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  Near Te Anau Downs - by James Miotke  
On my first backpacking trip when I was a teenager, I fell in love with lupine. This flower is both gorgeous and alluring. As a young man, I was fascinated by the way dew drops would collect in its leaves. For the best lupine, the place to go is New Zealand. If you time your trip right, you'll find a ton. If you're off on the timing, no problem - there are so many other great subjects to shoot, you won't be disappointed.
Use the ARROW Keys to move between images || Click anywhere in this window to move or close.
Use the ARROW Keys to move between images || Click anywhere in this window to move or close.
Use the ARROW Keys to move between images || Click anywhere in this window to move or close.

Directions To get to beautiful New Zealand, go to Australia and take a left ;) These particular images were created north of Omarama, on the South Island, but you will find them in many other locations if the timing is right.
Season First two weeks of December for spring lupine
Time of day Early morning / late afternoon
Recommended SubjectsWild lupine, of course; but also: sheep, lakes and reflections, great people (faces with character); mountains, old stone churches, and so much more.
GearTripod; macro and wide lenses; graduated neutral density filters; lots of storage for the backing up of images while you travel
Other Nearby ResourcesWhile you're down under, you'll also want to consider Milford Sound, Mitre Peak and Twizel (made famous by the Lord of the Rings films), and the Nugget Point Lighthouse, among many other wonders.
Sensitive IssuesMany wildflowers are very senstive. Do not touch, unroot, or crush under foot. It's not just one flower but all of its seedlings that may be at stake. Go low-impact, and take out everything that you bring in.
ContactsJohn Baker of Idaho offers excellent workshops that travel thoughout the South Island of New Zealand
Camera StorePhoto + Video in Christchurch
Places To Stay Several. Lonely Planet and other guidebooks offer many great choices.
WarningsBe prepared for occasional rain, but you're just as likely to get sunburned as drenched. Have drinking water, sunscreen and a hat with you at all times. Bug repellent comes in very handy, too.
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 Date Created4/4/2007 11:43:10 AM

Green Tip #103

Save The World?

People sometimes think of "saving the world" as a pipe-dream - an over-ambitious goal. At this time in our history, though, you can quite literally save the world. The scientific community agrees that global warming is a serious problem - one that threatens the existence of numerous species. This is an issue that demands action right now. There is hope, though. As long as many, many people change their ways, we can change the course of history. Driving in a way that produces less emissions, saving energy at home, planting trees, and supporting green companies, are just a few ways you can truly save the world.


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