What BetterPhoto is All About

Our #1

We envision a future with balanced climate, clean air, clean water, protected parks, loved animals, and lots of trees. We want to create a home for our children and grandchildren that is sustainable and remarkable for its beautiful vistas. Most of all, we want to play the biggest part we can in establishing hope, care, and love for the environment.


We see people feeling encouraged, inspired, and free to be creative. We see people improving their photographic skills and having even more fun with photography.


To help photography enthusiasts unleash their creativity, make new friends, and easily share their photos.


Online photography education, photo sharing, and web hosting services.

Core Values

BetterPhoto.com is a company built on generousity, innovation, and creativity.

In our efforts to help picture-takers around the world, we focus on giving first rather than receiving first. Giving doesn't impoverish; it only blesses everyone. We strive to contribute.