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Monday, February 16, 2009
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Low-vs.-High ISO ... by Jim Zuckerman
Don't use an ISO that is inappropriately reduced for low lighting situations. We all should be shooting at 100 ISO or thereabouts to minimize digital noise. But ... there is no point in going this low if your pictures won't be sharp. If you are not using a tripod, you have to adjust your ISO until your shutter speed is fast enough to hand hold the camera. Making your pictures noise-free is irrelevant if they will be blurred.
Editor's Note: Jim Zuckerman teaches many courses here at BetterPhoto, including Techniques of Natural Light Photography and Perfect Digital Exposure.

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Photo Q&A

1: Calibration and a Laptop
Anyone have good suggestions for calibration for a laptop monitor? I have a Spyder 2 and have used it for a long time with my CRT, but I now have a laptop that I like to use while traveling.
- Amy Oakes
Hardware is your best option for calibration, and the Spyder is convenient and easy. You may not want to travel a lot with a Spyder, and generally I do not recommend doing serious image correction on ANY laptop, and here's why:
1. Lighting conditions fluctuate wildly when you move a screen from place to place and that can affect your correction results.
2. Viewing angles on laptops tend to be less forgiving than on desktop systems (though that varies broadly from one monitor to the next).
3. Carrying a calibration device is clumsy. I haven't checked recently, but it used to be that you needed the device plugged in to the computer for the calibration to be recognized.
All that said, you would probably want to consider something inexpensive and effective: the ColorVision Spyder Express. If you drop, damage or lose it, it won't be a terrible tragedy (or as bad as losing a more substantial package device), and you are already familiar with how it works.
I hope that helps!
- Richard Lynch

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2: How to Photograph a Black Horse
I have the opportunity to photograph a black stallion. Any suggestions? My equipment is very limited. I have a Canon Rebel xt and the lens that came with it, and that is about it. I want to shoot a woman along with the horse as well. Thanks for any help :)
- Jean E. Hildebrant
Keep the sun at your back and meter off something neutral.
- Bob Cammarata
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1: Stock agencies

Has anyone had experience with stock agencies like "Photographers Direct"? How does it differ from others?
- Andrew Tattersall

A great source for finding information about numerous stock agencies is in: PHOTOGRAPHER'S MARKET published by Writer's Digest Books. I just checked my 2009 edition; Photographers Direct is not listed. There are differences between stock & microstock agencies; each has different needs, specs, payment terms,image upload min/max and how to contact them.
If you go to the website for each agency, there should be a link for 'sellers'. Following this link will give you a lot of information about each company. Wishing you the best in your search! Jo Ann

- Jo Ann Tomaselli

Hi Andrew,
Good advice from Jo Ann. Also, BetterPhoto instructor Jim Zuckerman is a top pro who teaches an excellent 4-week online course: Stock Photography.

- Kerry Drager

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