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Friday, December 01, 2006
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"Peter was a phenomenal instructor - he answered all of my questions and critiqued my photos thoroughly and promptly. He definitely takes pride in his work as a teacher. Excellent materials and feedback!" -student in Mastering the Canon EOS Digital Rebels, by Peter Burian, who also teaches Mastering the Digital Camera and Photography .


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Portrait Photography ... by John Siskin
When doing studio portraits, my clients often want to appear slimmer. If you have the person stand almost sideways to the camera and turning their neck to bring the face to the camera, the neck will be firmer and the chin will be stronger. If you have the belly facing the darker side of the shot, the viewer will pay less attention to this problem region. Have your subjects stand up for their pictures; this positions the weight better! Finally, if the chin is raised just a bit, the jaw will look stronger and the chin less fleshy.

Editor's Note: John Siskin teaches a number of excellent online photography classes right here at BetterPhoto, including Portrait Lighting on Location and in the Studio and Understanding Professional Lighting.

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Shallow River
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Welcome to the 291st issue of SnapShot!

A Happy Thanksgiving to all BetterPhoto members who celebrate this wonderful holiday! Thanksgiving is such a great time - I really enjoy setting aside the opportunity to observe such values as family and gratitude. And, of course, the entire holiday season is a great time for photography, so keep your camera ready to capture family and friends! ... In this issue of SnapShot, don't miss John Siskin's portrait tip, a great collection of questions and answers, and an item that details new names for some of BetterPhoto's popular attractions... That's it for now. Enjoy your week of family, friends and photography!

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