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Monday, November 22, 2010
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Aquarium Photography: Tips and Techniques
Photographing animals and fish through glass can be done very successfully, says BetterPhoto instructor Jim Zuckerman. Read his valuable insights on photographing aquariums here...

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A very happy Thanksgiving to all BetterPhoto members who celebrate this inspirational holiday. ... Also, a huge welcome to this 500th edition of SnapShot. Yes, that's correct - number 500!! ... And more great news: We are offering a whopping $50 off an online photo course! Just enter Thanks50 into the Gift Card Code field when you order your favorite 4-week course (starting Dec. 8th) or when you choose one of our 8-week courses (starting January 5th). This special holiday sale ends Thursday at 3pm Pacific, so enroll now! ... In this issue of SnapShot, be sure to check out instructor Peter Burian's Featured Article ("How Effective Is an Image Stabilizer?") and Jim Zuckerman's Photo Tip ("Aquarium Photography: Tips and Techniques"). ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager   Newsletter Editor    Where is Jim Miotke? Follow BetterPhoto's founder and president on Twitter - BetterPhotoJim - and in his blog:    And if you'd like to check out all 499 past issues, go to the SnapShot Archives here...

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In this excellent new article by BetterPhoto instructor Peter Burian, get the lowdown on this popular feature for DSLR camera systems. Read all about image stabilization systems... If you've been hitting a wall lately, then we have some great ways to get inspired! For example, for BetterPhoto's daily dose of visual inspiration, check out our free Photo of the Day newsletter at the subscription page. In addition, view the past contest winners of our monthly contest.

Photo Q&A

1: Outdoor Artist Tent
I am in the market to buy a white outdoor artist tent with some type of mesh or panel walls for doing outdoor art shows. Any suggestions on the what brand of tent works well.
- Paula Hildy
I work at several festivals each year and know many vendors who use these throughout the spring-summer months at outdoor festivals, art shows, etc...
EZup & Quickshade are a couple that come to mind.
There are lots of them available so find a size, color and configuration that you like as there are wall options and some can be entirely closed up.
Hope this helps.
- Carlton Ward
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1: Taking Photos of Large Groups - Sunset

So I am taking photos at a 60th anniversary. Along with candids, they want a photo of everyone who attends as well - about 60 people. It will be very close to sunset - and I have warned everyone that we have limited time (since the whole event is out doors). Any advice? I was going to bring a step stool and they will have chairs that we can use to have some people sitting, some standing and some on the ground. I was going to try and shoot at about f11. and I will be using my 28-75 lens. I also have my older camera, which has an 18-250. Anyone see any issues that I might run into?
- Rhonda Bartz-Royse

The 28-75mm should work. Use a fill flash and you'll do fine. Set your exposure for the available light and use the fill.

- Dennis Flanagan

Thanks Dennis. Do you think the fill flash will really hit everyone? Meaning with that many people and the distance I will have to be away from them to get them all in. Just have not done that before so thus my question. Also full power?

- Rhonda Bartz-Royse

Shoot at f/16 and try to watch for shadows cast by people's heads creating shadows on the person next to them. There is a method called the "Triangle" that works well for keeping shadows in check and utilizing the direction of the light by angling the group with the sun {light-source). By keeping people's heads angled so that they are staggered (via triangles) this keeps more space between the people will allows more light to hit each person. Triangle in this sense is to have equal space (as much as possible) from top to bottom & left to right.
In 2 rows from left to right - the 1st person at eye level with the next person (in bottom row) at chest/belly level positioned between 1 & 3 and the 3rd person (top row) at eye level again, etc. ... The triangle technique will keep space between them to allow the light to hit all the people more evenly. You can also position the back row to lean in a bit to try to get everyone's faces close to the same plane which will help with sharpness.
You may also consider shooting from a ladder or elevated spot if available as this can create an angle to get people's faces closer to the same plane.
Hope this helps.

- Carlton WardSee Sample Photo - CJ Fest 165

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