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Monday, July 19, 2010
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"Terrific instruction and a terrific instructor. Doug presented very clear lessons, great support, and excellent feedback and follow-up. Even if you've had previous instruction in composition, Doug Johnson's methods will help you see and evaluate the scene differently!" -Craig W. Myers, student in Creating Depth in Landscape Photography

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Pictures With Impact: Try Black and White!
Think of old-time photography, and black and white quickly comes to mind. And why not? The early grand masters of photography elevated B&W to high art and high style.

Then along came color. In recent years, however, black and white has seen a resurgence of interest and a new appreciation.

Give it a try!

Read more about black and white, and see some excellent examples from the BetterPhoto contest, in Kerry Drager's Team BetterPhoto blog.

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Welcome to the 482nd issue of SnapShot!

No photograph is a failure as long as you learn from it. Those are important words for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level. Check out Rob's Featured Blog below ("Perfection in Photography or Nature"). ... This theme of overcoming a fear of failure also comes into play during Jim Miotke's seminar: Creative Confidence: Say Goodbye to Second Guessing, a three-day event filled with motivation and inspiration! ... In this issue of SnapShot, don't miss the Photo Tip and Q&A. Also, learn just how you can find the BetterPhoto Forum, and check out the item on how our classes work! ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager   Newsletter Editor    Where is Jim Miotke? Follow BetterPhoto's founder and president on Twitter - BetterPhotoJim - and in his blog:

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Updates From BetterPhoto

We are very proud of our virtual classroom, which is very interactive and very convenient. Take a quick tour... "I don't see any photograph to ever be a failure as long as you learn from it," says Rob Sheppard in his excellent new BetterPhoto Instructor Insights blog. Read more here... One of the cool benefits of being a Masterpiece or Basic member, a student, or a Deluxe/Pro owner is access to the BetterPhoto Forum. Simply click the "Discussions/Q&A" tab in your Member Center.

Photo Q&A

1: Monthly Photo Contest: What's the Theme?
Where do I find the photo contest theme for the month of July?
- Deborah A. Sladen
Hi Deborah -

This month's theme is Circles

To find the monthly theme (for any month), you can follow these steps:

1 - From the BetterPhoto homepage, mouse over the light blue Membership link and click on "Contest".

2 - On the bottom left, the Contest Entries categories are listed. The second to last says "Monthly Theme: Circles" and lists the theme for the month. The monthly theme on this page is updated each month.

3 - To view the current and all previous themes, you can click on the small text next to the monthly theme (in this case "Circles") that says: "(more about the monthly themes)".

Hopefully that's clear!

- Ryan Murphy
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1: How to Protect Photos on a CD

Hi All,
Over the past few years, I have been thinking of doing photography as a side job. I have done some free shoots for friends' weddings, etc.
But I was wondering, how would I make a photo CD that is protected? Meaning that it is viewable but not printable.

If anyone could pass some of their know how down it would be appreciated.

- Connie Campbell

The most easy option is to rezise them to 500px on the long side and 72dpi before burning them into a CD. I personaly do a slide show with music. All pics are numbered, and I burn it to a DVD. You can buy Power Director to do it. It is about 60 dollars, has many features and very easy to use.

- Elida Gutierrez
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2: Changing Multiple Photos to TIFFs

I have two questions:
1. How many times can you open and adjust a JPEG file without degrading the image?
2. Is there a quick way in PS CS4 or Lightroom 2 to change a group of images from JPEG to TIFF?
- Donna L. Jones

It's impossible to give a number because it also depends on the quality of the file when it was taken. And just that would include exposure concerns, lighting contrast, etc. Also, you would have to consider what you do to the file when you make adjustments.

- Gregory La Grange

I've used this to batch process in CS4.
File - Scripts - Image Processor - then in # 1 you want to select a folder or if you have all images open Use Open Images,
# 2
Select a folder you want to send them to, then
# 3 Select Save as Tiff for file size, then check the options if you want it resized (if you want it 800 pixels on the long side you could put 800 in both the W and H boxes and check the resize to fit box). Click Run and then all images you selected in step one are resized / saved as indicated in step 2's folder.
I use this to batch RAW files to JPEGS all the time and it works well.
You can also make an action, but I haven't done this yet and cannot offer any advise there.
Pam :)

- Pamela R. Frost
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