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  • Learn photography the fast and easy way... without delay. My videos with Before and After photos will show you how to easily improve the key skills you need.

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Better Photography Course 101
Better than your stuffy, nonsense camera manual, Better Photography 101 has everything you need to know to kick-start your photography!

Photography Guide, Tutorials and Videos!

Don't waste your time searching the Internet and coming up with no results or results you're not sure you can trust. With this guide, you will be in control and mastering your camera! Demystify camera settings and start making images that will WOW - NOW!

Better Photography 101
Self-Paced Photography Course

Digital photography course

Photography Course

Better Photography 101

This Fundamentals Photography Course contains 6 chapters full of techniques to change how you shoot and videos with Before and After photos for instant recognition and understanding. You will thrive in a Private Photographer Forum with open creative exchanges to grow together! PLUS 12 BONUS ITEMS!

Start your journey in photography with an illustrated introduction to the art of photography. With Jim's guidance, you'll find photography easy, fun, and ever-rewarding.

Digital photography course


74 Page eBook Fundamentals Guide including:

  • Chapter 1: What and Where To Shoot
  • Chapter 2: Composition
  • Chapter 3: Exposure Basics
  • Chapter 4: Ideal Natural Light
  • Chapter 5: Portraits
  • Chapter 6: Storytelling

31 Instructional Videos by Jim Miotke

  • 01 - Introduction and First "Before" and "After" Video
  • 02 - Center the Subject to Focus, But Then What?
  • 03 - Increase that Shutter Speed
  • 04 - Anticipate the Moment... Using ANY Camera
  • 05 - Trust (and Enjoy) Modern Exposure Meters
  • 06 - The Simple Way to Select Aperture

  • 07 - Intro to Composition
  • 08 - Determine Your Subject and Move In
  • 09 - Move in Even Closer... Or Not
  • 10 - Eliminate Distracting Clutter in the Background
  • 11 - Eliminate Clutter in the Background... Even When You're Out to Lunch
  • 12 - The Amazing Rule of Thirds
  • 13 - Rule of Thirds with Portraits
  • 14 - Experiment with Point of View
  • 15 - Make Use of Elements of Design
  • 16 - Crop in Camera

  • 17 - Soften That Light
  • 18 - Reflect That Light
  • 19 - Reflect That Gold Light
  • 20 - Turn Off Your Flash
  • 21 - Reduce Red Eye
  • 22 - Watch for Flash Reflections
  • 23 - When Flashing, Hold the Shutter Open

  • 24 - Timing: The Need for Speed
  • 25 - Timing: The Occasional Need for Patience
  • 26 - Slow Shutter Speed for "Cotton Candy" Waterfalls
  • 27 - Use the Best White Balance Setting
  • 28 - Use Camera Raw
  • 29 - Use Your Depth of Field Preview Button
  • 30 - Careful Around the Edges and Corners
  • 31 - Wrapping It Up... at Twilight

Private Photographer Forum - Ask ANY question about photography in the private Photographer Forum. Both you and your fellow photography students will benefit.

You also get FREE Bonuses

  • Shooting Check List
  • Model Release Two-Pack
  • Tutorial Take-Along: 8 Ways to Destroy Blur
  • Tutorial Take-Along: Frame Within A Frame
  • Tutorial Take-Along: The Pursuit of Light
  • Tutorial Take-Along: Getting Close With Wide-Angle
  • Tutorial Take-Along: Anytime Shooting Tips
  • Tutorial Take-Along: Storytelling Photography
  • Tutorial Take-Along: Creative Composition

PLUS 3 FREE eBooks!

  • Inspirations eBook
  • Camera Phone eBook
  • BetterPhoto Tips eBook

Jim has distilled the key techniques to gaining control over your camera. With this guide, you will gain confidence in:

  • What and where to shoot
  • Creative composition
  • Understanding exposure basics
  • Shooting in any light
  • Capturing images of people with proven portrait techniques
  • Becoming a storyteller with your photos

What students are saying about Better Photography 101:

I could not have found this at a better time! I am making a huge life change...thank you for the inspirations!

At this point I would like to say that I LOVE this course!! It is simply worth every penny! What really works for me is that I can see and hear as I learn. And afterwards I can read the transcription and thereby remember what I just learned (or go back and read). And thank you, Jim for making it possible to download the videos and transcriptions, so that I can go back and watch and read without having to be online. This is simply a GREAT course in every way!!

This was motivating and a great Reminder. I recently moved out-of-state and have been missing my former "subjects," so the ideas here have inspired me to look outside the box of my normal/previous shooting habits.

So far (I'm half-way through) the book has made a great review and reminder for some of the essential things that I sometimes forget.

Introduction to photography fundamentals
A zero-risk way to get started

This self-paced downloadable workbook gives detailed explanations in Jim's friendly style. People often take along Jim's photography books with them when they go out and shoot because he's such a fun companion. In this self-paced independent course, Jim has distilled all the most important tools you need to make consistently great photos every time!

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"Make WOW photos NOW!"

Start taking better pictures, using better technique, and getting better results.

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Are the assignments emailed to me?

Better Photography 101 is a self guided Fundamentals Photography Course. The book contains 6 chapters full of techniques to change how you shoot and videos with Before and After photos for instant understanding. You don't have to go anywhere. As soon as you sign up, you immediately be sent a downloadable workbook by email. Then you'll get access to your course with videos and course materials.

Are there assignment due dates?

No - Go at your own pace applying these skills! Techniques are taught by workbook lessons and videos. There are no assignments due. You do not submit photo assignments for review. This is a self-guided course. But you are always free to upload your resulting beautiful photos to BetterPhoto and our fun contest, if you like.

Are there videos and workbook mailed to me?

No. Better Photography 101 is 100% Internet-based. All images of DVDs and workbooks images represented are intended to show materials you can download from this self guided course.

How do I get the materials and watch videos?

The Better Photography 101 Manual and Bonus Materials are all available as PDFs. Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with a instructions on how to log in to your Better Photography 101 Online Course. All videos are available to view on your device.

How long will I have access to the course?

For one year, at least. The truth is: it's so good, you'll like be out taking amazing photos in no time at all. But if you would like to be able to return to watch the videos and participate, you'll be able to do so as often as you like, for a year (maybe more if we forget to take it down).

What is the refund policy?

Our Course Guarantee is straightforward. If you aren't happy for any reason, let us know within 14 days and you'll get a 100% refund.

Is this different from Jim's 7 books on photography?

Yes, it is revised with new information. Plus, there's a lot of new topics covered too. The photos come from a variety of sources.

Do I need an SLR Camera?

No, you do not need an SLR camera to benefit from this course. This is a fundamentals course but also has advanced content so you can grow in knowledge. The basic photography principals are covered and much much more!

Established in 1996, BetterPhoto was the first to teach photography online and remains the worldwide leader in online photography education.

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