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Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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Rob Sheppard's 4-week course - A Darkroom Called Lightroom - has been updated for LR4 (although there are lessons for Lightroom 3 users, too). ... Note: The class is fully interactive with video lessons.

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Welcome to the 601st issue of SnapShot!

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Updates From BetterPhoto Nearly all digital cameras today offer many high ISO options. Granted, image quality does suffer at very high ISO levels, but, says BetterPhoto instructor Peter K. Burton, "there are some ways to minimize that problem." Read Peter's insightful article... For the creative photographer, though, the wide-angle’s unique perspective means great artistic potential. The key is to "zoom with your feet". Read more in Kerry Drager's BetterPhoto Instructor Insights blog... Instructor Jim Zuckerman offers unique and artistic solutions to shooting when you may think there isn’t enough light for good picture taking.

Photo Q&A

1: Studio Equipment
Hi! I want to put together a reference book of things I will need for my upcoming photography career. I don't even know where to start on equipment for a studio. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good starting kit, and where the best place to buy supplies from is.
- Robin M. Ryman
Hi Robin,
A lot of the tools you need depends on the work you will be doing. If you are making images of products, you can use different equipment than if you are shooting people. You might check out this article I did about starting a studio:

As a general rule, you will need something to hold backgrounds, lights, and light stands and light modifiers. I strongly recommend that you use strobes as your light source, especially if you are shooting people. Strobes provide a cool light source that will stop action. I did an article for BetterPhoto about light sources - - which might help. I think that a set of barn doors, a couple of umbrellas and a light panel or two ( would be a good start on light modifiers. You may want a tripod and a couple of other things.
Remember, your studio is a place where you control the light so that you can make the photos that you visualize. You want to be able to make light rather than just find it. I teach lighting classes here at BetterPhoto that might help, and I’ve written a couple of books.
I hope you enjoy your studio; it can be the most wonderful place to make photographs.

- John H. Siskin

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