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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
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'I want to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to all of you for providing this wonderful company, which has taught and inspired so many of us! I have enjoyed every minute I have spent on the computer with you, and tell folks all the time about how easy it is to set up a website and take online classes with you. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!' -Emily Cook

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Don't forget the details...
Small scenes and close-up images can help round out any holiday photo essay. Zero in on a festive dinner table or a vase of flowers, a seasonal still-life arrangement, a display of gifts, a holiday window display, seasonal decorations. The long list goes on. You won't need any specialized gear (any lens works). Have fun looking beyond the overall scene! -by Kerry Drager

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Crater Lake Sunrise
© - Debra R. Harder

Welcome to the 608th issue of SnapShot!

Give the photographer in your life the gift of learning photography or Photoshop -. even if that photographer is you! Save up to $60 on Photo Courses..., but only until Dec. 24th! ... In this issue of SnapShot, we offer an excellent photo tip from instructors Susan and Neil Silverman ('Vignetting: When It Works, and When It Doesn't'). Also, see the Holiday Photo Tip ('Don't forget the details...') as well as a piece of very helpful Contest Advice from the judges. ... And lastly, the team at BetterPhoto would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. And, for everyone who celebrates it, Merry Christmas! ...    Kerry Drager    Newsletter Editor

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By Susan and Neil Silverman
There are good and bad vignettes. Bad is when the filters or a lens shade or hood of the camera is in the frame of the image and there are dark hard edges in the photo. A good vignette is accomplished by a photo-editing program and just softly and gradually shades or darkens the edge of the photo; this is very subtle and holds the viewer's eyes within the image and keeps the attention on the subject. It was a style often used with old portraits. The viewer will not detect a good vignette, but it will just be one of those finishing touches that very often makes a photo jump right out.
Editor notes: Susan and Neil Silverman teach three excellent online photo courses at BetterPhoto. See their instructor bio and list of classes here... In Jim Zuckerman's brand-new online seasonal course, you'll learn how to take eye-catching photos in snow country. Snow Photography kicks off in January, but enroll now and receive an early lesson. Although 2 weeks in length, this class has all the interactivity of our regular classes (Campus Square, pro feedback, weekly lessons, and class discussions). Be ready for a fast, fun, and exciting online adventure! ...from the judges: Confused about what category to use for your entry? Think about what the major idea of the photo is depicting. Then go to your Member Center > Better Photos tab > How to Categorize link.

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