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Friday, May 15, 2009
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Use the LCD to Your Creative Advantage ... by Rob Sheppard
Some thoughts from BetterPhoto instructor Rob Sheppard's "PhotoDigitary blog":
I believe that the LCD is one of the most important new tools that we have for digital cameras. It is like an instant Polaroid. You can use it to check composition, sharpness, flash exposure, color balance, regular exposure and more. ... A few specifics:
-Learn to interpret it. This means paying attention to how it displays images then comparing that display to how the images look on the computer.
-Shield it from direct sunlight. Turn your body or use a hat to block the sun.
-Look at the LCD as a little picture, not just a view of your image file. Do you like that picture? Would you change it?
-Scan the edges of the LCD to be sure the photo works there as well as in the center and other key points.
-For exposure, check highlight and shadow detail, as well as the histogram.
-If you are shooting action, avoid checking the LCD constantly as this will take you away from the action. Do your checking when there are breaks in that action.
Editor's Note: Rob Sheppard teaches many courses here at BetterPhoto, including Guaranteed Better Photography and Successful Publication Photography

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Photo Q&A

1: Which Zoom Lens
I am shooting action photography (lots of horses) with a Sigma 80-200mm lens. I'm wondering if there would be a better lens for when I'm not allowed in the arena with my subjects. I have a Canon EOS 30D. Thanks.
- Wendy Wyatt
Hi Wendy,
You may consider a 1.4 or 2.0 extender to give your 80-200 lens more reach, or consider a longer lens. The extenders will cost you 1 & 2 stops, respectively, but if it's a f/2.8 lens, you will be fine with this.
I have the 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS, and it needs decent lighting but it is sharp. There are lots more options as Sigma and Tamron both make longer lenses you may like.
- Carlton Ward
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1: Lighting for Macro

What type of flash equipment have you found effective in shooting macro? Ring light flash? Currently I have a Canon 20D and the 100mm macro lens. Can't afford the $600 or so price tag now. Any suggestions? I already have the 430 flash.
- Stephanie Halstead

I purchased the MR-14EX TTL Macro Ring Lite Flash by accident, for my 100mm macro f2.8 lens. This model was meant for dental work, but it works really well for even lighting with macros, plus allows lighting ratios to be set, which I use all the time. B&H sells this flash for only $420.00 new and currently has a 9+ (condition) used model for $329.00. Of course, the better one, which I should have purchased, is the MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite Ringlite Flash, which is $615.00 after rebate.
Keep the 430EX. You may be able to use it with the ring light as a slave unit out of the hot shoe.

- Bunny  . Snow

Hi Stephanie,
There are several options. First, there are still ring lights that are not dedicated, starting at less than $80 at B&H. You will need to set the camera manually in order to use this.
If you shoot with a static subject, you can use other strobes or a quartz light for this work. I also noticed that someone had modified a bundt pan for this kind of lighting. This link ( will take you to an article I did about micro photography with a microscope. You can get a decent scope and accessories for about $150.00. Thanks.

- John H. Siskin

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