott level-deluxe February 22, 2006

Congratulation on your finalist, Tammy. I know you will sleep well tonight with so many. Way to go girl. #2453342

Jack R. Perry February 22, 2006

Way to go is right, your are just HOT !
Best of luck on the next round. #2454178

Stanley J. Contrades February 22, 2006

CONGRATULATIONS and good luck to you in the next round, Tammy!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #2454643

Claudette Foote February 23, 2006

Congratulations, Tammy!!! #2456991

Cindy Paquette February 24, 2006

Oh yea............congrats Tammy!!!! #2463133

Tammy Scott level-classic February 24, 2006

Thanks everyone! #2463489

Goshka G. February 25, 2006

Congrats on this terrific finalist, Tammy!! #2465839

Tammy Scott level-classic February 25, 2006

Thanks Goshka! #2466836

Gary Lange December 02, 2008

Hi Tammy, wonderful finalist from a couple of years ago...funny I never saw this before. Nice work here! #6839290

Tammy Scott level-classic December 03, 2008

Thanks Gary! #6843549

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