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Tuesday, May 08, 2012
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The Lowdown on High ISOs
By Lynne Eodice

It’s easy to get good exposures on a bright, sunny day. But when you want to shoot pictures inside a museum, church or any low-light situation in which tripods are not allowed, you can still get good exposures by using a high ISO setting.

I attended my nephew’s wedding several years ago, and wasn’t allowed to use flash inside the chapel (besides, my flash may have interfered with that of the official wedding photographer’s). Using a tripod would have also been inconvenient, so I raised my ISO speed to 1600 - the fastest setting on the Canon EOS 20D that I was using at the time - and utilized the existing light.

Because there was some nice illumination coming in through a bank of windows on one side of the room, in addition to incandescent lighting above, I was able to get good color balance with my Auto WB setting.

Notes: See Lynne Eodice's excellent courses at BetterPhoto's digital online photography school: Learning to Shoot Inspiring Images and Pro Tips for Great Exposure

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The lights of St. Peter's
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Updates From BetterPhoto Twilight is the most dynamic time to photograph architecture and cityscapes, says BetterPhoto instructor Jim Zuckerman. This is the time just before dark when the sky is cobalt blue. Don't miss Denise Miotke's awesome "Travel and Landscape Photography" online course. You'll learn techniques for developing an artistic eye and for finding awesome images - whether you are on a trip or shooting in your own backyard. Whether you dream of starting your own photography business or simply mastering the craft, Master Photography Training is the ideal program!

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