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SnapShot Archives

The following lists all issues of previously published SnapShots - our weekly photography newsletter. Learn more about our free photography newsletters here.

09/10/1999   #1- Welcome to Snapshot: The Weekly
09/18/1999   #2- Canon Photography Workshop, Fun with Photography, Glossary of Terms
10/09/1999   #3- photo/IMAGING; Photoshop 5.5; Contests; Help with Scanning; Auction Sites; Grey Market
10/13/1999   Quick Note about PBS Show on Photography
10/18/1999   #4-Agfa Tips; Frank Hurley; Hot Digital Cameras
11/07/1999   #5-Win a T-shirt; Kodak DC290; Nikon Pronea S; Repairing vs. Buying
11/17/1999   #6-Survey; Phil Borges: Howard Schatz; Underwater Cameras
11/24/1999   #7-Store Opens; T-shirts; Olympus C2000 & Canon's Rebel 2000
12/19/1999   #8-Polaroid I-Zone Cameras; Top Ten Gifts; All About F-stops
12/30/1999   #9-Photographing Paintings; Kodak DC280; Polaroid Image Transfers
01/09/2000   #10-Great book; Concerts & Low-Light
01/23/2000; Scanning Made Simple; PhotoLinks; Herman Krieger; Portraits
02/26/2000   #12-Wedding Photos; Eye to Eye;; Digital Zooms; Indoor Sports Photography
03/13/2000   #13-Slides of Paintings; Ofoto; Webshots; Travel Tip; Nikon vs. Canon
03/20/2000   #14-Polaroid Transfers; Shutter Speeds; Digital Cameras
03/27/2000   #15-New Toys; Photoshop Class on CD; Nikon 950; Studio Lighting; Sports Photography
04/05/2000   #16-Digital Books; Emulsion Transfers; Lighting with Slaves; Camera Q&A
04/11/2000   #17-Improved Q&A Forum; National Parks Contests; Flower Close-ups; Photographing Jewelry
04/17/2000   #18-New Photo Contests; Portrait Tips; Photo Trivia; File Size; TV Exposures
04/25/2000   #19-Kodak Sydney Contest; ScanTips; Hottest National Photo; Focusing with Glasses; Free Use of Images
05/1/2000   #20-Image Editing Software; Elvis Meets Nixon; A Week in Provence; Macro Lens; Film Speed; Copying Prints
05/10/2000   #21-Snappy T-shirts Have Arrived; Birdcam; Sixteen Candles; Streaming Water; Digital Weddings
05/15/2000   #22-New Sites; Wedding Photos; Epson Printers; Movie Trivia; Compressing JPEGs; Enlargements
06/19/2000   #23 Upload Images with Questions; 4 Popular SLR Cameras; Photography Belt; Best Film for England; Quantum Battery Pack
06/25/2000   #24 New Store; Image Upload; Slides vs. Prints; Mid-Roll Rewind; B&W Basic Exposure
07/03/2000   #25 Fireworks; Digital Cameras; Flash Reflections; Red-Eye; Mystery Buttons, Bad Manuals and Good Lenses
07/10/2000   #26 New Newsletter; Why Slides? Why Circular Polarizers? Nudes in a Lab
07/17/2000   #27 PhotoFlash Email; Zone System Intro; Hyperfocal; Black and Whites; Slides; Polarizing Filters
07/24/2000   #28 Sample PhotoFlash; Photoshop Tutorial CD; Hyperfocal Distance; Money Spent on Lens is Worth It
07/31/2000   #29 BetterPhoto Contest is is Here! Also, Career Guidance; Blacklight Photography; Infrared & the Canon Rebel
08/7/2000   #30 Better Results With Flash; Canon and Nikon Sites; Copyright; Older Canon Camera Specs
08/14/2000   #31 All About Aperture and F-stops; Fill-Flash; Black Dogs; Group Photos; Great Photos
08/21/2000   #32 Turning the Tables; Laminating Photos; Canon EOS D3; Black Dogs; Depth of Field
08/28/2000   #33 Last Call for First Contest; Zone System; Sports Photography; Printing; Awesome Portraiture Tips
09/04/2000   #34 BetterPhoto Wins Award; Why Black and White; Higher Contrast; Bigger Viewfinders; Merging Photos; Selling Photos
09/13/2000   #35 Ink Jet Printer Papers; Digital Camera Guide; New Canon EOS 7; Underexposed Flash; Sigma Lenses; Panoramas
09/18/2000   #36 What Kind of Camera to Buy; Shooting Fall Foliage; Phototgraphing Pet Birds; New Canon Camera
09/26/2000   #37 Win a Digital Camera in the BP Contest; Mail-Order Labs; Who Develops B&W; Photo Studios
10/03/2000   #38 Photo Contest Winners; Digital Studio Techniques; BetterPhoto on CNN
10/09/2000   #39 Best Lens & Camera; Homes; Dueling Photographers at a Wedding; Canon Meter; Minolta XTsi
10/16/2000   #40 New and Improved Q&A; All About Film; New Trivia Quiz; Scanning Fall Colors
10/25/2000   #41 Darkroom Design and Use; Yahoo Contest; Jim Brandenburg; Jack O' Lanterns; New Canon Elan 7E; Fast Fine Film
10/31/2000   #42 Halloween; New PhotoFlash and Photo Discussions; Selling Your Photos and Writing; Storing Images; Jewelry Tips; Selecting Film
11/06/2000   #43 Photo Contest Winners; New Demin Shirts; Photo Workshops; Ansel's Assistant; Image Editing and CD-ROM storage
11/14/2000   #44 Photoshop 6; New Workshop Format; Getting Whites White; Permissions, Copyrights, and Protection
11/23/2000   #45 Happy Thanksgiving from a New and Improved
11/29/2000   #46 Pocket Glossary; Resolution Requirements; What to Charge; Large Format; Group Portraits; Wide Angle Digital Work; Stage Lighting
12/07/2000   #47 Pet Portraits; Rebels and Mavicas; Macro Digital Photography; Pricing Photos; Flash Shadows
12/13/2000   #48 PhotoPuzzles; CPU for Digital Darkroom; Ink Jet Printing; Lens Limits; Sunsets; Xmas Rebels
01/24/2001   #49 Back by Popular Demand; Contest Status; Winter Photography; Black and White: Flash; Best Computer
02/27/2001   #50 Olympus School; London Shooting; Fast Lenses; Advertise at BetterPhoto
04/02/2001   #51 Digital Image-Editing; New Email Names; Photo Galleries; Grainy Photos; Ofoto & Prints from Digital
04/10/2001   #52 Camera Calculator; Photoshop Users Group; Minolta Cameras; Canon Lenses; Mystery Slave Units
04/17/2001   #53 - Entering Medium Format; Camera Rentals; Midday Light; Enhanced Calculator; Sunset Filters
04/24/2001   #54 - Leaping Gymnasts; Metering; Warming Filters; Green Pictures; Magic Lantern Series; Nikkor Portrait Lens
04/31/2001   #55 - Search by Date; Categorize Your Uploads; Photos in Low Light; Meters: Homes; Films and More...
07/25/2001   #56 - Back from France Workshop; Contrasty Scenes; Exposure Charts; Sports Photography; Maxxum 7 Lenses
08/01/2001   #57 - Status Report; Daguerre; Q&A Galore: Exposure 101 by John Lind; Film for Safari; DOF Debate
08/09/2001   #58 - Photo Contest is Back by Popular Demand; Safari Advice; Invisible Depth of Field; Moon Photos... waiting round the bend...
08/19/2001   #59 - Your Very Own Basic BetterPholio™; Photo Contest; Studio Lights; Filters & Film for Trips
08/24/2001   #60 - Welcoming First Basic BetterPholios™; New Contest Prize; Digital Photo Albums; Careers; Fungus; 120 Developing
08/31/2001   #61 - Contest Extension; Basic BetterPholios™; Backpacker Camera; Sepia; Best Software; Film Choice; A Wedding Revisited...
09/07/2001   #62 - Contest Winners Are In! Enhanced Basic BetterPholios™; Travel Photo Tips; Selling Photos
09/14/2001   #63 - Photo Retreat; Contest Entries; Basic BetterPholios™; Auction Photos; Henri Cartier-Bresson
09/28/2001   #64 - Contest Double Days; BetterPhoto's New Digs; Ansel; F-stops; Red-Eye...
10/09/2001   #65- Basic BetterPholios™ Enhanced; Contest Winners; Fall Foliage; Studio and Darkroom; Macro Photography
10/16/2001   #66 - Photo Retreat: Halloween; Deluxe Web Sites; Airport Security; Football; Understanding Exposure; SLR
10/24/2001   #67 - Polling Image Protection; Contest Coming to a Close; Deluxe BetterPholios™; Travel Class; Enlargers
10/31/2001   #68 - Deluxe Sample Sites; Contest Ending; SnapShot Archives; Image Protection; Enlargers and More...
11/14/2001   #69 - Contest Winners; Contest Guidelines; First PhotoFlash; Robert Redford; Bryan Peterson Workshop
11/20/2001   #70 - Workshop Survey; Contest Entries Too Good! Photoshop Videos; A Fungus Among Us
12/06/2001   #71 - Online Photo-Courses; Deluxe Articles; New Contest; Nikon Flash Settings; Frames
12/13/2001   #72 - Photo-Courses; Marketing Workshop; Payment Plan; Contest Winners! Slide Scanning
01/15/2002   #73 - Photo-Courses Filling Up Fast; December Winners; Scanning Slides; Notetaking; Selecting Subjects
01/28/2002   #74 - Last Call for Course Students and Contest Entries: Snow; Metering Nikon; Action Shots
02/13/2002   #75 - New Book by Jim; Q&A Being Fixed; Contest Going Strong; Pushing Film; Image Stabilizer
02/25/2002   #76 - Autographed Book; Photo Discussions Are Back; New Q&A; Filters; Exif Reader
03/27/2002   #77 - New Photo-Courses; X-Pan; Scanning; Contest; Cleaning Negs and Lenses
04/03/2002   #78 - Summer Flex Option with Photo-Courses; April Contest Off and Running
04/10/2002   #79 - March Contest Winners; Little Creatures; Photo-Courses
04/17/2002   #80 - Filters; Rock Bands; Photo Course Requirements; Image Management; Camera Manuals
04/25/2002   #81 - Photo-Course Payment Plans; Grain; Cutting & Pasting; First Job; Dodging & Burning
05/01/2002   #82 - Last Call for Photo-Courses; Testimonials; BetterPhoto Internship; Black Dogs; Campfires; Monterey
05/16/2002   #83 - Contest Winners; New Deluxe BetterPholios™ & Basic BetterPholios™; A Special Thanks
05/22/2002   #84 - Fall Schedule; Book Reviews; Bad Lens & Blur; Close-Ups
05/29/2002   #85 - Contest Extension; Famous Photographers; New and Improved Deluxe BetterPholios™; Pulling Film; Birth Pictures
06/13/2002   #86 - May Contest Winners; Bonus Winners; Hit Counter; Camera Shake; Exposure Compensation
07/02/2002   #87 - Filters, Film Speeds, Polaroid Transfers, Polarizers, and Press Passes
07/10/2002   #88 - Contest Winners; Singapore and Provence Workshops; New Links Section
07/17/2002   #89 - New First Place Prizes; Ban Lifted; Courses Moved Up Two Days
07/29/2002   #90 - Advanced Marketing Course; Lens Test; Copyright Infringement; Photoshop Color Mode
08/07/2002   #91 - Contest Winners; Make Your Own Backdrop; 5-Day Field Trips; Image Protection
08/16/2002   #92 - New Camera Reviews; New Store; Photo Course Requirements; More Excellent QnA
08/28/2002   #93 - 3 Weeks Till Photo Courses; New SnapShot; Provence Workshop with Bryan Peterson
09/06/2002   #94 - Back to School; Bryan's New Marketing Course; Rectangular, Circular, and Linear Filters
09/17/2002   #95 - Back to School - 2 Days Left; Order Toll-Free; Marketing Course; Beyond Snapshots
09/24/2002   #96 - It's Not Too Late; Concert Photography Tips; Film Speed; Photoshop Actions; Digital File Size
10/02/2002   #97 - Movie Review; Teleconverters; Zoom Lenses; Photoshop Actions
11/11/2002   #98 - Jim Zuckerman's Photo Course; October Contest Winners; Photo Expo Report

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