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What They're Saying About the Deluxe BetterPholio™ Web Sites for Photographers

"I know how to build and publish web sites, so I know how time-consuming that is. I want to concentrate on photography, not web development, so this was the most sensible option."

- Julie Wall

"I really like the look of the new designs and the option for various pages - links, articles, etc. It makes it look more professional than most of the other websites for photographers."

- Cindy Cone

"As a photographer, I don't care to spend hours trying to figure out a website and I don't have the money to hire someone. My BetterPholio allows me to easily upload my loads early in the mornings or late at night. I can spend the day shooting photos!"

- Allen Pearson

"I like the cost and ease of setup of the site. Having no experience at this, I was able to make it profitable quickly."

- Jim Fonner

"My photos are so nice and clear and vivid so I know that will increase my sales! The other company that I was with didn't have such a vivid display of my work."

- Bonnie Clinton

"I wanted a site with an impressive design that would be easy to build and maintain. It is very easy to build and maintain. I am the webmaster for my local camera club, and 'from scratch' websites are not easy, especially when you try to set up online photo galleries."

- Chris A. Vedros

"I was looking for a very professional looking website to showcase my work. After looking at several, your's was by far the best. The price is reasonable and I like that I can update at anytime."

- Christy Swain

"It was easy to get started and made wading through all the options for websites, hosting, domain names, etc. a breeze. One stop shopping, as it were."

- Denice Woyski

"I like the simplicity, the ease of use, the fact that there are no advertisements all over the edges. It makes my images look like they are in a real portfolio. Very classic. Whoever developed the templates for the member sites really put a lot of thought into it."

- Dinene Wolf

"I am soon to graduate from a local photography program and the easy no-hassle templates was an encouraging way to go to promote and to put myself out there."

- Eleanor McKee

"I like the image sales feature and I really like all the pages that are included with my website. When I have a problem with something about the website, you all are always so prompt and helpful to get it straightened out for me."

- Kathy Hobbs

"It looks really professional and has a lot of features and the site is made for photographers! This site has done so much for me, it has solved all the issues I worried about as far as my photography business, and with it I have been so much more successful in my new business! :) Betterphoto also comes up with great new updates that are so great it's like you are reading my mind! Thanks and keep up with the great work!"

- Mary White

"I like having control over when things are uploaded and then removed, and how user friendly it is for my clients. I love that everything is able to be organized. The site is so crisp and easy to get around even for people who don't know a thing about computers or the net."

- Mesha Bevilacqua

"One of the great things that you offer is not allowing visitors to right click to down load our work. Big! Big! You guys are great with help when asked. Thanks bunches!"

- Pam Cooley

"I wanted to be able to manage my own web site and make changes when I needed them to be made instead of relying on someone else to do it for me on their own time! The layouts are very professional looking and show off photographs well with the neutral color background choices. The price is very reasonable. I really like the fact that I can make changes to my site any time I want. I also like the private galleries for proofing client prints or to use as a place to present a selection of images for publishing companies to view. Supplying the link and password is like creating a personal lightbox for my clients which is a very professional and efficient way to feature a selection of images to be viewed. I am fascinated by the tracking feature. I am amazed how many hits I have to my site through searches/referrals- and from all over the world. I like the fact that the basic html is done for me, allowing me to upload, label and move on! I would rather be behind my camera much more than in front of my computer and this feature helps me do just that! Also, the customer service is top rate with questions being answered thoroughly and quickly."

- Wendy Kaveney

"Thanks a lot. This really helps organize an attractive site. I appreciate your work on this very much."

- Jim Zuckerman

"I've already been getting great feedback on the look and feel of the Web Site. My current "day job" is in IT, so I already spend way too many hours in front of a computer. The web hosting and design service you provide is allowing me to spend more of my limited available time behind the camera, rather then behind the keyboard. Without the aid of your Deluxe BetterPholio™, my plans of having my own website would still be just that....plans. Thanks for making those plans a reality."

- Eric Highfield

"Thank you so much - I'm quite happy with my site. I've recommended your site to numerous people and told them how helpful you are... You and your crew did a fabulous job on my site - I'm thoroughly enjoying having it! Thank you again for your help with this."

- Jackie Maxwell

"Thanks a lot. You guys sure are quick at getting things set up. I appreciate your quick response on this. Hopefully my friend, Bill Dow, will be contacting you shortly to request his own site. Bill specializes in photographing big cats and is actress Tippi Hedren's staff photographer."

- Bob Jensen

"Thanks, Jim. I really appreciate your speed. I think your whole endeavor is brilliant from start to finish. Very cool, indeed."

- Art Rosch

"Web site is great! Just what I had in mind, I like it simple. Am getting rave reviews..."

- Don Ellsworth

"Thanks! I want to say how pleased I am to have my own Deluxe BetterPholio™! There are so many ways to tinker with it, move stuff around, put my own "stamp" on it, etc... the update center is VERY comprehensive, with lots of great choices. The updates also seem very easy to do."

- Kerry Drager

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