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Monday, February 13, 2012
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"A big THANK YOU to you for a wonderfully designed course. I enjoyed working on each and every lesson. Your critiques were precise and very inspiring. I hope to be able to capture better travel and landscape photos now that I'm armed with all the tools!" -Arunjeet Banerjee, student in Travel and Landscape Photography: Better Photos of Places with Denise Miotke

Choosing the Best White Balance
By Lynne Eodice
If you were shooting in color back in the film days, you had to buy a film that matched the color temperature of your primary light source. For example, if you were shooting indoors under tungsten light conditions, you bought tungsten-balanced film. For daylight, you bought daylight-balanced film. Today, digital cameras solve the color-balance problem with a control called White Balance, which tells the camera exactly what light source you’ll be using. Most cameras offer you a choice of WB settings. Read more here...

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Welcome to the 564th issue of SnapShot!

We have a brand-new course at BetterPhoto: Mastering Black-and-White! In this 4-week online course, which kicks off March 7th, instructor Rob Sheppard shares key ways of getting the best from black-and-white as you shoot, then how to make the best translation from color to B&W in the computer. Best yet, this course is not only fully interactive with pro feedback but it also includes video lessons! Get the course details here... ... In this issue of SnapShot, don't miss the new article by instructor Peter Burian ("Composition 101: Use The Rule of Thirds"). Also, be sure to catch my own new article: "Creative Composition and Graphic Design". In addition, the topic of White Balance comes up a lot, so we are posting instructor Lynne Eodice's excellent rundown on the subject (This Week's Tip). ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager    Newsletter Editor

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Updates From BetterPhoto Get great tips and techniques on using the Rule of Thirds in this excellent blog by BetterPhoto instructor Peter K. Burian. When composing an image, it really pays to pay special attention to the basic elements of design. Check out this blog by Kerry Drager. Rob Sheppard's outstanding Creative Flash Photography classis back on BetterPhoto's online school schedule for March.

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