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Monday, September 12, 2011
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Photo Q&A

1: Turning Off the Camera?

I am curious if you shut off your camera as you are spending a day of shooting or do you turn it on and off. I heard from a no so sure a reliable source that the sensor gets hot if left on. Does anyone know what the correct way is ... sometimes I am out for hours walking and shooting with time in between. Thank you.
- Carolyn M. DAlessandro

Hi Carolyn,
My default automatic shutoff is 1 minute for my Canon 5D Mk II. I don't turn my camera on and off when I am shooting for the day, unless I sit down for a bite or stop to do something else - then I will switch it off. I shoot several festivals and will carry my camera all day and if it does turn off, once I press the shutter it wakes back up and is ready to go. I don't know that it uses any more battery power as I can shoot for 2 days like this before I need to replace with a spare and recharge again. I will shoot 400+ pics a day for 4 days straight at these festivals :)
my .02...

- Carlton WardSee Sample Photo - sci10c 0996

I keep mine off until ready to shoot. (Maybe I worry too much about running out of power during a day afield.)

- Bob Cammarata

Thanks Carlton and Bob... I have the Nikon D300 and will have to check if there is an automatic shutoff... thanks for the advice.

- Carolyn M. DAlessandro

The thing about the sensor getting hot is when doing pictures that take a really long exposure (over a minute), the current running through the sensor can raise the temperature of it. Astrology, star trails photos for example. And that can add noise to the photo.

- Gregory LaGrange

I can truly attest to long exposures creating heat and adding noise. My first (and only) attempt at creating star trails with a digital camera was met with disastrous results! With my old film cameras, it was a no-brainer.

- Bob Cammarata

Your D300 definitely has the function. You can set it to how long you want it to stay on after your last shot. The camera actually goes into a sleep mode.
Push half way down on the shutter button and it is ready to go again.
When I am on the whale watch boat I keep mine on for four minutes and the same length of time when photographing Snow Geese. But when I go to the tulip fields I have it sent for one minute.
I have forgotten to physically turn the camera off and a week later when going someplace to take photos found very little drain on the battery. However, it is always best to start with a fresh battery and have at least one more for backup.

- Lynn R. Powers
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