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Monday, March 02, 2009
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"Jim Zuckerman is an extraordinary instructor, and this course is a great one. I'm sure that every photographer who wants to make photos in a skillfully way should acquire a technique of perfect digital exposure. ... Special thanks to BetterPhoto that I - living in Siberia - could become one of Jim's students!" - Alexander Katyanov, student in Perfect Digital Exposure

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Remember Your Camera Settings ... by Susan and Neil Silverman
It's easy to change white balance, ISO, etc., in your digital camera settings, all within the same photography session. But it's not always so easy to remember to change those settings back - especially when you're in the heat of the excitement!

We take care of this problem with a piece of colored gaffer tape, which we move into an area that can be seen easily as a reminder that we have made a change to the original settings. This is critically important when using exposure compensation. After returning your setting(s) back to normal, then we place the tape in a spot where it does not get much attention.

Gaffer tape can be reused in this manner many times and will still adhere well and does not leave any residue.

Editor's Notes: Susan and Neil Silverman teach three excellent courses here at BetterPhoto, including Tips and Tricks for Digital Photographers (formerly titled Digital Photography Course).

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Welcome to the 410th issue of SnapShot!

We are overjoyed with the tremendous success of this past weekend's BetterPhoto Summit in San Diego. What an incredible experience! It was great meeting so many members, and thanks to all who participated. Now we look forward to our next Summit - April 19th in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. ... Meantime, we are switching creative gears to the next 4-week school session, which launches this Wednesday with our best schedule yet. ... In this issue of SnapShot, don't miss our regular features, including a fine Photo Tip and an excellent Q&A selection. ... That's it for now. Enjoy your week of photography!

Jim Miotke
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Updates From BetterPhoto

We have two excellent new 4-week courses at BetterPhoto for the new session, which begins March 4th:
-Connect with the beauty of our world and share that connection with storytelling photos! Check out Rob Sheppard's Storytelling Nature Photos class.
-Discover the best practices for shooting nature photos, as well as processing those images in Photoshop CS4! See Kevin Moss's totally updated Photoshop For Nature Photographers course. Our online photo courses offer personal interaction with top pros! See our 4-week courses, which kick off Wednesday. ... Too soon? See our 8-week classes, which begin April 8th. Have some spare time? Check out our Instructor Insights photo blogs. The latest entries are by Richard Lynch (who teaches several courses, including Photoshop 101) and Sean Arbabi (who teaches Better Exposure).

Photo Q&A

1: Photoshop Error
Hello - I use Photoshop CS and it will not let me use any of the tools. I keep getting the error: "Could not complete your request because the scratch disks are full." What do I do???
- Trudy L. Smuin
Hi Trudy,
If you have a Mac, go to Photoshop>preferences>performance and select between 70-80% - this will bump your your RAM allowance for running Photoshop.
If you are a Windows user, go to Edit>preferences>Memory & Image Cache, and again select between 70-80% and this should do the trick. The default on both OS are at about 50 percent and I suspect that may be what you are set to.
Try and holler back if this doesn't fix it.
Cheers, Carlton
- Carlton Ward
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2: Problem with Auto-Focus
I am having problems with my Nikkor AF 70-300mm VR lens' auto-focus. It will auto-focus on an image within 10 feet - 1 time only - and then won't auto-focus again. It also will not auto-focus on anything in the distance at all. I have a Nikon D80 and have been using this lens for nearly a year. I checked the Nikon website, but nothing is noted in their problems/solutions area. Any info anyone could share would be of great help!
- Christie Bielss
I can't think of a reason other than bad communication between the camera and lens. The usual checklist would be:
Check that the "M/A - M" switch is fully on "M/A", and that the "AF - M" switch on the D80 is fully on "AF" with AF-A, -C or -S selected. Make sure that the contacts on the lens and camera mount are clean, and that the lens is fully and securely mounted and the lock-pin clicks in.
- Jon Close
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