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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
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"Charlotte Lowrie is very attentive to detail and goes over photos with a fine tooth comb to deliver a constructive critique. I have learned quite a lot and am now more comfortable working in Adobe Camera Raw than I ever was before. ... I highly recommend this course!" Carol Grady, student in Camera Raw: From Capture to Finished Photo


In Denise Miotke's inspiring Travel and Landscape Photography course, you'll learn techniques for developing an artistic eye, and for finding awesome images - whether you are on a trip or shooting in your own backyard.


Featured Gallery
All the Pretty Horses
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Welcome to the 600th issue of SnapShot!

Lots and lots of great news to share! Here's a rundown: - BetterPhoto is having a HUGE course sale! Save $40 off 8-week classes with gift card code Fall40. Save $20 off 4-week classes with gift card code Fall20. The sale runs through Wednesday, October 31st, 2012. - Jim Zuckerman has just rolled out an exciting new 8-week course for November: Low Light Photography - Rob Sheppard has updated his 4-week A Darkroom Called Lightroom course to cover the new Lightroom 4, as well as the previous version (LR3). - Tony Sweet is back from his hiatus, just in time for the November session! See Tony's courses here... - Lastly, we have some great tips for this issue of SnapShot. Don't miss instructor Peter K. Burian's article ("Full-Featured DSLRs: Why So Many Snapshooting Modes?"), as well as Jim Z's article ("Sports Photography: How to Shoot Indoor Events"). That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager    Newsletter Editor

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Updates From BetterPhoto BetterPhoto instructor Peter K. Burian offers expert advice in navigating the modes and functions of the latest DSLR cameras! Indoor sporting events present a problem for photographers. In his excellent BetterPhoto Instructor Insights blog, Jim Zuckerman shares great tips for capturing sharp images in dim lighting. One of the cool benefits of being a Masterpiece or Basic member, a student, or a Deluxe/Pro owner is access to the BetterPhoto Forum. Simply click the "Discussions/Q&A" tab in your Member Center.

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