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Monday, August 15, 2011
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"eternal hostility",  Jefferson Memorial
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Welcome to the 538th issue of SnapShot!

Lots of travel-related news here at BetterPhoto! For instance, in this issue of SnapShot, don't miss Denise Miotke's fascinating thoughts on teaching her new travel course. And another BetterPhoto instructor, Deb Sandidge, points out that you needn't go far to shoot great photos with a concept of travel. In addition, this week's Photo Tip points out a great way to get inspired and motivated - specifically, visit a new place. ... In other news from BetterPhoto, stay tuned the 100th issue of BetterPhoto's monthly Digital Darkroom newsletter. It's going out this week! ... On the subject of newsletters, do you subscribe to our daily dose of inspiration? That would be the awesome Photo of the Day. If not, go directly to the subscription page that covers all of BetterPhoto's free newsletters. ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager   Newsletter Editor

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Updates From BetterPhoto Don't miss Denise Miotke's thoughts and insights: I’m teaching a new class at! BetterPhoto instructor Deborah Sandidge loves to travel, but she says, "you don't have to go far to takes pictures with a concept of travel." Read her outstanding blog on the subject! ... makes for an easy gift-buying experience, while also giving your favorite photographer something really special. A BetterPhoto Gift Card is the perfect gift for photographers - for any occasion!

Photo Q&A

1: What's Your Favorite Walking-Around Lens?
I'm just curious about BetterPhoto members' favorite lens in their kit - you know, the all-around workhorse in your bag. Particularly as applies to outdoors and landscapes. I've been working with an image stabilized EFS 55-250 by Canon, but I'm falling out of love with it ... considering a new purchase. I wish I could afford something sexy like a 70-200 f2.8, but sadly, that's not going to happen any time soon. So? What's YOUR favorite? And why?
- Ann Varley
Nikon user here. The 18-200VR lens stays on my camera. I only take it off for the 105VR for macro or the 80-400VR for birds and sports.
- Randy  A. Myers
I like the Canon F4 24-105mm lens (L series).
- Ken Smith
Is your EOS an APS-C sensor, or full frame? For my 5DII, I keep a 35mm Leica R on it that fits my slow, deliberate shooting style. For me (maybe not you), that 35 or equivalent fits most of what I do. If I had an APS-C DSLR, I'd use an EF 24 that crops to about a 38. I prefer prime lenses, but that's what I learned on. Typically, I go out with a 35 and an 85. I see nothing sexy about a drain-pipe-size zoom. My 70-200 f4 L is my special-purpose lens - too big and heavy to carry on the camera for long, but perfect for when I need the reach.
- Doug Nelson
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