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Monday, July 25, 2011
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Shooting from a Low Perspective
By Newman Lowrance
One important aspect of shooting sports is to shoot from a low perspective. This is especially important while shooting youth sports. By kneeling or sitting, your subjects will look taller and appear to jump or leap higher from this low perspective. Give it a try!

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Welcome to the 535th issue of SnapShot!

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Jim Miotke
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Photo Q&A

1: How to Get 3 People in Focus
Hi, I have three children who I love to take pictures of but I find when I shoot all three of them together, I tend to get some blur (one child typically out of focus). I like to use my 50MM, manual settings. What am I doing wrong? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
- Noelle Rosenberg
Hi Noelle,
You didn't mention the details of your manual settings, but if you are using 50mm prime lens, your problem is probably shallow DOF (depth of field). Try reducing the aperture to f/6 or less and compare the results. Using a smaller aperture will reduce the amount of light on the sensor so you will need to compensate with longer exposure or increased ISO value.
Hope it helps, regards,
- Bojan Bencic
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2: Can't Save in JPEG Form
I am trying to save some images in Photoshop CS4 as JPEGs to upload. However, when I choose Save As, my only choices are: Photoshop, Cineon, Dicom, FXG, IFF Format, etc., through TIFF. I know I have done it before, but what has changed? Have I done something wrong, or do I need to change my preferences? Please help!! Thanks!
- Janet L. Coffelt
Check the bit depth of the image. I don't know about CS4, but earlier versions won't let you save a 16-bit to jpg. Change the images to 8-bit and see if that fixes the problem.
- Randy  A. Myers
Yes! That worked, Thank you!
- Janet L. Coffelt
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1: Upgrade to Photoshop CS5 or Wait for CS6?

I'm still using Photoshop CS3, and I'm thinking about upgrading to CS5. I'm not sure what the Adobe upgrade schedule is, but would you recommend CS5 now, or wait for CS6?
- Pat Harry

It depends on what features you want in CS5 and how you would use them. I love CS5 and think it was their best upgrade, so it's certainly worth the price of the upgrade. I doubt CS6 will be out until 2012, so you'd have to wait awhile.

- Christine Pentecost

Hi Pat, Nobody can tell you what CS6 will offer. And I agree ... it won't be available for a long time. I would get CS5. It's fabulous.

- Peter K. Burian

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Adobe's timeline for new versions is about every 18 months, according to my friend who is on the beta team for testing. Most of us will never learn all the things that Photoshop has to offer but the new versions always have some feature that makes life (in Photoshop) easier. However, they all assume you have the latest and greatest computer as well. I found that CS5 would not run on my old, but still very useful, PowerMac G5. I would be looking to upgrade the computer as well, and I'm not sure that is going to happen. As you upgrade, just be sure it will run on your computer!

- Bruce A. Dart

CS5 was a major upgrade and CS6 will probably be more like CS4 with only a few minor updates and new tools that you may never use. I would say purchase CS5 now as you may not need or want what is in CS6. You not only have the pleasure of using it now, and when CS6 does come out you have something to use until they get all of the wrinkles out with updates before upgrading. Or you may pass on CS6 and wait until CS7 comes out and upgrade. Since you are already in the system, upgrades are MUCH less expensive than the original cost.

- Lynn R. Powers
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