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Monday, February 20, 2012
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"Creating Depth in Landscape Photography with Doug Johnson was a delightful course. Doug is truly a professional in both photography and teaching! His critiques were well written and very informative. I learned some valuable photographic skills, and I highly recommend this course and Doug Johnson to any BetterPhoto student!" -Ronald A. Zincone

Beware When Deleting Images In-Camera
By Susan and Neil Silverman

Avoid deleting images from you camera with the trash can or delete button on the camera. First of all, an image may look poor on the back of the LCD screen, but on the computer it may be just fine. So it is best to analyze the images on the computer screen.

Secondly and equally as important, the card manufacturers suggest NOT deleting in camera, inasmuch as once in a while it can cause a corruption in the card. We also want to remind everyone that the way to "clean" a card is to reformat it in the camera - after you are certain that the images are safely backed up on your computer or your hard drive and you do not need to access them anymore.

Another tip: Try NOT to use up the card completely. Instead, leave a tiny bit of space. For example, if your card will hold 500 images, perhaps only shoot to 495 - just as a safety precaution. There is no more sickening feeling than getting a message that the card is corrupt!!

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If you are not shooting landscapes at sunrise and sunset, you are missing the best photo opportunities. So says BetterPhoto instructor Jim Zuckerman ... check out his excellent article and photo! Check out Rob Sheppard's outstanding Creative Flash Photography class, which is back on BetterPhoto's online school schedule.

Photo Q&A

1: How to Print a Cropped Photo

I would like to know how to enlarge a cropped photo without losing resolution/clarity. I am not happy with the results I get in Photoshop.
- Nancy S. Berman

Good luck. Any time you are up-sizing a photo, you're having the software invent pixels to fill in. There are various third party programs you can buy, and you can try PS as well. You may want to try upsizing in small steps... a 10% increase, followed by another 10%, then another 10%. The whole time, you're gradually degrading the image with the "invented" pixels. So some clarity loss will always be the norm, depending on A) how small the source image is, and B) how sharp the source image was, to begin with.
Do you not have access to the uncropped original file?

- Christopher J. Budny

Enlarging optically (...with the lens vs. with software) has always proven to be the most technically efficient way to get the most bang for the buck, especially when printing. With this process, we are utilizing the entire sensor and all of its pixels.
Sure, we all crop to enlarge our images, but we accept the compromise that we are utilizing a smaller portion of our available pixels.
To try to enlarge and print an already digitally enlarged (cropped) image exponentially increases the probability of image degradation.

- Bob Cammarata

If you want to print it, find a print shop that has a good rip program and have them print it for you. Don't enlarge it yourself if you do this. Just crop it and supply them the file.

- Randy  A. Myers
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