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Heidi R. Geise


That is the closest category I could find. Real issue is the website. I can't see the images and when I try to log on with any device other than laptop I get a "this is not a private site" message and it won't let me go further. On told me that it was a scam trying to pose as this site and get my personal information. I couldn't even get on to tell anyone about the issue. Has BetterPhoto been hacked? Should they think about an https: webpage?

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October 02, 2021

- Natasha Pliss

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  I have the same problem since last night. What's more, the last 3 pictures I submitted in September do not show up on the BP Website - just little icons but no images. And by the way, for months there has been an indication on my browser This site is NOT Secure.
Jim, what is going on?

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October 02, 2021


Nani Hana
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February 19, 2024


Rosie Wilson
  The suggestion of implementing an HTTPS webpage is valid for better security. It's essential for websites to ensure data protection and prevent potential hacking connections game incidents.

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March 05, 2024

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