Along Came a Spider...

© Dolores Neilson

Along Came a Spider...

Uploaded: June 16, 2003 20:14:51


Sigma 50mm 2.8 macro EX lens, f:6.7, 1-10/sec, ISO400, handheld and shot on my Corian kitchen countertop!,


Daniel © June 16, 2003

Great shot Dolores! You carry your camera around the house too!
Daniel #40499

Gerda Grice level-deluxe May 26, 2019

Yeesh! On the countertop?!! Dolores, no wonder you do such wonderful work! Even when you see a spider on your countertop, you see a great photo op first, and an intruding bug second! If I'd seen this on my kitchen countertop, I'd have run for something to dispose of it with. I wouldn't have even thought of taking a picture of it! You did--and you got an excellent macro! Excellent selective focus on the head of the spider and very nice high key work. #119659

Gary W. Lake May 26, 2019

Wow! What an outstanding image! #119677

Gabriela Cunha May 26, 2019

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! awfully beautiful! I don't think I wold / could ever have taken a picture to this "object"...
gy #119715

Connie L. Carpenter May 26, 2019

great shot, Delores... hopefully he is just a little house spider and not one of those jumping ones... nice work. #119719

Kathleen Clemons May 26, 2019

Knowing your skills, this spider is probably only about a quarter of an inch in size- :) Gerda said everything else I wanted to say (thanks Gerda, less typing for me!). :) #119733

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-classic May 26, 2019

Very nice photo. I like the simplicity of it! What a horrible looking thing! #119738

Judith G. Secco May 26, 2019

Awesome, Dolores. It's so hairy! (and scary). Nice work!
Judy #119755

Shirley L. Carpenter May 26, 2019

What a Great macro Dolores....You always do such good work.... #119785

Peggy Wolff May 26, 2019

Awwwww....look at those beautiful lashes and that head (or body) of hair! Oh yeah, that is what I am *used to saying with your beautiful models...I just thought it was funny that, it is also what is highlighted on this hairy beast as well. LOL I looked at this photo and then the name and said out loud, "Doloes?" Not your normal photo but wonderful all the same! That is the closest I need to see a spider, thanks for the up close and personal view...with out it having to be on *my counter. ;o) #119787

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Hi Daniel!! Thank you!! Yep..My equipment stays in the house ...but also goes with me everywhere I go.

I just viewed your website....excellent surfing shots, Daniel!! Made me long for warm beach sand and water!! Have a great day!!

Hi Gerda...your comment had me laughing! I love spiders! I found her on my kitchen countertop the night before...I placed a clear inverted glass over her to "save" her for her new modeling career the next day. I thought she modeled beautifully! tee hee! Then I let her go in my herb garden immediately afterwards. THe white Corian background was already there! THanks once again for your kind comments on my image, Gerda...I appreciate your efforts so very much!! Happy day!

HI Gary! What a nice thing to "say"! Thank you for your complimentary post!

Hi Gaby...Sure you could! I'm sure you could...when you think you might have a photo op, they don't seem so threatening anymore. She became my friend for a short time. Thank you for your kind post, Gaby...much appreciated!

Greetings Connie! I'm really not certain the type of spider this is. But it wasn't a jumping one for sure... though I noticed she was quite fast. I'm delighted you like my little spider.

Hi Kathleen! You're so sweet...uhmmm..I'd say she was about an inch long. I trapped her overnight (with a drop of water just in case she needed it) and took the pic the next morning. She's definitely a hunter after observing her. I released her in my herb garden, I knew she would be happy there. Thank you so much! Always a pleasure when you stop by!

Hi Mette! You're so're not a member of the spider fan club, I take it. They do look strange but I'm sure I look strange to her! Thanks so much!

Hi Judy! I thought of you yesterday! I was in Watertown and planned to go to Litchfield...then changed my mind. I'll give you a call at some point in the summer...I've never gone shooting with anyone, might be fun! Thank you for your complimentary post once again! I appreciate it! #119808

Darren K. Fisher May 26, 2019

Boy you even get creatures to pose for you. I must say im not sure if the camera would have been my first choice of things to grab. But im glad you did this is great!!! #119848

Claudia Kuhn level-classic May 26, 2019

Wow Dolores, spiders sure look different close up! Maybe he came in the house on some flowers. Nice shot! #119914

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Hello dear Shirley...What a lovely compliment to receive. Thank you so much!

Hi Margaret!! You don't like my model's beautiful eyelashes and head of hair?? You're too funny! I guess the portrait is much different subject matter here, isn't it? I was lucky she was on my white kitchen countertop...saved me from having to find a background! Thank you, Margaret! Appreciate your kindly note!

HI Darren! Yes...I'd say she was pretty good about posing for me, if I do say so myself! She'd keep crawling away and I'd use a paper plate to "steer" her back. She gave up for a minute and there was my chance!! THank you so much!!

Hi Claudia! Yes, I agree that spiders look much different closeup. I have no idea how she came in the house but I find them now and then...some more interesting than others! I wait for the day I find a nice colorful one!! Thank you dear Claudia!! #120014

Colette M. Metcalf May 26, 2019

Hi there Doloris, I think I am going to have nightmares tonight!!!! Was just looking at a snake pic, and now a spider!!! LOL This is a great closeup!!! #120038

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

And a hello right back at you, Colette! Awww...please don't have nightmares. Imagine this cute spider morphs into an angel instead ok?? I appreciate your kind post once more! Take care! #120062

Leanne M.E. Boyd May 26, 2019

Great shot, I like the texture on the spiders legs. Good work. #120071

Monika Sapek May 26, 2019

Pretty scary photo, Dolores! ;-) I don’t like spiders and I’m not sure that I could get as close as you to this spider. Ewww…But this is a really great macro, with great details, Dolores! Nice work. I love the black and white choice.

Bernard B. Travers May 26, 2019

The Orkin man, I'm told, will be in your neighborhood pretty soon. He'll help ya right out. Beautifully disgusting - but, as always, very well done. #120456

Oksana Oksamit May 26, 2019

What a pretty spider, Dolores! #120486

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Hello Leanne! Thank you for your kind comment! I value your efforts immensely!

Hi Monika!! Did I scare you?? THank you for your lovely compliment on my work! I appreciate it all!! I know your standards are high so it means alot!

HI BT!! Hey, if the Orkin man is handsome, he can come visit me anytime!
I'm beyond help, however! THanks so much, BT!!

Hi Oksana!! Thank you for commenting on another one of my images! You're very sweet! I appreciate your kindly post immensely! #120518

Peggy Wolff May 26, 2019

Dolores, actually I *did like the hair! That is what is so funny, I think of your daughter and grand daughter and the beautiful head of hair and eyelashes on them. Then when I looked at this photo, it made me laugh because what I loved best was the detail in the face and eyes and the fact that you can see the hairs on it. #120688

Susana Matos May 26, 2019

Dolores, I don´t know what do I like most: the photo or the comments and your answers!!!!!!!! I just find that you are a great photographer (you´re in my Favourite ´s selection, when I don´t have much time as lately I go directly to your gallery) and also find that you are VERY, VERY KIND as you take all your time to answer to each comment so friendly.
About this photo - I already see it in the June´s winners - it´s fantastic (with all the story together, the glass, spider as a model and then back to the nature). #123256

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Susana...your post is so sweet. And I'm very honored that I am in your "favourite's"!! Thank you for elevating my work ...I am immensely privileged to have you view my work. Thank you!! YOU are the kind one, my dear...always encouraging and lifting my work. Thank you for the kind gift from your heart! #123333

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe May 26, 2019

Another great monochrome of a rather unusual model! Love the selective focus and the soft, yet detailed appearance. I hope that trapping them under glass and keeping them overnight is not the preferred treatment for all your models! Also, since you knew you were going to be shooting up close and personal in this session, maybe you should have suggested that she shave her legs :-) Great macro work, Dolores! #124468

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Hi again, Gary! You can stop now...I'm starting to feel guilty! are so busy with work (I dont' work outside the home like you do so I have a bit more time)...commenting takes alot of time.....THANK YOU!! You're very sweet to give me so much of your time! I appreciate the tremendous effort immensely! #124719

Kathleen Clemons July 07, 2003

Ah ha! I get to be the first to congratulate you! Well done, as always!! #135010

Evy Johansen level-classic July 07, 2003

The second.... Congratulations, Dolores! Well deserved! #135035

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-classic July 07, 2003

Congrats on making the final with this unique piece! #135077

Joy Brown July 07, 2003

Congratulations, Dolores - on this and all your well-deserved finalist wins! #135099

Susana Matos July 07, 2003

as this one will be a winner for sure, I only have to say from this right moment CONGRATULATIONS, Cheers, Su #135115

Dolores Neilson July 07, 2003 guys are the best! To take time to congratulate me with all the finalists here this month...thank you for your generosity!

I appreciate your congrats Kathleen! And congrats to you for all your finalists this month also!

THank you so much sweet Evy!! I appreciate your time and post immensely!!

Thanks Mette...I truly am surprised and honored to have made finalist with this! Thank you!!

Good morning, Joy! Thank you for your sweet note of congratulations!! I appreciate the gesture and thoughtfulness immensely!

Oh're very kind. Thank you for lifting my work. You're a gift in the community! #135262

Leanne M.E. Boyd July 07, 2003

Congratulations Dolores!!! #135356

Gary W. Lake July 07, 2003

Congrats Delores - a much deserved pick! #135366

Claudia Kuhn level-classic July 07, 2003

Hi Dolores - Congratulations to you and your spider for being selected! (Go find her and give her a nice little juicy insect, to celebrate!) #135397

Darren K. Fisher July 07, 2003

This one still gives me chills, congrats to you!!!! #135556

Dolores Neilson July 07, 2003

Good morning, Leanne!! I'm very appreciative for your kind congratulations!! Thank you so much!!

Hi GAry!! Thank you so much!! How nice you are!! Happy day!!

Hi Claudia!! THank you! Though I can't find her to pay her for her modeling job for me. I let her go in my herb garden after I shot her!

HI Darren!! Thank you AGAIN for another complimentary post! You're very kind...and thoughtful! #135575

Gerda Grice level-deluxe July 07, 2003

Congratulations, Dolores, on your finalist pick for this amazing shot. Best of luck with it in the final round! #135768

Wolfgang Dolak July 07, 2003

Congrats again, Dolores and good luck!
birdie #135833

Wolfgang Dolak July 07, 2003

Congrats again, Dolores and good luck!
birdie #135834

Serena Pierce level-deluxe July 07, 2003

Congratulations Dolores on this great shot and your other images too! #136093

LJ Corliss level-classic July 07, 2003

Congrats to you :) #136443

Dolores Neilson July 07, 2003

Thank you, thank you..Birdie ;>)!! I appreciate a DOUBLE congrats! Hah!

Hi Serena! Thank you so much! And congrats to you also! I knew yours was a winner! I appreciate that you've taken time out of your day to include me in your round of congrats!

HI LJ!! THanks so much!! I appreciate your note of congrats immensely! #136700

Gabriela Cunha July 08, 2003

Good luck!
gy #137061

Dolores Neilson July 08, 2003

Thank you for a THIRD time Gaby!! I appreciate it so much!! #137097

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe July 08, 2003

I'm afraid we're going to have to disqualify this one, Dolores. I hear that while your model obtained a release, you didn't! Hope you and your little buddy win a medal with this photo :-) #137644

Dolores Neilson July 08, 2003

HI GAry!! You're too funny!! That's me...exploiting female....spiders!
THanks so much! And good luck to you also!! #137779

Ellen Peach level-classic July 08, 2003

You're the best, Dolores....congratulations and good luck with this! #137795

Dolores Neilson July 08, 2003

HI Ellen! Er...I thought YOU were the best!! THank you for the warm congrats!! Good luck to you also! #137816

Robert Mann level-classic July 09, 2003

You're a wonder, Dolores! Excellent hunting, caging, photographing, and recycling of your little furry friend. Wonderful image! Congrats on your finalist selection and good luck in the finals. RoB #138531

June Marie Sobrito July 09, 2003

Congratulations! What a "monster" shot! #138544

Dolores Neilson July 09, 2003

Mr RoB....and YOU're very special!! Thank you for those kind words!! Gee...I'm delighted you approve of my little critter! I wonder how she's doing! THank you again RoB!! You're smokin these days!!

HI June Marie! THank you so much!! What a sweeet comment!! And what a nice day we had today, wasn't it?? A reprieve from all the heat we've had! #138664

Monika Sapek July 09, 2003

I hope I’m not too late with my congratulations on your photo, Dolores? But the time is running by so fast, especially right now during the summer with three kids at home ;-).
Even though I don’t like spiders, I really like your photo, Dolores! Many congratulations and good luck in the final round!


Dolores Neilson July 10, 2003

Hi Monika! I know exactly what you mean by time running out quickly!! (I haven't congratulated everyone I wanted to yet either...there are so many finalists!) And I know exactly how difficult it is to find time when there are 3 kids at home! Dont' fret...children first! I thank you for going out of your way to extend a generous and kind message! Thanks so very much!

Peggy Wolff July 10, 2003

Congrats Delores and good luck in the final round! #139198

Dolores Neilson July 10, 2003

Hi Margaret!! Thank you so very much! I appreciate your time and heart! Thank you and have a great day! #139220

Bernard B. Travers July 10, 2003

Hey, Little Miss Muffet - I hope your pal gets it. So many legs - so many good wishes. Congrats big "D". #139231

Dolores Neilson July 10, 2003

Good morning, BT!! Was taking a break eating my curds and whey to thank you!!

Heartfelt appreciation for your good wishes....I wish you the same!! Thank you so much! #139279

Barbara K. Breitsameter July 11, 2003

Bravo Dolores! Excellent capture. #140458

Dolores Neilson July 12, 2003

Huge thanks, Barbara! I am delighted you commented...always great to hear from you!! Good luck to you in the BP contest! #141037

Kathleen Clemons July 14, 2003

Hey you winner, you! Congratulations Dolores!!!! #142194

Dolores Neilson July 14, 2003

Hey...look who's talking! I just finished congratulating you! Hah! Thank you dear Kathleen! And congrats AGAIN to you! #142203

Gabriela Cunha July 14, 2003

congratulations :) gy #142218

Guy D. Biechele level-classic July 14, 2003

Congrats, Dolores, very cool shot. Well Deserved!
+Guy #142219

Dolores Neilson July 14, 2003

HI Gaby! Thank you so much for your sweet note!! Much obliged! !

HI +Guy!! You never fail to include me in your rounds when the winners are posted! What a special person you are! Thank you so very much!! #142237

Serena Pierce level-deluxe July 14, 2003

Congratulations Dolores!! This is such a great shot! Thanks too for all your kind words and comments! #142250

Dolores Neilson July 14, 2003

Hi Serena!! Isnt' this great?! THank you so much for taking time to comment!! I appreciate your kindness! And you're welcome! See...your shot is a winner..and well deserved! #142279

Leanne M.E. Boyd July 14, 2003

Congratulations on your win. #142290

Bernard B. Travers July 14, 2003

And an "ichy" congratulations to you, Little Miss Muffet (Neilson). #142314

Claudia Kuhn level-classic July 14, 2003

Congrats Dolores on your cute,? hairy spider pic.! #142334

Jean Papo July 14, 2003

A big congrats to you and Mr. Spider, Dolores! Great job! #142405

Robert Mann level-classic July 14, 2003

Congrats on to you and your arachnid, Dolores! Hope she's still doing guard duty in your herb garden! RoB #142416

Connie L. Carpenter July 14, 2003

Wow... it was a long trip to the bottom of this page... congratulations, Delores... seems everybody likes your little spider. #142452

Gerda Grice level-deluxe July 14, 2003

Many congratulations on your well deserved win with this scary but super image, Dolores! #142516

Evy Johansen level-classic July 14, 2003

Dolores - Congratulations on your well deserved win! #142532

Patrick Campbell July 14, 2003

I enjoyed reading some of these messages especially at the start of this thread. Dolores, this certainly was smart thinking on your part. The modeling fees are affordable you don't have to worry about a signed model release, and no studio costs either. :-) Congrats on another excellent image and for a well-deserved win! #142593

Jean-Francois Schmutz July 15, 2003

Un grand bravo, Dolores !
I'm so glad to see your little pet winning his first contest (presuming he's a male with so much hairs) :)

Keep upload your wonderful images for us, at my taste you become a little bit too rare these times !

JF #142614

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-classic July 15, 2003

This photo is so unique- a big congrats, Dolores;0) #142656

Tony Gough July 15, 2003

Congrats Dolores, great pic, but are you sure it's out side? I would be checking my camera bag. #142751

Joy Brown July 15, 2003

Congratulations, Dolores, on this amazing image and second place win! Well-deserved!!! #142771

Darren K. Fisher July 15, 2003

No chills this time, I must be warming up to this little guy...LOL... Congratulations Dolores very well deserved. #142783

June Marie Sobrito July 15, 2003

Congratulations on this outstanding shot! #142798

Colette M. Metcalf July 15, 2003

Congratulations, Dolores!! #142805

Terry Cervi level-classic July 15, 2003

WTG, Dolores! Congrats on this amazing image and your well deserved win! #142824

Dolores Neilson July 15, 2003

HI Leanne! Thank you so very much for including me in your round of congrats! I appreciate that alot!!

HI BT!! You're too funny! Thanks for your "ichy" congratulations! Much obliged!! I gotta make a spider lover out of you!!

Hello Claudia!! Big thanks for your kindly post!! I appreciate your sweet congrats...and so does my little hairy friend!

Hi Jean!! THank you so much!! I'm afraid I won't be able to find my little model to let her know her modeling gig was a success...she's probably even had little ones by now!

HI RoB! THAnk you so much! I have no clue where my little model is right now. But I might look in my herb garden to see what else I can find in there!! THank you very much, RoB!!

Hello Connie! Thank you for making the trip all the way down!! I appreciate your efforts and comment immensely! Always a treat to hear from you!!

Gerda..a special thank you to you! You were one of the first to comment and here you are again supporting me as is your way. Thank you for taking time to comment 3 times on this image!! How generous!!

Thank you so much Evy!! How nice!! Happy day!!

Thank you also Patrick! are right about how I lucked out with no studio costs. ;?) I saved myself alot of money...hah! Hopefully another similar situation will arise! Thank you so much and congrats again to you!!

Hi Jean-François!! Merci, merci!! I appreciate your sweet note as always!! And keep uploading your pics as well!! Always a treat viewing your work!!

HI again, Mette! Thank you for posting another comment on this image. I appreciate your kindly post once more!

HI Tony! Yep..I'm sure she's outside because I delivered her myself ;?)!! I wonder what she's up to? THanks so much for investing some time to extend your sweet message! I appreciate your efforts!!

HI Joy!! THank you !! It's always a treat hearing from you! I appreciate your efforts and kindly gesture immensely!

HI Darren! THanks for being the first to comment on this little critter! I appreciate your kind congrats!! I'm glad she's not giving you the willies!Must be that desensitization thing...

Hello June Marie! Thank you so much!! I appreciate that alot! As always, I enjoy hearing from you!!

HI Colette! thank you so much! I appreciate your time and post!

Hi Terry! I'm delighted you are competing here now too!! Nice to see you here! Thank you for your kindly congrats! I'm SURE we'll be seeing some of your wins in the contest! So delighted to hear from you...and thank you for your sweet congrats!


Judith G. Secco July 15, 2003

Congratulations, Dolores!!!!!
Judy #142908

Dolores Neilson July 15, 2003

Many thanks, Judy!! You're very kind!! #143043

Monika Sapek July 15, 2003

You know that this photo creeps me out, but I just can’t stop coming back, and back to look at it ;-). Many congratulations on your great win, Dolores!!!

Dolores Neilson July 15, 2003

Creeps you out, eh?? Well good!! Now my work is done! ;?)

THanks so much, Monika!! And congrats again to you for your wonderful portrait shot! #143289

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe July 15, 2003

Congratulations, Dolores! A very appropriate win! I wonder, though, since you've made this guy famous have you had a sudden infestation of spider wanna be's in your house? #143300

Michael McCook level-classic July 17, 2003

Love the shot...can't say I care for spiders too much. They do make interesting photos though. Congratulations on the win Dolores, can we move on to butterflys? ;>) #144568

Murry Grigsby July 17, 2003

Congratulations on your win, Dolores. I usually just step on these critters but next time maybe I'll shot one :0) Well done!! #144613

Dolores Neilson July 17, 2003

Hi Gary!! A huge hug to you for extending such a complimentary note! Thank you so much! Oh...dont' go there! I always have spider wannabe's in my house...hey, I can only use one at a time.

Hi Michael!! It's quite alright if you're not comfy with spiders! Many people aren't. I'm glad you like the pic though!! I'll see if I some butterfly wants to model for me!

HI Murry! THank you so much!! And congrats to you for your win also! Nah..don't step on em...they are a very beneficial insect! THey eat all the insects you don't like!

Marija Milovanovic Maksimovic July 18, 2003

Great work, Dolores! Many congratulations on your win! #145549

Dolores Neilson July 18, 2003

How thoughtful of you, Marija! !You're very kind to take the time to congratulate me! TAke good care! #145586

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