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Monday, May 17, 2010
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Creative Camera Angle: Look Down from Up High
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May has been such an exciting month! Leading things off was the launch of BetterPhoto's certification program - a great way to get credit and credentials from the world leader in online photo education. ... We also turn our attention to the near future, with the posting of the June schedule of 4-week courses and the July listing of 8-week classes. See the Updates below for details on two great new courses! ... In this issue of SnapShot, don't miss Rob Sheppard's "Photographing Flowers: Get Low and Close-up" post and my own Photo Tip: "Creative Camera Angle: Look Down from Up High". ... That's it for now. Have fun with your photography!    Kerry Drager   Newsletter Editor    Where is Jim Miotke? Follow BetterPhoto's founder and president on Twitter - BetterPhotoJim - and in his blog:

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Richard Lynch's new 4-week Awesome Digital Projects course tackles such exciting subjects as HDR photography, shooting panoramas, converting images to black-and-white, and more. Learn more... Rob Sheppard loves close-ups that show off a bit of the setting and environment around the subject. This is common with portraits, less so - but just as eye-catching - with flowers. Read Rob's excellent BetterPhoto Instructor Insights blog... George Schaub's new 8-week course will help you make better photographs - ones that express what you see and what prompted you to snap the shutter in the first place. George covers both in-camera and Lightroom techniques. See the specifics here...

Photo Q&A

1: Matting Prints for Odd Sizes
Anyone have any suggestions on what size to mat a 10x15 with or a 10x20? What size would they look good matted with? Basically, I am trying to frame these "odd sizes" by matting them into a more common size.
- Clayton T. Williams
Hi Clayton,
Your 10X15 prints will fit a 16X20 mat very nicely. I actually stretch my photos to 10 1/2 X 15 3/4 and they still look very good. As far as the 10x20, it is so far off from the standard sizes only a custom matte will work. Don't worry about it. Only the uninformed will not realize that it needs a custom frame. I feel that you are doing the right thing by cropping to best suit the photograph and not the standard mat. I have one photo that is 5 1/2 X 16 and needs a 10 1/2 X 20 mat that I have sold three times.
If you are doing the framing, the small bit of extra cost is worth the price. Let the customer get the frame that best goes with his/her home or taste.
I hope that you are using backboards for your matted photos. It looks a lot more professional when you do and lessens the chance for damage to the matte and print.
- Lynn R. Powers
Thanks for your answer. I have tried cropping to fit standard sizes, and I am just not happy doing that because I shoot through the viewfinder and not with a preconcieved thought to crop. What do you mean by using backboards? I mount my photos to masonite before I matte and/or frame, if this is what you are talking about. Again. Thanks for the answers. I will try the 16x20.
- Clayton T. Williams
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2: Pocket Wizard
I would like to purchase a Pocket Wizard, but do I purchase one or two? I want to trigger studio strobes that I used to trigger by infrared as well as use it with my Nikon SB 800 flashes.
- Vickie Oakley
You purchase at least two, a transmitter and a receiver, for the regular Pocket Wizard. I think the Pocket Wizard maximum can be a transmitter and receiver, but I'm not sure, so you'll have to check. But anyway, you'll need one transmitter typically for your camera, and a receiver for each light or apparatus you want set off with the pocket wizard. If you have multiple lights, any of them can be triggered with a buil-in slave, then one receiver can be all you need.
- Gregory La Grange
Hi Vickie
The Wizard is a good device. It works at a longer distance than many other units. I use the cheap radio slaves made in China. I don’t need much distance, so they work well for me. The last ones I purchased were about 45 dollars total for a transmitter and 4 receivers. Do a search for digital radio slave on eBay. These will work with your SB800 units, IF you plug the transmitter into the pc sync socket on your camera. There will be no automatic exposure function.
- John H. Siskin

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