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Monday, September 14, 2009
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Add Visual Drama with Wide-Angle ... by Jim Zuckerman
By getting close to a subject with a wide-angle lens, it can dramatize the foreground and made it disproportionately large. In fact, the closer you get with a wide-angle lens to the subject, the more exaggerated (and distorted) it becomes. It's a very effective visual technique.
Editor's Note: Learn more about Jim Zuckerman and his BP courses.

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Welcome to the 438th issue of SnapShot!

Great news at BetterPhoto! We welcome Doug Steakley to our talented team of pro instructors. A widely published photographer from Carmel Valley, California, Doug is teaching an awesome new 4-week class - Photographing Motion - which kicks off October 7th. You'll learn how to achieve the WOW impact in your photography of moving subjects - by the creative use of fast exposures to freeze action and slow shutter speeds to convey soft movement. Enroll now in Photographing Motion, and get started today! See the exciting course details here ... In this issue of SnapShot, don't miss the fascinating interview with instructor Deborah Sandidge, the photo tip by instructor Jim Zuckerman, an informative batch of questions and answers, and details on the photographic event of the season: the BetterPhoto Summit. ... That's it for now. Enjoy your week of photography, and keep up with me on Twitter: BetterPhotoJim

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Photo Q&A

1: How to Shoot Butterflies
I am going to a butterfly garden. It's my first time trying to shoot butterflies. I had an attempt last week in the back yard. I had the ISO set to 800, and there was lots of noise even after a reduction program. I have a 100 Canon macro lens, a Canon 100-400 lens and more Canon lenses with different focal lengths. Any suggestions on settings, profile, etc.? I am shooting with a Canon 30D and a tripod.
Thanks for any suggestions!
- Mary Iacofano
Hello Mary,
I use my 100mm macro lens with a macro ringlight and a tripod w/remote shutter release. I usually have my settings around ISO 100. For depth of field, it varies as I shoot anywhere from f/4 to f/8 and use whatever shutter speed needed.
Hope thhis helps.
- Carlton WardSee Sample Photo - 1/250s, f/4, iso100, 100mm Macro lens

I've often used my built-in flash, just as a fill of sorts since I don't have a ringlight. It's not an ideal solution, but it does improve the images and freezes any motion. Jeff
- Jeffrey R. Whitmoyer
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1: Camera Bag for Laptop and Tripod?

I will be traveling to Europe soon. I am concerned with how I can carry my camera, lenses, flash, laptop and tripod aboard the plane. Any suggestions for the best camera bag? I'll need to take it daily as we travel but without the laptop. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
- Lois Latraverse

Lois, I have a Tamrac rolling bag and I love it. It holds my 17" laptop. It will not hold the tripod, but I put That I put in my luggage that gets checked. I do bungee strap the tripod to the outside while I roll it behind when shooting. They are a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for in life, and the wheels have stayed on very well ... so far. Have an awesome time in Europe.

- Ann J. Przyojski

Hi Lois,
I have the same bag Ann just told you about. It has had many airplane rides, and it holds up great. I do take my tripod strapped to it as a carry-on. I use the buckle straps that are on the bag and stick one end of the tripod in the open mesh on top of the bag. Mine also has a strap for the neck of the tripod. It rolls nice and quick through the airports.

- Mary Iacofano

Hi, Lois,

Another reasonably priced bag to consider is the Kata OC-84. I have a Kata backpack that I love - holds a reasonable amount of equipment plus a laptop. But I just got the Kata OC-84 because I'm doing a lot of travel and this one is a roller. It also fits in the overhead of any airline (though tight on the regional jets). The Europeans are more restrictive on carry-on. This one should be fine even on a European airline. (I will find out next week.) I got it from BH Photo for $200 including shipping.

- R.K Stephenson

Hello Lois,
I use 2 bags and they are both Lowepro. The Lowepro Vertex 300 will carry just about everything I will need and has a rain cover, tripod straps, great shoulder/waist straps, and fits a 17" laptop. I use this for carrying on airplanes and travelling from place to place. Check the Vertex 100 & 200 as well.
The Flipside 300 is one I use for day outings when I will only need a couple of lenses, and this too has tripod straps. The Fastpacks are nice as well. They have smaller versions and different configurations for photography but I swear by Lowepro packs as I have had a Lowepro (regular camping/hiking backpack) that's over 12 years old that is still going strong. Check 'em out. On my trip to Europe last year with 11 other photographers, almost all of them carried Lowepro packs.
Have fun on your trip!

- Carlton Ward
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2: Retrieving Lost Images

If you accidentally deleted - in-camera - is there any way to retrieve the photos? I pulled the SD card and will not reformat it until I'm certain everything is lost forever. Anyone ever heard of a retrieval program for such a blunder? Thanks.
- Michael Lynch

Hi Michael,
Go Online - search for "Photo recovery software". I have a couple of disks from Sandisk for photo recovery - they often are included in packages of their CF/SD cards.
Good luck, and hope you save your photos.

- Carlton Ward
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