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Monday, October 31, 2011
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"This was my first course with BetterPhoto and it was a great experience! I have learned a lot. Rob Sheppard provided great critiques as wells as lots of additional knowledge. I am looking forward to taking more courses with Rob as instructor." -Katarzyna Lis, student in The Magic of F-stops: Choosing the Right Aperture

Deleting Images: When to Do It
By Susan and Neil Silverman

Avoid deleting images from your camera with the trash can or delete button on the camera.
First of all, an image may look poor on the back of the LCD screen, but on the computer it may be just fine. So it is best to analyze the images on the computer screen.
Secondly and equally as important, the card manufacturers suggest NOT deleting in camera, inasmuch as once in a while it can cause a corruption in the card. We also want to remind everyone that the way to "clean" a card is to reformat it in the camera - after you are certain that the images are safely backed up on your computer or your hard drive and you do not need to access them anymore.

Another tip: Avoid using up the card completely. Instead, leave a tiny bit of space. For example, if your card will hold 500 images, perhaps only shoot to 495 - just as a safety precaution. There is no more sickening feeling than getting a message that the card is corrupt!!!

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Welcome to the 549th issue of SnapShot!

Kicking off this week's SnapShot is the excellent article "Fisheye Photography - When to Use It". It's written by top pro and BetterPhoto instructor Jim Zuckerman. Read it in the Updates section below. ... Looking ahead: Our awesome online photography courses provide personal interaction with top pros - regardless of where you live. BetterPhoto's November school session is coming up next week, with a full slate of 4-week courses and 8-week courses. Classes begin on Nov. 9th, but if you enroll now, you can get started with an early lesson. ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager   Newsletter Editor

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Updates From BetterPhoto

In an excellent blog, BetterPhoto pro Jim Zuckerman shares his thoughts - and an eye-grabbing photo - on the subject of fisheye lenses. If you've been hitting a wall lately, then we have some great ways to get inspired! For example, check out the past contest winners of the BetterPhoto monthly photography contest.

Photo Q&A

1: Portable Printer

I am looking for a portable printer that will print good quality 4 x 6 prints, will run by battery or electricity, and will fit in a carry-on bag on an airplane. It is for a possible mission trip. I shoot with a Canon if that matters. Thanks for your help.
- Linda Buchanan

Hi Linda,
I was looking for one a couple of years ago when I debated printing on site at a festival but decided I didn't want to bother with it at that time. I still may pick one up for future shoots and will search Amazon & B&H and read through the reviews to make a decision. Check out Canon SELPHY CP510 Compact Photo Printer at Amazon. This one is about the size of a cigar box.
Good luck and let me know what you decided on,

- Carlton Ward

The Canon ip100 is also worth a look :)

- Carlton Ward

Thanks Carlton. I will let you know. We have some friends who were missionaries in Tanzania and took a portable printer, they got really nice 5 x 7 prints out of it. I have emailed them to see what that was too. I want to take one to Haiti. When I was there last summer, I learned that nearly no one has any family photos. I would like to take the photos and give them to them right then. They also don't have addresses and a very unreliable post office so it is nearly impossible to mail them. It is a mission I am very serious about trying, and I need to see what I can find that will work with a battery when the power fails, will fit in a carry-on bag and will produce a quality print. I will keep you posted!

- Linda Buchanan
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