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Monday, November 15, 2010
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HDR Photography: Not Just for Color
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Photo Q&A

1: Large Group Shots
I'm going to take a group photo of our K-9 unit and their handlers during the early morning hours, and possibly one at night on the Vegas strip. Any tips to making sure they are ALL in focus? Never had to do such a large group, they won't all be in the same plane. Help! Thanks
- Wendy Wyatt
Hi Wendy,
Use as much DOF (depth of field) as you can. You should be able to shoot at f/11 or even f/16 in the morning even if you have to bump up your ISO to 800 or higher. The challenge with the unequal planes is tricky as you have to be aware of where the shadows are falling an if 1 person is standing in the path of the light that will cast a shadow on the person next or behind him. Using a ladder and shooting from a higher perspective may be a viable option and will help to put everyone closer to the sam plane but this would mak it uneven for the canines (dogs). Think about angles and positioning as the handlers may drop to a knee and create a tighter plane. Hope these ideas help - Carlton
- Carlton Ward
When you form them, have the rows scrunched close. It will feel awkward possibly, but the camera won't know. Try to keep relativly short focal length and like Carlton said, shoot at about f11. I have shot a law enforcment group before with K-9's. There is a good chance the dogs won't get along, so spread them evenly in front with the handler on a knee.
- Dennis Flanagan
Thanks guys! Dennis, what lens did you use when you shot your K-9 group?
- Wendy Wyatt
I shot it at 1/125, f10. My lens was a 17-200 zoom. I shot it at 22mm. I would have preferred a longer focal length, but that would have had me standing in the highway to take the photo. Using a combination of f10 and the 22mm focal length, depth of field was not an issue.
- Dennis FlanaganSee Sample Photo - Border Patrol

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