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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
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"Your course was a lot of fun, and great learning. ... Thanks so much for all your support!" -Sofia U. Bettencourt, student in Understanding Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics with Neil and Susan Silverman

Creative Composition: How Much Sky, or How Little?
By Susan and Neil Silverman
There's an old saying that "if your photos are not interesting enough, you are not close enough". However, always remember that sometimes you want to have some distance from your subject. But if you take a picture of something and it seems a bit boring, think about coming in really close and taking another photo.
Note: Learn more about the Silvermans...

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Bursting With  Green
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Welcome to the 577th issue of SnapShot!

It's only mid-May, but already we are thinking about the next round of 4-week photography courses. BetterPhoto's June online school session kicks off on June 6th, and it promises to be our best ever! Here are some of our new or updated classes (all fully interactive and featuring video lessons): - Getting Started with Photoshop CS6 - Adobe Lightroom: A Comprehensive Look - Mastering Black-and-White. In this issue of SnapShot, be sure to take a look at the Photo Tip ('Get Closer' Often Means Better Photos!) and the Creative Composition article (How Much Sky, or How Little?). ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager    Newsletter Editor

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The amount of sky you choose to include in a landscape or seascape composition can make a huge impact on your photo. If you've been hitting a wall lately, then we have some great ways to get inspired! For example, check out the of the BetterPhoto monthly photography contest. One of the cool benefits of being a Masterpiece or Basic member, a student, or a Deluxe/Pro owner is access to the BetterPhoto Forum. Simply click the "Discussions/Q&A" tab in your Member Center.

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