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SnapShot Archives

The following lists all issues of previously published SnapShots - our weekly photography newsletter. Learn more about our free photography newsletters here.

11/27/2002 #99 - Happy Thanksgiving; Join the BetterPhoto Team; Winter Photo Courses
12/05/2002 #100 - Celebrating 100 Issues; Gift Certificates Now Available; Join the Team; Winter Photo Courses
12/12/2002 #101 - Christmas Gift Certificates; New Grand Prize; Kerry Drager in Shutterbug; Winter Classes Going Fast
12/17/2002 #102 - Contest Winners; New Navigation; Gift Certificates; Winter Photo Courses
1/6/2003 #103 - Not Too Late For A Winter Photo Course; Contest Finalists; Jim's Book in OP
2/11/2003 #104 - New Photo Courses; Vik Orenstein; Inkjet Printers; Photoshop Help; Aperture and Shutter Speeds
2/18/2003 #105 - Contest Finalists; Home Studio; Shooting Snow Days; Upcoming Courses; Choosing a Flash
2/25/2003 #106 - Contest Winners; New Contest Format; Showcasing Deluxe Web Sites; Critical Photo Analysis
3/4/2003 #107 - February Finalists; Deluxe Site Suggestions; April Courses; Best All-Around Films
3/11/2003 #108 - February Winners; Spring Courses Starting Soon: Deluxe Site Winner Graphics; Film Scanners; F stops
3/17/2003 #109 - Bryan Peterson in Pop Photo; April Courses; Light Meters 101; Digital Memory Cards at the Airport
4/3/2003 #110 - Photo Courses Starting Soon; Zuckerman Photographing Animals; Tony Sweet DVD
4/8/2003 #111 - Photo Courses Begin Tomorrow; Taking Pics of Baby; Wedding Photography; Tri-X Lives On
4/15/2003 #112 - Not Too Late for a Photo Course; March Contest Winners; Easter Egg Tip; Circles; Camera Manuals
5/13/2003 #113 - Summer School; Point of View; Kerry Drager Guest Instructing Beginning Photography Class
5/22/2003 #114 - Contest Finalists; Summer Courses; Acadia On-Location Workshop with Tony Sweet
5/26/2003 #115 - Contest Winners; Summer Photo Courses; Acadia Workshop; Robert Capa; Push Processing
6/2/2003 #116 - Last Chance Marketing Course; Digital Camera Charts; Summer Tips; Printer Settings; Backdrops
6/10/2003 #117 - Call for Help - Enter Reviews; Featured Photographers; Action Shots; Night Photography; Best Stores
6/17/2003 #118 - May Contest Winners; Brenda Tharp at BetterPhoto; 3 New Summer Classes; New Member Controls
6/24/2003 #119 - Great QnA; Two Week Warning; The Camera at BetterPhoto; Fireworks; Fast Subjects; Skill vs Talent
7/1/2003 #120 - Last Week to Enroll; New Contest Grand Prize; Fireworks; Wedding Photography
7/8/2003 #121 - Two Days Left to Enroll; Contest Finalists; Flashes; Virtues of 50mm Lens; Celebrating Brenda Tharp
7/15/2003 #122 - Not Too Late to Enroll; June Contest Winners; Deluxe Image Sales Option; Telephoto Lens; EOS
7/22/2003 #123 - Deluxe Site Slide Shows; Digital vs. Film; Prints vs. Slides; 10D vs. 1D; Underwater Photography
7/28/2003 #124 - Which Scanner to Buy; EXIF Info in Elements; Old Films; Photo Files on CD-ROM
8/13/2003 #125 - Underwater Photography; Digital Camera Buyer's Guide; Contest Winners Coming Soon
8/19/2003 #126 - Contest Winners; Four New Courses; New Search Engine
8/25/2003 #127 - New Course on Digital Photography; Delete Function; Search Engine Tweaked
9/3/2003 #128 - Kerry Drager's Course Extension; Bryan Peterson's Revised Book; Deluxe Search Engine: Price Increase
9/9/2003 #129 - Bryan Peterson's Composition Class; Jim Zuckerman on Marketing and Wildlife Photography: Pricing
9/17/2003 #130 - August Contest Winners; Tony Sweet's Online Courses; Price Increase; Limited Enrollment
9/24/2003 #131 - Shutterbug Radio; BnW with George Schaub; Large Format with Lewis Kemper; Tony Sweet's Book in OP
9/30/2003 #132 - Fall Colors and Fall Courses; Beginning Photography is Full; Shutterbug Radio
10/6/2003 #133 - Last Call for Fall Classes; Tony Sweet; Travel Class; Digital BnW; Making Money; More Classes Full
10/16/2003 #134 - Fall Course - Last Chance; Travel Photography; Brenda Tharp on Foto Guys Web Radio
10/20/2003 #135 - September Contest Winners; Hyperfocal Charts; Snowscape Scenics; Comparing Cameras and Printers
11/12/2003 #136 - New Winter Classes; Welcoming Kathleen Carr; Improving Rainbows: Photographing at Night
11/26/2003 #137 - Happy Thanksgiving; New Winter Classes; Welcoming Jay Forman; Level Horizons; Christmas Cards
12/3/2003 #138 - New Digital Course; Polaroid Transfers; Course Extension; Christmas Trees; Horizons
12/17/2003 #139 - Holiday Extravaganza; Course Alternates; Low Light; Infrared; Digital Photography
12/22/2003 Happy Holidays; November Contest; Digital Course Alternative; Holiday Tips; Brenda Tharp Article
12/29/2003 #141 - Happy New Year; BetterPhoto's New Look; Not Too Late for Contests and Courses
1/5/2004 #142 - Classes Start This Week; Featured Photographers; Photo Labs; Digital Printing
1/13/2004 #143 - New BetterPhoto QnA; Not Too Late; Contest Finalists; About Our Instructors
1/21/2004 #144 - Contest Winners; Scanning; Mounting Photos; Blue Dog; Traveling with Digital
1/28/2004 #145 - New BP Store; Tony Sweet DVD; Kerry Drager; Spring Photo Courses
2/9/2004 #146 - Triple D Wildlife in CA; New Digital Camera and Photoshop Courses; EXIF Data; Go Pro
2/17/2004 #147 - January Contest Winners; Combo Workshop; Digital vs. Film; X Marks the Spot; Props
2/24/2004 #148 - Combo Workshop Sale; Lenses; First Cameras; Winter Photography
3/3/2004 #149 - Animal Pics; Painter Course; Joe McDonald; Second Chance for Latecomers
3/9/2004 #150 - Celebrating 150! Jim Zuckerman on Web Radio; 2nd Chance to Take Beginning Course
3/15/2004 #151 - Hot Air Balloons; Photo Course Categories; Processing Film; Late Day Light
3/22/2004 #152 - Contest Winners; Zoos Vs. Game Farms; Polaroid Transfers; Tony Sweet Visits Whidbey
3/30/2004 #153 - Spring Session Fast Approaching; Stairway Designs; Last Chance for CA Wildlife Event
4/4/2004 #154 - Last Call for Courses; Macro; Dramatic Photos; Lenses; Blur; Water Drop Reflections
4/11/2004 #155 - Not Too Late; March Contest Finalists, New Gallery Feature; Deluxe sites; Car Shows
4/19/2004 #156 - Contest Winners; Horizon Lines; Reflections Gallery; Deluxe Sites
4/26/2004 #157 - Food Shots; Architecture; Black and White; Digital Cameras; Macro Lenses
5/3/2004 #158 - Featured Place; Capturing Water Sports; Avoid Vignetting; Digital Vs. Film
5/10/2004 #159 - Graphic Lines; Picturing New York; Shooting Fences; More on Vignetting; QnA
5/17/2004 #160 - Hawaiian Visions; Chasing Shadows; Focusing on Barns; Shooting Crawling Things
5/24/2004 #161 - Contest Winners; Cute Animals; Breaking Rules; Profiling Australia; Field Workshop
5/31/2004 #162 - Golden Views; New Contest on the Way; Lighthouses; Taking A Last Look; Photo Trivia
6/7/2004 #163 - New Contest; European Visions; Focusing on Hands; Pet Photo Tip; Trivia Quiz; QnA
6/15/2004 #164 - Contest Finalists; Welcoming Peter Burian; New Course Extension; Photo Tip
6/21/2004 #165 - Water Sports; Instant Dew; Picturing China; Printing Solution; QnA
6/28/2004 #166 - Online Courses; Fireworks; Canada Day; Lens Flare; Photo Tip
7/6/2004 #167 - Last Call For Courses; New Contest Is Here; Maine; Roses; Photo Tip
7/13/2004 #168 - Not Too Late; Shooting Silhouettes; Picturing Colorado; Travel Photo Tip; QnA
7/20/2004 #169 - Contest Winners; Capturing Horses; Picturing Italy; Photo Quiz; QnA
7/26/2004 #170 - Combo Workshop; Creating Sunstars; Picturing Utah; Musical Images; Extension Tubes
8/2/2004 #171 - Lewis Kemper; Bryan Peterson; Pets; Florida; Photo Tip; Trivia Quiz; QnA
8/10/2004 #172 - Fall Courses; Combo Workshop; Patterns: France; Photo Tip; QnA
8/15/2004 #173 - July Contest; Combo Workshop; New Books; Alaska; Birds of Prey; Photo Tip
8/24/2004 #174 - Online Courses; Butterflies; Chicago; Workshop; Indoors; Software; QnA
8/31/2004 #175 - New Short Courses at BetterPhoto; Los Angeles; Rain Drops; Photo Tip; Workshop; QnA
9/6/2004 #176 - Debut of Photo of the Day; Online Courses; Arizona; Photo Tip; Workshop; QnA
9/14/2004 #177 - New DVD; Macro Photography; Color Temperature; Model Releases; Contest; QnA
9/21/2004 #178 - New 4-Week Course; Special Offer on DVD; New Photoshop Class; Photo Tip; QnA
9/27/2004 #179 - New Course Session Coming Up; Book of Month; Mexico; Autumn; New DVD; Photo Tip; QnA
10/4/2004 #180 - Last Call for Courses; New Mexico; Funny and Cute People; Stock Photography; QnA
10/11/2004 #181 - Not Too Late for Courses; New Pro Deluxe Web Sites; DVD Offer; Workshop; Photo Tip
10/18/2004 #182 - Contest Winners; Pro Web Sites; DVD; Utah; 2nd Course Sessions; Photo Tip; QnA
10/25/2004 #183 - Last Call on DVD Offer; Last Call on Short Courses; Book of Month; Photo of Day
11/2/2004 #184 - Winter Courses; New Charlie Borland Class; Brenda Tharp Tip; Jay Forman Book
11/8/2004 #185 - Winter Courses; California Coast; Deluxe Sites; New DVD; Shadows; Photo Tip
11/15/2004 #186 - Tony Sweet Course; Bryan Peterson Course; Jim ZuckermanTip; Contest Finalists
11/22/2004 #187 - Happy Thanksgiving; Jay Forman Course; Susan and Neil Silverman; Brenda Tharp Tip
11/29/2004 #188 - Winter Online School; Photography for Kids; Charlie Borland Stock Tip; QnA
12/7/2004 #189 - Welcoming Jeff Wignall; Jim Zuckerman Class; Kerry Drager Book; Charlie Borland Tip
12/13/2004 #190 - Winter Courses; Holiday Shooting Tips; Stock Photo Advice; Yellowstone; Frames; QnA
12/20/2004 #191 - Happy Holidays; Charlie Borland Tip; Bryan Peterson Course; Snow; Golden Gate; QnA
12/27/2004 #192 - Happy New Year; Winter Courses; Charlie Borland Stock Tip; Ohio; Kids Sports; QnA
1/4/2005 #193 - Classes Start This Week; Tony Sweet Article; Horse Roundup; Charlie Borland Tip
1/9/2005 #194 - Not Too Late for Courses; Stock Photo Advice; Contest Tips; Grand Canyon; Cats; QnA
1/17/2005 #195 - 2nd Course Session; Contest Finalists; How POTD Is Chosen; Tetons; Dogs; QnA
1/24/2005 #196 - 2nd Course Sessions; Uploading Photos; Yosemite; Automobiles; QnA; Stock Agencies
1/31/2005 #197 - Spring Courses; Bryan Peterson Interview; Humor Photography; Ballooning; Rome; QnA
2/7/2005 #198 - New Article; Galleries/Places; Tips; Wedding Photography; ABCs of Acronyms; QnA
2/15/2005 #199 - Article by George Schaub; Photo Tip by Charlie Borland; Photo Galleries; QnA
2/21/2005 #200 - Welcoming William Neill; Jed Manwaring Article; Contest Winners; Photo Tips; QnA
2/28/2005 #201 - Digital Camera Calculators; Article by Tony Sweet; Photo Tip by Charlie Borland
3/7/2005 #202 - Child Photography by Vik Orenstein; Charlie Borland Stock Tip; Bridal Gallery; QnA
3/15/2005 #203 - Article by Jim Zuckerman; Photo Tip by Charlie Borland; Death Valley Update; QnA
3/21/2005 #204 - Article by Kathleen Carr; Tips by Charlie Borland and Peter Burian; Galleries; QnA
3/28/2005 #205 - Welcoming Robin Nichols; Charlie Borland Article; Kerry Drager Interview; QnA
4/4/2005 #206 - Spring Courses; Silvermans Article; Charlie Borland/Peter Burian Tips: Photoshop CS2
4/11/2005 #207 - Not Too Late for Classes; Peter Burian's Photo Tip; Galleries; Trivia Quiz; QnA
4/19/2005 #208 - 2nd Course Sessions; Vik Orenstein Book; Photo Tip; QnA; Trivia Quiz
4/25/2005 #209 - Short Courses; Vik Orenstein's Book; Photo Tip; Free Galleries; Photo Quiz; QnA
5/3/2005 #210 - Debut of Better Blogs; New Tony Sweet Book; Mothers and Roses; Photo Tip; QnA
5/9/2005 #211 - Welcoming David Bathgate; Tony Sweet Interview; Stock Photo Tip; Gallery; QnA
5/17/2005 #212 - Welcoming Jon Canfield and Bruce Smith; Photo Tip by Charlie Borland; Gallery; QnA
5/24/2005 #213 - BetterPhoto Summit; Seattle Gallery; Lens Hoods; Photo Quiz; QnA
5/30/2005 #214 - BetterPhoto Summit; Washington State; Lens Hoods; Night Photography; QnA
6/7/2005 #215 - BetterPhoto Summit; New Course by Kathleen Carr; Peter Burian Article; Jim Zuckerman
6/13/2005 #216 - Father's Day Photo Ideas; Contest Critiques; Jeff Wignall Photo Tip; QnA
6/22/2005 #217 - Printer Guide by Peter Burian; Photo Tip by Jim Zuckerman; Florida; Water Sports
6/28/2005 #218 - Fireworks Photography; Instructors' Blogs; Photo Tip by Charlie Borland; QnA
7/5/2005 #219 - Summer Courses; Find Your Focus; Cleaning Your Sensor; Alaska Gallery; Stock Photos
7/12/2005 #220 - Still Time for Classes; Basic Galleries; Stock Photo Tip; Short Courses in August
7/19/2005 #221 - BetterPhoto Summit; Short Courses Coming Up; Instructors' Blogs; Photo Tip; QnA
7/26/2005 #222 - New Book by Jim Miotke!; Fall Courses; Tips by Robin Nichols and Jim Zuckerman
8/2/2005 #223 - Jim Miotke's New Book; Fall Courses; Photo Tip by Peter Burian; Funny Kittens; QnA
8/9/2005 #224 - Welcoming Michael Frye; Summit Coming Up; Peter Burian Photo Tip; New Short Courses
8/16/2005 #225 - George Schaub on Digital SLRs; Peter Burian on RAW; Charlie Borland on Lighting
8/23/2005 #226 - New Courses on Digital, RAW, Lighting, and Color; Photo Tip; Photographing the Moon
8/30/2005 #227 - Summit Coming Up; Charlie Borland's New Course; Jim Zuckerman on Model Releases
9/6/2005 #228 - Only 10 More Spaces at the Summit; Lighting Tip; Ultra-Thin Digicams; QnA
9/14/2005 #229 - Fall Courses; Charlie Borland on Lighting; Bryan Peterson on Exposure; Pier Gallery
9/20/2005 #230 - Online Courses; Travel Tip by Brenda Tharp; Re-Visiting Ansel Adams; Waterfalls; QnA
9/28/2005 #231 - Fall Courses; Jim Miotke's New SLR Class; Tips by Robin Nichols and Charlie Borland
10/4/2005 #232 - Fall Courses; Welcoming Kathy Woodford; Brenda Tharp Tip; Fall Colors; QnA
10/11/2005 #233 - Still Time for Classes; Tip by Charlie Borland; Fall Color Article and Gallery
10/18/2005 #234 - Four-Week Courses; Workshops; Podcasts; Lighting Tip; Cool Cars Gallery; QnA
10/25/2005 #235 - Jim Miotke in S.F. Area; Halloween Photography; Portrait Lighting Tip; QnA
11/1/2005 #236 - Jim in Seattle Area; Short Courses Begin Wednesday; Winter Classes; Photo Tip
11/8/2005 #237 - Jim Miotke in Seattle; Bryan Peterson Book; Brenda Tharp's Tip; QnA
11/15/2005 #238 - Lensbabies; Winter Courses; Crane Birds; Charlie Borland Lighting Tip; QnA
11/22/2005 #239 - Happy Thanksgiving; New Wedding Course; Photo Tip; Family Album; QnA
11/29/2005 #240 - New Web Site Designs; Elements Course; Contest Winners; Photo Tip; QnA
12/6/2005 #241 - Member Survey; Winter Courses; Photo Tip on Lighting; Automobile Gallery; QnA
12/13/2005 #242 - Digital Book-DVD Deal; Fashion and Beauty; Megapixel Mania; Photo Tip; QnA
12/20/2005 #243 - One-Year Digital Course! Welcoming Tim Cooper; Christmas Gallery; Holiday Photo Tips
12/28/2005 #244 - Happy New Year! William Neill's Gallery; Charlie Borland's Photo Tip; QnA
1/3/2006 #245 - Classes Start This Week! Charlie Borland on Lighting; Tips from Peter Burian; QnA
1/10/2006 #246 - Not Too Late for Classes! Wildlife and Horses; Fill Flash; Jimmy Olsen Trivia; QnA
1/17/2006 #247 - Short Courses Coming Up; Interview with Vik Orenstein; Charlie Borland Gallery; QnA
1/24/2006 #248 - Great Price on Workshop; 500th POTD; Tony Sweet Gallery; Charlie Borland Tip; QnA
1/31/2006 #249 - Spring Courses; New POTD Design; Where Is Jim?; Horses in Snow; Photo Tip; QnA
2/7/2006 #250 - Welcoming Rob Sheppard; Celebrating Issue #250; Jim Zuckerman Tip; QnA
2/15/2006 #251 - Valentine's Day Gallery; Spring Courses; Brenda Tharp Tip; QnA
2/27/2006 #252 - Spring Courses; Jim in Florida; New York Gallery; Sensor Cleaning; QnA

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