Beginning Photography Tip #10:
Be Bold

Kayak in Monterey Bay - Risky but Worth It
Kayak in Monterey Bay
Risky But Worth It
© Jim Miotke
All Rights Reserved

Don't allow yourself to be held back by worries about using the wrong settings or upsetting someone.

If you are afraid of upsetting someone by taking their picture, just go up and ask if it's okay. Ask them to sign a release and offer a print in return.

With wildlife, adopt a low-impact method when you go places where few photographers have gone before. For the above photos, I put my camera and telephoto in a waterproof bag and kayaked out into Monterey Bay. (Lawyer-talk: This can be dangerous - so be careful.)

Be wise... but be bold.

There you have it - basic but helpful, I hope. Now go out there, make some great shots, learn from the failures, and have fun.

May your photographic path be a prosperous and gratifying adventure!

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