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Monday, July 30, 2012
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"This was a wonderful course. William Neill challenges his students to 'see' and transform an image into an image that is exciting. ... I know I now have a different perspective about images I have already taken regarding how to enhance them in post processing, as well as a increased awareness of how to use light and composition to a positive advantage. ... Bill, thank you!" -John D. Roach on Creative Landscape Photography (formerly titled "Inspiring Nature Photography: The Essentials")


Check out these two new online courses (fully interactive with video lessons):
- Master the Basics of Photoshop - for the new CS6 and also earlier CS versions.
- Discover the Power of Lightroom - updated for the new LR4, but also covers LR3.

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Welcome to the 588th issue of SnapShot!

Why are BetterPhoto's online photography courses so inspiring? Here's what instructor Jim Zuckerman has to say:   "One of the great things about these online courses is that students participate from all over the world. In a single lesson's uploads, you may see pictures from Bryce Canyon or Brazil, or from Singapore or South Carolina. It's a very stimulating environment, and it will help you become the photographer or digital artist that you would like to be." ... The next school session launches on August 8th with a full schedule of 4-week classes. Too soon? BetterPhoto's 8-week courses start on September 5th. ... In this issue of SnapShot, be sure to read Rob Sheppard's Composition Tip ("Root Out Distractions!" and the Featured Blog ("Lens Flare - What It Is and How to Avoid It") from The BetterPhoto Guide to Photographing Light that I co-authored with Jim Miotke. That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager    Newsletter Editor

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Updates From BetterPhoto A challenge that many nature photographers face is that they get excited about their subject, which is a good thing. However, says pro photographer Rob Sheppard, this causes a narrowing vision that gets into the way of looking at the whole image. In his BetterPhoto Instructor Insights article, Rob tells how to make your composition improve - immediately! - by rooting out distractions. Occasionally lens flare can be an artistic effect, but most times it’s an annoyance. Check out this featured blog... If you've been hitting a wall lately, then we have a great way to get inspired! For example, check out BetterPhoto's free Photo of the Day newsletter. Sign up now at our subscription page...

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