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Monday, January 18, 2010
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In her BetterPhoto Instructor Insights photography blog, Brenda Tharp takes on the subject of creative seeing. "We see the world around us through the filters of our life’s experiences. That’s why our vision is uniquely ours." Read more here...

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Composition: Is a Focal Point Required? ... by Rob Sheppard
I have often been asked if a photo has to have a focal point in its composition. Ask this question at a camera club and you will surely get a lively discussion. It is actually not an easy question to answer because … it depends! Read more of Rob Sheppard's excellent Instructor Insights blog here...

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Photo Q&A

1: Photo of the Day
How are Photo of the Day's selected? Are they from the contest entries or is there another place to enter?
- Pamela R. Frost
POTD are taken from the monthly contest entries.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the question and answer! Also, POTD is one of BetterPhoto's four free emailed newsletters. To subscribe, go to our subscription page...

- D Jensen
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1: Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

I'm doing a shoot down on the Las Vegas strip, and I haven't done much night photography. Wondering if anyone could impart me with wisdom before going out. Tips or tricks of the trade would be much appreciated.
- Wendy Wyatt

Wendy: I have done a lot of shooting there; you can see some of the photos at
The basic approach. Set the camera to P mode. That will allow you to set the ISO. Set the ISO to 800.
A tripod is not practical on a busy streets, but the camera will often provide an adequately fast shutter speed, when it's set for ISO 800.
Also try bracing the camera against something solid like a light post. To minimize blurring from camera shake.
After that, it's all in the composition.

- Peter K. Burian

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Hi Wendy,
I have done some shooting there and agree with Peter. I have also used a tripod when shooting the falls in front of the Mirage and I also like to shoot from up high like a hotel room or many other places to get a different view. Extreme wide-angle shots in front of 4-Queens and other places with distinctive entrances can make the beautiful signs look really cool. I sometimes even lay on the ground and shoot up to get some different points of view. Have fun!

- Carlton Ward
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2: Problem with CF Card

I have been using this camera and card for years and never had this issue. I shot a whole raft of pictures, put the card in my PC, copied the images, deleted the files and put the card back in the camera. Now the camera just sits there with a black info screen. All it says is EOS.
If I take the card out, the camera seems just fine, and all the info appears along with the message that there is no card.
I have tried cleaning the card, formatting the card with FAT and FAT32 formats, turned everything off and on and off, changed the battery, blew on the card, blew air gently into the camera, searched in the manual, searched online and I am stuck.
Please help. Thanks!
- karen pasqualucci

Have you checked the camera's card slot to see if any pins are bent or missing? And that none of the card's holes are plugged with dirt or broken pins?

- Jon Close

Thank you for your response! You are kind. I gave up and took the camera into a camera store and the tech said there were indeed bent pins inside. I appreciate your response - thank you for taking the time and knowing the answer!

- karen pasqualucci
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