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Deluxe BetterPholio™ - Only $199/year

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Deluxe BetterPholio photographer web site
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Deluxe photo web site
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Pro BetterPholio™ - Only $349/year

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BetterPholio photography web site
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BetterPholio™ Domain Name FAQ

Who owns my domain name? registers your chosen available domain name. We manage the domain name and will be responsible for the yearly renewal fees should you decide to renew your BetterPholio with us. However, you are able to transfer your domain name into your name and under your management at any time. If you do this, you would need to purchase a transfer from a company that sells domain names. One thing to be aware of is that you would then be responsible for domain renewal fees as well as DNS management.

I own my own domain name and wish to use it for my BetterPholio. Is that possible?
You can actually point your existing domain name to our servers and use it for your BetterPholio. You will have to change some settings (DNS) which we would provide for you after you place your order. Keep in mind that you would be responsible for renewing your domain name each year for your BetterPholio to continue working. Some people choose this route since they are more comfortable having the domain name registered in their own name.

Can I have more than one domain name pointing to my Deluxe or Pro BetterPholio?
Yes, you can have as many as you like pointing to your new site! Included in your Deluxe or Pro BetterPholio purchase is your choice of one available domain name that we register and manage for you. However, if you wish to have more domains pointing to your web site, you can purchase them yourself and set up domain forwarding through your domain registrar. This is usually a free service and a common request.

I already own a BetterPholio, but I want to change my domain name. Can I do that?
We can change your domain name after following a couple of steps. First be sure your new domain name is available by checking names in the one of the boxes above. You can check availability for any domain name you can think of. Once you find an available domain name, use the following link to process the $27.00 registration fee:

Then please email our Sales and Support with your chosen name, using the Contact Us link below, and we will proceed accordingly.

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