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Monday, February 22, 2010
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How to Take Better Pictures: Practice at Home
BP pro Brenda Tharp points out that the grass isn't always greener somewhere else! As she puts it: "Yes, there’s always the newness of a place to excite the eyes, to inspire us to create. But if we haven’t been practicing seeing while at home, we just might be a little rusty and miss some great pictures because we’re not 'primed' - not open to all of what’s there."
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Photo Q&A

1: 8x12 Frames for Prints
Since I have not been able to break my filling-the-frame habit yet from film days, and it forces me to buy 8x12 sizes rather than 8x10 due to major cropping issues. Where can I buy 8x12 frames? Michaels, Wal mart, Hobby Lobby don't have them, and even B&H only had a few.
- Pamela R. Frost
You might try Frame Destinations, do a search online and they should come up. Mark Rogers, who owns the company, seems to be a pretty straight-up guy.
- Jeffrey R. Whitmoyer
If you were using a 35mm film camera, the lab did the cropping for you. Even with a 645 and 6X7, some croping was necessary. Have you checked in your post-processing program to be sure that the photo cannot be cropped to 8X10. Yes, you will lose some of the photo just like you always did with 35mm film.
As Jeff suggested, do a google search because 8x12 frames are becoming more readily available. (about time!) :-)
- Lynn R. Powers
I will check that site out thanks.
Lynn: I never knew that I lost anything on film developing b/c I never actually saw the cropping, I guess. I am not sure how to try and crop to an 8x10 w/o losing a lot of the pic. Still have much to learn :)
- Pamela R. Frost
Aaron Brothers has them - both straight 8x12 and they also have mats cut for 8x12 images and frames to fit the matted size - for the life of me I can't remember what size that is. But twice a year, they have the penny sale (January and July), and I load up!
- Leslie J. Morris
Hi Pam,
You might want to make your own frames, from parts. It’s really simple. This article might help:
- John H. Siskin

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1: Indoor Portrait Ideas

I have a client who is in a hurry to get some family portraits done. She does not want them done in my studio or outside, as it's the middle of the winter here in the Midwest. Does anyone have ideas for good indoor locations that work well? Outdoors, studio and weddings are my comfort zone, so I am not sure where to even begin to look. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
- Todd Snavely

Did you check out the house of your client? Or perhaps get your client to suggest favorite places and you go check them out? Other ideas could include the library, city hall, a cozy coffeehouse, or a nice restaurant?

- Sarah  L. de Jong
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2: Photographing the Bride

I am getting ready to shoot my first wedding, and the bride wants shots from before, during, and after the wedding. Well, some of her ideas include pictures of her bridesmaids pulling her dress over and onto her. Does this pose a problem being a male photographer? I know how to crop the shot to make it not revealing and shoot from certain angles, etc. My question is more from the stand point of being in the room while the bride and bridesmaids are dressing.
- Clayton T. Williams

As a mom whose 2 daughters have put her to the test with those impossible bridal shots ... I do have a few suggestions. You can successfully stage (or re-enact) most of the shots she wants. It's definitely a lenthy process to get the bride's dress on without messing the hair and makeup. And believe me, there are usually plenty of bridesmaids hovering all over her so as not to be too revealing. You can use them as a screen. With a tele lens, it won't be necessary to get close & uncomfortable. If all else fails, ask a camera-savvy bridesmaid (or female friend) to get a few of those uncomfortable shots for you. You'll be great ... good luck!!

- Jani Medlin

If the bride were worried about anything, she wouldn't have brought up the subject. So unless it's actually you who is nervous about it, there shouldn't be a problem. Be at ease. She's probably getting a completely asexual vibe from the situation. Realistically, she'll probably be wearing more material than she would be if she were swimming.

- Gregory La Grange

You won't be alone with her, so I wouldn't worry about it. Be professional and don't shoot anything that would embarrass her.

- Dennis Flanagan

Thanks, my wife has cleared her schedule and is going to be able to go so she is going to be doing these photos. But this is good to know for the future.

- Clayton T. Williams
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