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Monday, September 19, 2011
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Welcome to the 543rd issue of SnapShot!

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Photo Q&A

1: Making pictures in snow and ice
I'd like to get other photography fans to advise me on the best settings and ways to get good quality in snow. Thanks!
Hi Ricardo,
Exposing for the snow is a tad tricky because the camera will try to make your white snow appear as middle-gray :) Metering on the sky is a quick and easy solution but there are more things to consider.
Go to Jim Zuckerman's site and sign up for his newsletter - he has lots of exposure and other topics he talks about that are useful. I will find a past one he sent me regarding snow exposure and send it to you. Don't hesitate to sign up for one of his classes as he is a fantastic instructor :)
- Carlton Ward
Carlton: I thank you so much for your help, will practice, and I'll sing up for Jim's newsletter. I have taken a course with him and I agree, he is a fantastic instructor.
Hi Ricardo,
Great discussion here!

Great ideas from Carlton, and I think the following Jim Zuckerman article - reprinted at BetterPhoto - is the one. In any case, it's an excellent one:

Snow Photography: How to Get a Perfect Digital Exposure!



- Kerry Drager

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