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  Morro Bay - Morro Rock & Marina - by Kerry Drager  
Morro Bay is one of the most photogenic coastal towns and bays along California's Central Coast. There's a huge off-shore rock formation, plus the adjacent marina. Great views of the Rock - and fishing boats and sailboats - can be found all along the Embarcadero and the nearby state park.
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Directions Morro Bay is located about midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It's north of Santa Barbara and about 15 miles from San Luis Obispo.
Season year round
Time of day Dawn/early sunlight & late p.m./dusk; or anytime in fog.
Recommended SubjectsCoastal scenes, marina views, and seascapes that include Morro Rock and also surfers. There's a nice overview of the bay from the museum at Morro Bay State Park.
GearAlthough the coastal weather is relatively mild, a jacket is always a good idea, and rain is possible in the winter ... and fog is always a possibility.
Other Nearby ResourcesSan Luis Obispo is a beautiful university town just inland from Morro Bay.
Places To Stay There's a good variety of accommodations in Morro Bay ...
Places To EatFor wonderful California-style Mexican food, don't miss Taco Temple. Also, for excellent espresso drinks and Internet access, there's the The Rock and Two Dogs coffeehouses.
 OtherMany attractions are just north of Morro Bay: including the coastal village of Cayucos, with a fine fishing pier, and Hearst Castle.
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View Map LocationMorro Bay, California
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