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"Unsticking" Prints

My brother is going through old photos and has come across a couple of large prints that were stored face-to-face and are now stuck together. He asked me (and now I ask you!):

Is there a way to separate these without damage? Or minimizing damage?

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October 21, 2021

- Gregory LaGrange

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  This is an old question so you may not need an answer anymore. But you never know when somebody may have the same problem.
Haven't been in the Q&A in a long time.
Soak them in water for a little bit and then try to gently peel them apart, as opposed to pulling them apart. If you can them to start to separate with damaging the emulsion then keep going.
People forget that paper photos are get wet from processing and being washed. So being soaked in water is normal. But that also means that they absord humidity so they can get stuck together when stored stacked on top of each other.
They can also get stuck to the glass when framed on the wall.
If you get them apart you might have a permanent discoloration on them. But once apart, allow them to completely dry. Use a hair dryer. And you can try displacing some of the excess water with alcohol to try and minimize hard water spots. Especially if they're glossy finish.

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June 03, 2022


Xicow Xicow
  If it's glue, it's very inconvenient.
I can try wordle unlimited

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January 11, 2024

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