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Monday, November 28, 2011
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"Great course! ... Charlotte Lowrie's lessons were well-planned and helpful to a Raw image novice. I learned more than I thought I could in 4 weeks. Thanks, Charlotte!" -Carolyn Roberts, student in Camera Raw: From Capture to Finished Photo

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How to Break Out of the Snapshooting Trap!
By Peter K. Burian
If you have found yourself falling into the snapshooting trap, the the solution is simple:
-Take the extra time and effort to study the instruction manual. Learn to appreciate all of your digital camera’s features and how each is accessed. When you’re out shooting, plan to use the pertinent controls instead of taking many (fully automatic) snapshots.
- Take a serious approach to digital photography. Review each image on the LCD monitor for exposure, composition and framing. If any of these factors is less than ideal, make necessary changes. Re-shoot the scene until the image appears to be completely successful.

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Welcome to the 553rd issue of SnapShot!

The holiday season is always a wonderful time for photography - taking pictures of family and friends, of course, but also for learning new techniques. And for December, we have an excellent lineup of 4-week online classes, which kick off on December 7th. Too soon? Check out the 8-week session, which begins January 4th. At BetterPhoto's digital photography school, you'll get pro feedback in an exciting - and interactive - online classroom! ... In this issue of SnapShot, don't miss Jim Zuckerman's article ("How to Use Off-Camera Flash Outdoors") and Peter Burian's Photo Tip ("How to Break Out of the Snapshooting Trap!"). ... That's it for now. Enjoy the holidays, and have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager   Newsletter Editor

Jim Miotke
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Updates From BetterPhoto BetterPhoto instructor Jim Zuckerman offers great tips and techniques on using flash. The latest title in the popular BetterPhoto Guide series has just been published! The BetterPhoto Guide to Creative Digital Photography - co-authored by Jim Miotke and Kerry Drager - focuses on composition, design, light, and color. In the following online classes, videos explain - and SHOW - the techniques! Best yet, these three courses are fully interactive.

Photo Q&A

1: Mats, frames and glass....oh my...

I'm trying to figure out how to present my images and have realized that the options are mind boggling. My images are of varied sizes, so pre-cut mats won't work. I am on the fence as to whether I should cut my own mats (ugh) or send them to be cut out (where ???). How hard is it to cut and where or what kind of board is best?
We then get into the whole frame issue for odd-size prints. I realize keeping prints to a standard size or limiting them to just a few would be best, but being the rebel that I am makes it sometimes difficult :) Any ideas as to resources would be appreciated. Thank you,
- Elizabeth Swain

Hi Liz,
I like doing my own framing. I feel it completes my image. I wrote an article - - about framing that may help you. If you're only going to do a few pieces, go to a framing shop. If you're going to be doing a lot of it, and doing it regularly, learn to do it yourself.

- John H. Siskin

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Elizabeth, I do my own matting. I got a mat cutter a couple years ago. It is the Logan Intermediate and I LOVE it. Mat board is about $7 or so for a big sheet, which can be cut down to mat several prints depending on size. What I like is I can order my print in a size that allows me to avoid cropping and then cut a mat for a standard size frame. I often order 8 x 12 prints and cut the mat for an 11 x 14 frame. Mat board and frames are half price at Hobby Lobby in our state almost all the time. It takes a little practice, you will probably burn through a couple sheets of mat board while you learn, but it is worth it.

- Linda Buchanan
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