Learning the Terms

I remember spending a week during my college years studying flash cards for over a thousand vocabulary words. Although I was an English major and had loved reading, I had never really took it upon myself to learn the definitions of the hard words.

Finally motivated by an entrance exam for grad school, I discovered to my amazement that learning the actual definitions of words made reading the classics much more enjoyable. Go figure... If only I had come to this realization in high school.

The simple truth is that knowing what the term means - whether it be technical or Shakespearean - makes the life of a creative more enjoyable. That's why I recommend taking these terms to heart so you can more rapidly excel as a photographer.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines photography as "the art, practice, or occupation of taking and printing photographs." Don't you just love definitions that refer to the word you're trying to learn. Fortunately, it's very probably you already have a good feel for what the word "photography" means. BTW, I like this much more expressive definition of the term: painting, drawing, or writing with light.

Some of the other technical terms may still be a little vague for you... if that is the case, press onward and forward, dear reader.

The Glossary

This list below consists of the definitions of just about every word you may have ever heard that relates to photography. Click on each word to read an extended definition.

Please email me with any suggestions of what to add to the list. I especially want to hear from you about any terms that confuse or frustrate you.

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