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Pro BetterPholio™ Q&A

Question   How does this differ from the regular Deluxe BetterPholios™?
  • The Image Sales module is included.
  • You get more sophisticated statistics.
  • You can show some images to only select visitors with password protected private galleries.
  • You can upload an unlimited amount of images
  • Visitors can opt-in to your mailing list so you can send emails out to your fans.
  • You get two additional wildcard pages,
  • You get enhanced slide shows - including a home page slide show option.
  • You get five email aliases, so you can have as well as
Question   Do I have to know HTML? Photoshop?
  Answer No. However, anywhere you can edit text you are free to add HTML. For example, wildcard pages, image titles, image descriptions, welcome text, gallery text, bio, etc. This, however, will not allow you to edit every attribute which is just the nature of a template web system. However, many BetterPholio owners have learned some basic HTML tags to spice up their pages. It can be a little intimidating to start, but it's fairly easy to learn a few basic tags. There are a ton of beginner books on HTML and lessons on the web. A Google search will probably give you more than you can handle to learn this handy skill.
Question   Once I get set up, can I update the site at any time?
  Answer Yes. Our easy-to-operate BetterPholio™ packages are designed to be maintainable for any user! Even a complete non-tech can customize a BetterPholio. You have full control over your site: choose your favorite layout/color combinations, and switch between them as often as you like; add or delete images and categories; choose your favorite font and color; update your homepage; add links to other sites, and much more! These functions are easily accessed and manipulated from your BetterPholio Admin Center from anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet.
Question   How long does it take to get my site set up? Most of that time is waiting for your new domain name to register and point to our servers. However, if you are using a domain name you already own, it may take a little longer.
  Answer About 24-48 hours.
Question   Can I do cool things like slide shows?
  Answer Yes. Our Deluxe and Pro BetterPholio packages offer really neat, highly customizable slide shows in all of your Photo Galleries. Our Pro BetterPholio package offers a great home page slide show as well.
Question   What about music?
  Answer Streaming music is available with our Deluxe and Pro BetterPholio packages. We currently have a library of 70 songs for you to choose from in your music library and we are adding a few songs every week. It's super easy to add or subtract music from your play list with the new Music Finder.
Question   What other features do these Pro BetterPholios™ offer?
  Answer You can create additional pages for favorite links, a guestbook or Q&A forum, articles, a "tell a friend" function, as well as many other kinds of pages.
Question   What are the bandwidth or disk space limits? How many gigabytes do you allow? What are your limits on (insert technical term here)?
  Answer Many potential customers ask us about these technical terms. At BetterPhoto, you can forget all that!

Unlike others, we do not force you to become a computer geek in addition to being a photographer. We allow you to focus on what is most important - getting excellent photos.

There are no bandwidth limits

Question   Do I get an email address?
  Answer Even better - you get an email alias. This allows you to continue to access your email in the same way, using whatever email-reading software you are currently using. No need to change programs, settings, or passwords.

With a Pro BetterPholio™, you get an email alias that redirects email to your current system. In other words, you can print an email address like sales@yourdomainname on your business cards and promotional literature. This will help with branding and name recognition. When clients email you, the email will be directed to your current address, behind the scenes.

Question   Do you offer help with search engine placement?
  Answer Yes, we offer advice and guidance as well as a special Deluxe BetterPholio™ control panel which allows you to update things like keywords and site descriptions. These help the search engines know what kind of site you are offering and how to best list your site.

Having said that, in all fairness, I have to warn you that search engine optimization (SEO) is a very difficult and time-consuming art. While we help with keywords and descriptions and advice, it is mostly up to you and the search engine to get your site listed and to make it show up on top. The search engines often take a long time to index new sites (since there are a gazillion sites out there) and each one works differently.

After you get set up with a Pro BetterPholio™, you can greatly facilitate good search engine placement by going to each of the search engines and filling out their "Add a site" or "Add a URL" form.

For additional resources I would also recommend:

Question   Do I get an FTP account? Can I use Frontpage?
  Answer No. Our solutions do not offer FTP access. These Pro BetterPholio™s are built on a designed system that does not allow such individual access.

Along the same lines, we do not support the use of Frontpage or other site-designing programs in creating your own Web pages.

For such custom site solutions, you usually have to spend a lot more money. Feel free to shop around - we are confident you will find our Pro BetterPholio™s to be the most cost-effective, easy to maintain, and most fitting solutions for photographers.

Question   Can I use my Web site for a non-photography related purpose? Do you restrict certain kinds of content?
  Answer Although the sites are designed to showcase images, you can use them for other purposes.

Having said that, we only allow content that is family-friendly. Content that we deem unfit for a child to view is not permitted. No pornographic, suggestive, or offensive material. We reserve the right to refuse sites that do not fit into the BetterPhoto idea of family-friendly content.

Other than that, we are open to how you make the most of your Deluxe BetterPholio™. While most owners are photographers who use the site to promote their images, some people use the sites to sell real estate, share wedding photos, sell other merchandise, and more...

Question   What is this Image Sales feature all about?
  Answer This feature works with PayPal and makes image sales as easy as possible. You get to specify which images you would like to sell and at what price. You have full flexibility and control over pricing and selection.

When a visitor decides to buy one or more of your photos, they are directed to PayPal's secure site for payment processing. PayPal takes a very reasonable percentage (less than 3%) for their credit card processing services. If you do not already have a PayPal account, setting one up is easy. At PayPal, you set up your account and verify it with a simple step-by-step process. You can even specify shipping and tax fees... and PayPal does the rest for you.

Once the order is complete, you are emailed with all the information you need to fulfill the sale. You have full control over the quality of your product - you get to ensure that your sold photograph is exactly as you would like it to be.

Question   Is there a set up fee?
  Answer No.
Question   Is there a domain name fee?
  Answer No - it is included.
Question   Who owns the domain name?
  Answer We register your domain in BetterPhoto's name to keep you from having to deal with time-consuming and confusing technical issues. However, you "own" the domain name as far as we are concerned. We have no vested interest in your domain name. We just want to keep it as easy as possible on you.
Question   How inexpensive are these Pro BetterPholio™ solutions again?
  Answer $349 for your first year, then $299/year (15% off) Here's how it works:

We charge $349 to set up your site. In about 10 months, and every year thereafter, we will contact you and ask if you would like to continue. We are confident you'll be loving the site at that time. If you decide to continue, we will charge you another $299. Prices and options are subject to change.

Question   Do you offer a payment plan??
  Answer No. Not at this time.
Question   This sounds too good to be true... are there any hidden fees or extra costs?
  Answer There are no hidden fees - that's not how we work. You might opt to pay an extra fee if you decide to change your domain name. But this is only when you want to get an additional domain name after your first one has been registered. Because this registration is not cheap, we ask for a $27 Change Fee if you decide to go with a domain name different from the one you provide when initially signing up.

There are no set-up fees or hosting fees.

Question   What if I currently have a regular Deluxe BetterPholio™ with time left on my annual subscription... can I convert now and get credit toward the Pro Site?
  Answer Yes. Simply visit your Deluxe Admin Center (where you do things like categorize photos). On this admin page, you will see links for upgrading to the Deluxe Pro version.
Question   If I decide at this time to get regular Deluxe BetterPholio™, can I later convert (i.e., with credit toward the Pro Site)?
  Answer Yes, no problem.
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