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Monday, November 29, 2010
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Creative Fun with Fish-Eye and Black & White
BetterPhoto instructor Deborah Sandidge loves the creativity of a fisheye lens ... add black & white, and you can get a very striking image. Read more about combining fish-eye with B&W...

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BetterPhoto instructor Peter Burian tackles important issues of shooting in Raw, including Raw conversion software. Read more about Camera Raw... We are very proud of our virtual classroom, which is very interactive and very convenient. Take a quick tour...

Photo Q&A

1: Backpack for Hiking and Photography
I need a recommendation for a backpack for overnight hikes. I need room for a camera, 3-4 lenses and small accessories, as well as tripod, tent, sleeping bag, extra clothing, food, etc. Any suggestions?
- Donald  R. Curry
Hello Donald,
I have 3 different camera backpacks but the 2 I use most ate both made by LowePro. I have the Vertex 300 which is very large and heavy when its loaded with gear. It also has a slot for a 17" laptop. It is easier to carry than it is to pick it up and the belt/shoulder harness cinches nicely and is very comfortable. I also use the smaller Lowepro Flipside 300 which will carry a camera and 3 lenses - or 2 lenses and a flash. Both of these have tripod straps.

Vertex 300

Flipside 300

I use the Vertex 300 AW for carrying my gear on airplanes and hikes when I need a lot of gear. Usually, once I get to where I am going, I will switch to the Flipside 300 which is much lighter and easier to work out of as the access to the bag is against you back but you can drop out of the shoulder straps and slide the bag around you by leaving the belt strap connected and it pops down in front of you so you can unzip and access the bag/change lenses, etc.. without having to takle the bag off or placing it on the ground.
These 2 work well for my needs and LowePro has earned respect from hikers, photographers & campers around the world with their quality craftsmanship, ingenuity and long lasting packs.

There are many to choose from so look around and see what looks like a good fit for you.
I went on a photo tour in 2008 through Europe with Jim Zuckerman, Deborah Sandidge, Stefania Barbier and 8 others who all were using Lowepro packs :)

- Carlton Ward
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