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Monday, January 30, 2012
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"This is the best basic Photoshop course I've come across! ... Through a number of practical, powerful, and accessible features of Photoshop, Lewis Kemper is outstanding at showing how to make your images sit up and sing." - David B. Dawson, student in The Photographer’s Toolbox for Photoshop: Exposure and Color

Outdoor Portraits: Avoid Harsh Overhead Sunlight
By Jim Zuckerman
For people portraits outdoors, use soft and diffused lighting - such as from an overcast sky or shade. Make sure the background is in shade, too. Don't photograph someone in the shade and have a background with direct sun or even sunny highlights. That will ruin the picture.

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Updates From BetterPhoto One challenge that comes from close-up photography is the focus point, says instructor Rob Sheppard. "When you are close, depth of field is very narrow, no matter what f-stop you use, so the actual point of focus becomes very, very important." Read Rob's "Close-ups and Autofocus" article for his expert thoughts and techniques! In this 8-week online class, top pro Doug Steakley will help you develop your personal vision and discover new techniques for capturing dynamic landscape images. Don't miss Denise Miotke's awesome "Travel and Landscape Photography" online course. You'll learn techniques for developing an artistic eye and for finding awesome images - whether you are on a trip or shooting in your own backyard.

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