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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
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Photo Q&A

1: Group Photo Shoot
I'm photographing an anniversary party. There will be a group of about 25 people inside a church on the pulpit steps. I have 2 580EX flashes with bounce diffusers. I also have a ST-E2. Should I use both flashes on a light stand, at 45 degree angles, with the difusers, or should I just use one of the 580EX's with a flash bracket and hotshoe?
- Pamela Barrett
Hi Pam,
I would use them both on stands and spread them out to get enough light on 25 people. Use enough DOF to get all the faces in focus.
One light source stands a real chance of creating shadows on some of the faces but with 2 you can hit your subjects from an another angle.
I love the STE2 - works great :)
Good luck Pam and have a fun shoot.
- Carlton Ward
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2: Software for Editing and Cloning
I was wondering which is the best program for editing pictures,that includes cloning.
- Chastity  a. Hoff
- Elida Gutierrez
Chastity: Best ... yeah, Photoshop CS4 but it's over $800. Frankly, I think you would be very, very happy with Photoshop Elements 7 at about $100. And sure, it has cloning and lots of other features.
Cheers! Peter
- Peter K. Burian

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3: Pricing for Student Photos
I take photographs of my young students and give a 5" x 7" print to the parents for free. When they ask for extra copies, I would like to charge them, to help pay for ink and paper. But I don't know what a reasonable fee is. Any suggestions for pricing portraits?
- Susan  McCloskey
It all depends on your quality of pictures. My prices are:

# 4X6 $ 2.00 (25 o more)
# 4x6 $ 3.00 (5 to 24)
# 4x6 $ 5.00 (1 to 4)
# 4 wallets $ 5.00
# 5X7 $ 8.00
# 8x10 $15
# 11x14 $20
# 16x20 $35

But this is my job; maybe you can customize your prices.

- Elida Gutierrez
Thank you. That was a big help. Do you charge for taking the portraits or just printing?
- Susan  McCloskey
Elida's prices are right on, according to my prices as well. As far as charging for taking the portraits, I only charge a "sitting fee" if it is an actual session that the parents set up. If I am taking them for my own benefit and then selling them later as people want them - as it sounds like you are - then I wouldn't charge for taking them.
- Clayton T. Williams
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