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Monday, August 29, 2011
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Creative Digital Photography: Take a New Slant on Things
Check out this latest tip from Jim Miotke and Kerry Drager's upcoming new book: Creative Digital Photography: Take a New Slant on Things

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Sunrise on Mormon Row
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Welcome to the 540th issue of SnapShot!

During Jim Miotke's Creative Confidence Webinar Weekend, you'll learn proven techniques to help you realize your potential and say "yes" to your creative dreams! This virtual workshop takes place September 24-25, 2011. But don't take it from me. Read the thoughts from this recent participant: "The material was excellent, and Jim’s honest enthusiasm to help us succeed was infectious and fun! Interacting with the others on the calls was inspiring. Even in just 2 days, my confidence has grown more then I ever thought. Thank you so much, Jim and the CC Team! I would recommend your Webinar to my friends and anyone wanting to take the next step to making their dreams/goals a reality!" ... In today's SnapShot, don't miss Rob Sheppard's Featured Article (DSLR Lens Choice for Nature Photographers)and the Photo Tip from the upcoming new book by Jim Miotke and myself (Creative Digital Photography: Take a New Slant on Things. ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager   Newsletter Editor

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Updates From BetterPhoto For nature shooters, lenses are best for specific purposes, says BetterPhoto instructor Rob Sheppard. How and what you photograph will influence what you need for a set of lenses. Check out his excellent article of tips and insights! Our online photography courses are truly MOTIVATING! You'll get direct access to REAL PROS. The next school session kicks off September 7th, but you can get started right now with an early lesson. Start taking your vacation photography from just OK to truly outstanding! Check out Denise Miotke's awesome new 4-week online course: Travel and Landscape Photography: Better Photos of Places. And read her fascinating thoughts on traveling and teaching.

Photo Q&A

1: Canon G12 Recommendation?
I'm looking for a nice high end hybrid to take kayaking and hiking, and when my full DSLR is too much. Is anyone using a Canon G12 and how do you like it? What makes it stand out for me is the movable viewfinder screen which would make low and high shots a lot easier.
- Jim Echols
My husband Jack has one (I have the G10), and when I asked him for his opinion, he said he uses it almost in place of his XSi. The pictures are sharp, the color's good and the size is great. I love the macro mode on my G10, so I'm betting it's just as good or better on the G12 although I admit I haven't tried it yet. Bottom line? He'd buy it again in a heartbeat.
- Monnie Ryan
Sony also has some nice high-end point and shoots. Some of the super zooms really come in handy when you don't have, or can't afford, a long lens for the DSLR.
- Carolyn Fletcher
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