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November Countdown Thread

November Countdown Thread

Welcome to the November Countdown Thread

Please join us and share one or two of your favorite photos from last month. There are so many fabulous photo posted on BP. So many very inspiring works of time and talent. I like this thread because its purpose is for each of us to show case your individual photo that you believe is your best or that you feel is most representative of your inner self. So... let's see your personal best!
*If you are a regular here you know what to do.
**If you are new to this thread, take some time to read our helpful hints below and join in the fun.
*** If you found yourself here because you are lost.... Hmmm.., Don't worry, this is not the Hotel California, you can escape!
Some helpful hints for attaching photos into a BP Forum Thread, if you're unfamiliar with the process:
1) Sign into BP. IF YOU HAVEN'T entered the Contest for today, you can use the "Photo ID" method to pull an existing image (from your Member Center) into your reply here.
a. Jot down the PhotoID # of the photo you wish to share. To determine your PhotoID, go to the little Pancakes icon, then click “My Photos”, then “Manage/Enter.” The PhotoID is right below the number.
b. Go to the Countdown Contest thread. Click “Respond” at the bottom of the page.
c. Type in whatever you wish; e.g., “Here’s my Fav image for the month.”
d. Click the “Select” button below the text input box, and select “1.” Toggle on “Notify” box if you wish to be notified. Click “Submit.”
e. The Image Uploader appears. On the right-hand side, you’ll see an input box for the PhotoID (from step 1a). Type it in then click “submit your photo.” Then, return to the forum thread and you’ll see your photo.
2) IF YOU HAVE ALREADY entered the Contest for today, you can't use the Photo ID method *today*. Either wait until tomorrow to reply here first, or upload a copy of the image (from your PC) and attach to this thread. This produces a duplicate image in your Member Center; however, you don't have to make that duplicate visible in your Gallery.
3) If you're uploading a duplicate, I suggest titling it "For Forum" so it stands out in your Member Center, for easier housecleaning later on. This can also help nudge BP viewers to go find the original image in your gallery, if they want to leave a comment. Likewise, if you want to add a comment to a photo seen here, first try to tell if it is a duplicate upload. As a courtesy, try to find the original image in the member's gallery and leave your comment there instead of on the duplicate... which may one day be deleted.

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December 17, 2017


Cary Rogers
  (just tagging the thread for now. GOOD LUCK everybody! ...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!)

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December 17, 2017

- Nikki McDonald

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Nikki McDonald's Gallery Editor's Pick  
The Broom
The Broom
Resubmitted for November 16, 2017
Details and Close-up

Nikki McDonald Editor's Pick  
Bus Abstract #1
Bus Abstract #1
Resubmitted for November 1, 2017
Category: Elements of Design

Nikki McDonald

I'll be the first in. Here are two of my favorites, one new, one resub.

I don't know why but I am terribly fond of this bus abstract and I love the broom (which is on at least its third try) just as well. Finding interest in the commonplace is a passion of mine.

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December 17, 2017

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