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Monday, February 27, 2012
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"This is a great course for learning photographic lighting. I learned so much and can't wait to put it to use!" -Betsy Sasnett, student in An Introduction to Photographic Lighting with John Siskin

Composition: Utilizing Effective Framing Elements
By Lynne Eodice
Using a foreground element to create a frame within the photo’s frame can be a very effective compositional tool. The framing element not only isolates and emphasizes a subject, but also gives the picture a feeling of depth. It can also serve to obscure distracting details or to create an interesting foreground where none exists.
Some frames, like an overhanging tree branch, seem so natural that we’re not always conscious of their presence, just the pleasing effects. Framing devices work best when they’re somehow thematically related to the subject, such as a tree branch framing an interesting rock formation in the background—both are objects found in nature.

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Welcome to the 566th issue of SnapShot!

As February winds down, things are heating up at BetterPhoto as we prepare for the March session of online photography courses! Get feedback from a pro, take part in discussions, and give your photography a big boost in a 4-week class or an 8-week course. School begins on March 7th, but enroll now and get started with an early lesson! ... In this issue of SnapShot, don't miss the work of several BetterPhoto instructors: Jim Zuckerman's "Digital Exposure: Are Blown Highlights Ever OK?", Lynne Eodice's "Utilizing Effective Framing Elements", and my own "Macro Photography and Graphic Design". ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager    Newsletter Editor

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Updates From BetterPhoto By zeroing in on the smaller picture within the bigger view, you can often spotlight graphic-design elements such as pattern, line, color, etc. Yes, sometimes blown highlights work. See Jim Zuckerman's excellent blog on this subject.

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